Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not Fair

I don't think it's fair the way Gunnar is punished. When he gets into trouble he gets squirted with a water bottle! I don't get it! I'm a good girl and they squirt the cat instead! I guess Gunnar doesn't like getting squirted with the water bottle, though. But that's not the point! I want to be squirted with the water bottle as much as Gunnar does! I love being squirted with the water bottle! I do get squirted once in awhile, mostly in the summer time. OH!! You know what's even better than a squirt bottle? A HOSE!!!!!! I love being squirted with a hose or haveing buckets of water dumped on me!! There are times when I don't like those though. Dad thinks it's weird that I love water, but I hate baths. I think what he does is pretty weird, so I guess we're even.
It's cold and snowing again. I'm going to go curl up in the blanket Mom left on the couch now.
And 1 week from today is my birthday!!!!!

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