Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm All Sorts Of Better!

Chasing my tail most of the dau yesterday turned out to be a good idea. My tail is almost in it's normal position and there's hardly any swelling. I really wish I knew what happened so I'll know not to do that again! I also found out there is no such thing as real magic cheese. Mom and Dad were hinding little pink pills in the cheese! I just thought eating cheese made me feel better until one of the pills fell out of the cheese and Mom had to rewrap part of it. It's okay, we'll still call it magic cheese because it makes us feel much better.
I'm really hyper today because I'm feeling so much better. I raced Sasha to the back door this morning. Mom said "Holy Cow!" when she saw me running at her. It was hilarious! She didn't expect to see me running at her that fast. She said it was good to see me run again. It FEELS good to run again!!!
Mom should be home pretty soon for lunch and I can't wait to go outside and run again. It's warm outside and the sun is out and I'm full of energy!!!!
Last night Dad joined Mom and I on the couch and I got lots of ear scratching and belly rubs. Sasha even curled up in the the bed Mom put by the fireplace for Gunnar to use. Gunnar's upset I'm feeling better so he hid in the bedroom where he normally does at night. Someone needs to tell that cat how much fun cuddling is - but then I'd have to share Mom and Dad even more so maybe it is okay that he doesn't like to cuddle.
Anyway, have a great weekend everybody! I plan on spending most of it outside. Mom will be home most of tomorrow and Dad will be home most of Sunday so I can spend as much time as I want outside. We got baths last weekend so I've got to try to get this funky coconut smell off of me.


Peanut said...

Glad you are feeling better. Flash told me to tell you he's sorry you had a bad experience with an army guy too. But just know not all uniforms are bad. He has a good army family now. :)

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