Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sick Puppy

I did not feel good yesterday. My tummy was making funny noises and I didn't feel like eating much. Mom and Dad made some pizza last night that had bacon on it and Dad gave Sasha and I some pieces of bacon and that ended up not being a good idea. I got sick. Dad said it was good of my to do it on the kitchen floor and not the dining room because the kitchen floor is a lot easier to clean. Whenever I get sick like that, I get really nervous. I think I'm going to get yelled at. Mom and Dad will use their "poor puppy" voices and tell me it's okay, but I still get really nervous. I curled up in the dog chair last night instead of on the couch with Mom which really worried Mom. She was on the couch next to me and petted my head which felt really good so I moved over to the couch with her and layed my head on her chest and she kept petting me. She said that I was probably still recovering from the stress of Dad being gone (she's been calling me "stinky-butt" for about a week now). Ther's a dog flu that's been going around, but Mom and Dad have been really careful that Sasha and I don't end up with it. After seeing how sick Mom was with human flu, I DEFINATELY don't want to get that! Mom didn't go to the doctor for her's, but I'm sure I'd have to go to the doctor.
I've been doing a lot of sleeping today and when Mom came home for lunch I was feeling much better so I ran around the yard. I've been sleeping all afternoon, too. Mom should be home pretty soon and I think I'll convince her to not do anything but sit on the couch with me and rub my head and my belly. Mom's are really good at making you feel better. Whenever Mom isn't feeling good, I do the same for her. We take good care of each other.
I'm going to go take a short nap now. I don't know if I'll have anything to post tomorrow. If I'm still sick, I won't have anything interesting to tell you so I might just spend the day sleeping so that I'll feel better.

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