Monday, February 26, 2007

Rescue Dog

Last night Mom and Dad told me what a good dog I've become. I like when they tell me how good I am. Mom and Dad sometimes talk about when they first brought me home. Mom said she was afraid that they were going to have to take me back to the place they got me because I didn't listen and I was totally chaotic (that's where I got my name). But I soon started calming down and once I started trusting my new family, I started listening better and started learning new things. I've also become more lovey. When Mom and Dad got the new couch, they said "no bog dogs on the new couch," but Mom soon realized that meant no Sunday afternoon naps with me. Mom and I sometimes lay on the couch for an hour or more taking a nap. We haven't gotten to in awhile because Mom's busy trying to get the websites updated. Mom and i have a routine at night and a special way of curling up on the couch.
The first time Dad took me hunting, he thought that was going to be the last time I went. I was so excited to go, I forgot to listen. Now, I listen really well and Dad doesn't yell at me and I get to go with him more instead of staying at the house with Mom and Sasha. Dad will whistle quietly to get my attention and point in the direction he wants me to go and I go that way. Mom couldn't believe how well I did when she came out to take our pictures last time.
I glad to finally have a home. Other rescue dogs will agree with me on this. When you bounce around from family to family or when you're running around on your own, you never get to be who you really are because everything keeps changing all the time. Usually you aren't treated very well either in the other families. I try to to think back to my old family. When Mom and Dad brought me home, I was afraid of Dad. I would only come to Mom. I got over that, but men in uniforms still make me angry. I will bark and make my hair stand up to any cop that has ever come to my door. I was a military family dog for my first year and a half so Mom and Dad think that's why I don't like uniforms. I'm sure they're right, but I don't want to remember any of that old stuff. Mom says when they first brought me home I wouldn't cuddle, hug or give kisses. Now Mom says I'm the bestest hugger and cuddler and kisses giverer ever! (Even better than Dad!!!)
Mom also says that any other dogs they adopt will be rescue dogs. She says out of all the dogs she's had growing up, the rescue dogs have been the best. They're more loving and faster learners. Mom says she got Sasha for $300 and Sasha won't listen to Mom and Dad and she hides more than she cuddles. Mom and Dad love Sasha a lot, too, but Sasha gets left out of a lot of fun stuff because she doesn't listen and whines all the time. Mom says other dogs she's had when she was growin up where the same way. She did have a chow-blue healer mix that was a good dog and it wasn't a rescue dog. Mom says that dog came from a farm though and they got it for free, so it sort of was a rescue dog. Mom likes having bigger dogs around for protection and she said it was because of that dog. She said that dog took really good care of her and her siblings and even prtected the kids that were around that she babysitted. When Mom and Dad got married they decided to get a lab dog because Mom wanted the bigger dog aroudn for protection and Dad wanted a hunting dog. Mom says they got the perfect dog for that, even if I won't fetch the dead birds for Dad.
For those of you that aren't rescue dogs, you're special, too. I'm sure you take care of your families, too. I have lots of friends that aren't rescue dogs and they love their families and protect them the same way I do.
Enough sappy stuff. I'm going to go watch for birds. There have been a ton of birds in our yard lately. Sasha and I spent most of the weekend chasing birds. Mom would cheer us on by yelling "Get those birds!!!! Good girls!!!!" Sasha is looking for squirrels, too. She says that when the birds start coming, the squirrels start coming, too. I chase the birds out of the yard to practice for pheasant season. Sasha does it because it drives her crazy that there's uninvited animals in our yard. I also think it's because she's crazy.
Talk to ya later.

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