Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Kennel

A couple posts ago somone commented on my kennel and that my Mom and Dad shouldn't use it to punish me. I read the article ( ) and I don't think they are talking about my kennel. The things they are talking about in the article sound like the one that Mom and Dad use for Gunnar and sometimes when Sasha travels (not so much now that I'm around to protect her). Gunnar hates the crate because the only time he gets put in it is to go outside and then in the car (usually to the vet) and he hates being outside, the car and the vet. When Mom and Dad used to take Sasha on trips, they would take the crate so she would have a place to go hide if she wanted to. Mom said she would hide her treats in there and then lay outside the door and growl if any other animal walked near the crate. We don't take the crate anymore. There's really not enough room to pack it, but mostly because Sasha's okay with me there to help protect the treats, plus she's comfortable in the palces we go now.
My kennel is a little different. It's more of a cage looking type of kennel. It's in the corner where I'm away from all the fun stuff that's going away. Dad says it's like putting a kid in time out. When I get in trouble I automatically go to the kennel. Sometimes I'm in the kennel before Mom and Dad even walk in the door and know I've been bad. The door gets closed, but it's hardly ever latched. If it's latched I know I've been really bad. There's a blanket in the kennel just like the one I sleep with at night and I'm not in there very long (especially if Mom is the one making me sit in the corner) unless I've been REALLY bad.
I know the difference between the kennel and the crate and so does Sasha. She knows the kennel is for doing something bad and the crate is for fun things. If Mom and Sasha go somewhere on without Dad and I, Mom will take the crate for Sasha which makes Sasha very happy. When Sasha goes to stay at Grandma's while I go camping with Mom and Dad, they take the crate to Grandma's. Sasha likes Grandma to put all her toys in the crate and that way they're organized and safe. Grandma says 4 year old humans need to learn to put toys away like Sasha does. Mom says Sasha needs to start doing that at home, too. I think they're all crazy! If the toys are out inthe middle of the floor, you always know where they are.
So don't worry about me being in the kennel, but thanks for the article. I now understand why Sasha likes the crate so much. Thanks!

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