Monday, February 05, 2007

Still Bored

We still haven't beeen able to leave the house yet. I really hope we get to go do something soon. It's been warm the past couple days and I guess it's supposed to stay this way for awhile. That's great, but that means there's going to be lots of mud for awhile. Hopefully it will get warm enough for the sun to dry up the mud.
Everybody needs to send some good puppy vibes to my cousins Bailey, Dakota and Bruitis and my Aunt Gillian. They're going though some hard stuff right now. Hopefully things will start getting better for them soon though. Aunt Gillian starts a new job today and we're very excited about that. Mom needs some good puppy vibes, too. Her job is really stressing her out lately. I snuggle with her lots to help her feel better. Mom says I'm the bestest cuddler ever!
I'm going to go see how much mud is outside now. Hopefully there's less that there was at lunch time.

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