Friday, February 09, 2007

11 Days Til I'm 3!

There's only 11 days left until my birthday! I can't wait!I've been trying to listen to see if Mom and Dad say what they're getting me. They think just because I'm a dog, I won't know what they're talking about. I'm really smart though. Dad is also going to be out of town on my birthday which means I might get my gift early! That's what they did for Sasha's birthday! She got her new bed before Dad left for hunting. Dad's going to something for work this time, but he's still going to be gone, so I might get it early! I can't wait!
I've been getting into some trouble lately. Not big enough that I have to get put in the kennel all day long. Just trouble enough that I have to spend some minutes in the kennel. I'm getting really frustrated with the weather and the mud. I can't remember the last time I got to go have fun. I can't even play in my own backyard because the mud is too yucky. If I do play a little, I get mud stuck up in my feet and then I have to spend hours trying to get it out because the dried mud makes my feet feel funny. Dad said I could wear my boots, but I convinced him that we don't want to get my hunting boots all muddy, cuz that might ruin them. (I'm a very smart dog.)
Heopfully soon I'll be able to play like my usual self. Mom said that if I don't be good, then I won't get anything for my birthday! I thought that rule was only for Christmas! I didn't think it applied to birthdays, too!! Has anybody else heard of this rule, or are my parents just trying to trick me?
I need to go get some more mud out of my feet. I really hate that feeling! I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

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Congratulations on your birthday. Please tell your mom and dad that kennels or crates shouldn't be used for punishment. Not sure if that is what is happening or not based on your post. It's a common mistake... And if they have any questions to read the free article from the Denver Humane Society