Monday, February 12, 2007

9 Days Till My Birthday & I Went To Grandma's!!!

Mom and Dad took us to Grandma's house yesterday to run in her grass! I chased the floppy frisbee for a long time and then I layed in the shade in the grass and Grandmas brought me a bowl of water and I layed down to drink it. Sasha doesn't stay in the yard like I do so she had to stay on her leash, but she wanted to sniff and have Grandma feel sorry for her so she was okay, but I kept tripping on her leash. It was so much fun! There was a little mud in the back part of the yard, but we tried to mostly stay closer to the house where it was dryer. I got really warm and walked over to the snow to cool off a little, that's when Grandma decided I needed some water. She's so smart! Mom was laughing really hard at me because I was being so smart (pretty sure Mom's crazy). Sunday was so much fun!!
That morning Mom made Valentine cookies. I helped. She was really messy with the heart sprinkles so Sasha and I helped clean up the floor for her and once in awhile Mom would let me do a taste test on a cookie to make sure they were okay. They were great!! Before we went to Grandma's, Mom even went outside with me and we played with my rubber stick. There's still a bunch of mud in the yard though so Mom wouldn't throw it very far. Then Mom and Dad took Mom's car to wash it and go to the store. I was getting pretty worried that we weren't going to get to go anywhere like they had promised the day before, but then they came back and we rode in the truck!!!!!!! I love riding in the truck!!! I hopped up into my spot on the platform thing, but Sasha coudln't get up there so Dad crawled in and put her up. They didn't open the windows between the front and the back of the truck and I found out it was because they had cookies for Grandma and they didn't want us getting them or smashing them. On the way home Sasha rode in front and I spawled out on the deck cuz I was so tired.
I had so much fun!!! At first we played where Dad threw the floppy frisbee as hard as he could and I'd chase it. It was kind of windy that day so I kept getting confused when the wind messed with the frisbee in the air. Then we splayed where Dad threw it a shorter distance and I'd try to catch it. Mom said I was in some pretty funny positions in the air and she wished she had brought her camera.
When we got home I carried the frisbee in the house and then took a nap. It's been a long time since I've been able to do that much running. Grandma even made the comment that it looks like I've gained a little wait. I think I lost a bunch of that wait in her backyard though. After a short nap, I was a little hyper. I still wanted to play, but Dad wasn't feeling good. So I curled up in the chair with the frisbee just in case someone wanted to play with me, the frisbee woudl eb handy. Dad took us out for our 9 o'clock trip outside and then I came back inside and the frisbee was gone!!! I looked everywhere for it. I tried asking Gunnar if he knew what happened to it and you know what he said. "Leave me alone I'm sleeping. I'm a cat, why woudl I care where a frisbee is?" I help hime find stuff he's lost! Mom said it was put away so I went to the thing the toys are in and I smelled it and sure enough, the frisbee was put away with my harness. I'm okay with that I guess, I really wish they'd leave all the toys out all the time, btu they say the special toys have to be put away so they won't get torn up. I chewed up my throwing dummy and they haven't forgotten about it.
I can't wait to see what I get for my birthday! I've been trying to listen to hear if Mom and Dad talk about it, but I think they figured out I know what they're saying.
I am REALLY tired now so I'm going to go take a nap. Mom should be home for lunch soon and I want to go out in my yard for awhile since it's warm outside and the mud is finally starting to go away. Hope everybody else had a good weekend!

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