Friday, March 30, 2007


I've been spending most of the day resting and getting ready for this weekend. Both Mom and Dad are home this weekend so I plan on being busy with that, but I also plan on getting back at Mom this weekend. She's been really tired since Monday night when I had my bad dreams because of her. Every night she's woken up at 2 am and can't get back to sleep (that's what time I woke her up Monday night). She says tomorrow she is sleeping in. Ummmm, no she isn't! hehehehe She will be woken up early and will be kept awake by a very hyper black lab that wants to play fetch. I made sure I was well rested for tomorrow. Dad is planning on getting up early to start working on Jeeps so I'm not worried about him getting mad because he wants to sleep in. Sunday he might though so that's why I'm paing Mom back on Saturday! hehehehe
Have a great weekend everybody! And don't forget to watch out for the monsters!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

It Got Worse!

Look at this! Can you see that? There I was enjoying a chewie and it happened!

Here's a closer look!

It attached itself to my tail! I tried to ignore it, but it's kind of hard to ignore something that is attached to your tail!! Then you know what happened when I messed with it? Get this! Mom said "Becareful with that one. I don't think it's going to last much longer." Can you believe that? It's attacking my tail and she wants ME to be careful! I went outside after Mom rescued my poor tail and when I came back in, it was already wherever it goes at night. I have got to figure out where they hide at night! I'm going to start watching a little more carefully to see what happens before and after it's attached to Mom's head. There isn't one today. I'm very happy about that because Dad is home today and we're going to do some yard work. As soon as I figure out where those monsters stay at night I'm going to break all their teeth out and then go dig a hole (which I haven't done in a long time) and put it in the hole and cover it up with dirt, tree branches, rocks and maybe get Dad to park a Jeep on it!
Dad's almost ready for me to come help him now so I better go. Hopefully there won't be any monster sightings for awhile.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Chair

From your comments on the monster it looks like it could have actually bitten me!!! I'm a little nervous today. I saw another one attached to Mom's head this morning. This one looks old and weak though. Hopefully nothing will happen with this one.
Last night I slept really good. Dad got my rope out and Mom and Dad played fetch with me for awhile and then I took it to bed with me. Mom says they should let me sleep with my rope every night! Sounds good to me!!! Mom and Dad put it away once in awhile because I start tearing it up and then there's little strings all over the house. This way it stays together longer and I can play with it more and not have to wait for Christmas or my birthday for a new one.
Okay, now about the chair. This weekend Mom said she wanted to get rid of the chair that we use because it's kinda gross and it makes the room kind of crowded. This is what happened when Gunnar found out Mom wants to get rid of the chair. He decided he was going to hold it down. Since he's a big cat and can give dirty looks, he decided he was going to make it his mission to keep the chair. He's also mad at Mom because he clipped his nails this weekend. (I love Mom for that!!!) Gunnar and I tried to remind Mom of all the times she's told us how cute we were in the chair. I told her that I use the chair a lot in my guard duty routine. The chair is in a perfect spot for me to look out the window. It's also in a perfect spot for Gunnar to sit and look out the front door when people walk in and out. He likes to feel the breeze and since he doesn't even think about trying to get out (he's afraid to go outside) it's a good place for him to enjoy the breeze without getting stepped on. When people come over, the front door is a crazy place to be because Sasha and I get so excited about people being here to see us.
This morning Gunnar and I convinced Mom that we do use the chair a lot. Sasha was focussed on showing Mom that she uses the bed a lot so she didn't join us. (We tried telling her that they aren't going to get rid of the bed!) We even told Mom that we would use it at the same time and be nice to each other. Plus it's a good place to put the blanket I use in the living (it's the scooby blanket you see in the picture) and if the chair is there, the bones are usually under the chair or right beside it so Mom and Dad don't step on them (see one there on the floor in front of the chair).
So everything is ok with the chair and I can focuss complety on the monsters now. I'm still not sure where they come from. I'm not coming up with anything in my internet research that's helpful. I must be using the wrong search words. I'm not giving up though! Especially since there's been 2 sightings in 1 week! I'm hoping this one doesn't attack tonight. I really want to play with my rope some more tonight. If any of you have any advice on the monster thing please let me know. From the comments left so far, it sounds like things could get much worse.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Monster

I have to warn all of you about a terrible monster!!! It's terrible and horrible and very mad! This is a picture of it. Be sure you get a good look at it. They come in different colors and different sizes. This is a bigger sized one. You might first see them attached to your Mom's head when it's warm outside. I've never seem them during the winter, but as soon as it starts getting warm outside I see them attached to Mom's head and then when it gets dark outside then they usually detach from her head and are laying on the coffee table until bedtime and then they dissapear. Last night when it detached from Mom's head, it was in her hand and it turned and started showing it's teeth at me so I barked and barked and barked at it. Mom wasn't helping me at all! She just kept laughing. Dad was in the bathroom and I kept barking for him to come help, but I guess since Mom was laughing he didn't think it was anything bad. I think from now on he'll listen to me though! This went on for quit awhile and of course Mom got the camera out! Here's apicture of me trying to ignore it. See it there in the bottom left corner? Ignoring didn't seem to help any. I thought about throwing one of Mom's sandals you see there on the floor at it, but I'm not very good at throwing and even though after awhile I thought Mom deserved to be hit in the face because she kept laughing at a very serious situation, I decided I better not.
So it finally stopped trying to attach me and Dad came out and asked what in the world was going on and Mom told him (of course she was still laughing) and then Dad laughed and we went outside. When we came back inside, the monster was gone and Mom was getting ready for bed so it must have gone to where ever it goes when it's not attached to her head or trying to attach dogs. That made me very happy (look at my tail! It's up in it's normal position, but still sore if I mess with it too much).
So we went to bed and I kept having nightmares about the monster. At 2 am I finally decided I couldn't sleep anymore. So I got up and started pacing. Nobody else wanted to get up with me and I was bored and it was dark and I didn't want the monster to attack me in the dark when everybody was asleep. So I whined and paced until Mom finally woke up and scooted over and I jumped up and layed in her arms. I made sure she had both arms wrapped around me though for protection. She kept moving and couldn't get comfortable which was really annoying. Dad ended up shutting his alarm clock off so that they could sleep until Mom's went off since he really didn't have to be into work early if he coudln't make it. He made it in for his early time though. Every time Mom came into the bedroom while she was getting ready for work she called me a goofy dog and a butthead! Can you believe she'd call ME names when it was her fault?! If she had stopped the monster from trying to attack me, then we would have both slept good last night!
So watch out for the monsters! Dogs seem to be the only ones that know the seriousness of them. And if anybody knows where they go during the cold days and when it's dark, let me know. I also need to figure out why it attaches to the back of Mom's head. Maybe it's doing something to her brain and that's why she was laughing instead of helping. I'm going to do some research on the internet about this. Maybe if I figure out how to get them to stay away, then maybe Mom's brain will go back to normal and she'll change her mind about getting rid of my chair! I'll let you know what I find out in my research.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Mom said this weekend she was going to do some spring cleaning and only got the living room done. I'm not happy because in this spring cleaning she decided to get rid of my chair!!! She said it's gross and we really don't have room for it. She also pointed out that I spend most of my time on the couch anyway. It's not a very comfy chair, but it's my chair! To top it off Mom washed all our blankets! It was really hard to sleep last night because my blanket didn't smell right. I will admit my blanket in the living room did need washed. That is one blanket that is easier to snuggle up in now. Sasha said she was glad her blanket got washed, too. Mom says she needs to do that more often because they were all pretty nasty and so was the washing machine when she was finally done. Next time I'm going to try to hide my blanket!
I didn't get the picture of me swimming in my water dish because it rained Saturday and it really wasn't warm enough to swim on Sunday and I 'm not supposed to swim in the inside water dish. Hopefully I'll get it soon though. Mom and Dad laugh really hard when I do it - if it's outside. It's TONS of fun and is a fast way to cool off your feet.
I'm going to go spend some time in my chair now. I don't know when Mom is going to get rid of it so I have to spend as much time with it as possible.

Friday, March 23, 2007


First I want to send out good puppy vibes to the Brat Pack. They lost Dakota this morning. It's really hard loosing a family member, especially one loved as much as I know Dakota was. I just lost my cousin Dakota not long ago and even though I never met her, loosing her was hard, too.

Okay, know to tell you about today! First Dad is off today. A little after Mom left for work Dad took us for a ride in my Aunt Cassie's Jeep! I LOVE JEEP RIDES! Last night Dad told me we were going to get to go with him so I kept trying to get the leash of the hook this morning to remind him. He laughed and said I was way too smart! So we drive for awhile and then we pull up in front of the groomers. Sasha and I went in and they trimmed my nails and gave me a cookie and I was done. I only have soft dirt to run in so my nails don't file down on their own like they should. I don't mind going to the groomer. Last time I got a tennis ball! Sasha had to stay there. It made me nervous leaving her there. I know Mom and Dad would never give us away, but when you've been left as much as I have, you still worry sometimes. Dad and I went to visit my friend Chuck. He's the guy I get up early with when we're camping for a morning cup of coffee (he drinks the coffee and I fetch sticks for him to throw). I got to visit him at work and everybody he works with told me how pretty and smart I am. After we left there, Dad and I stopped and got some hamburgers. I had to wait to eat my hamburger because I had to share with Sasha. We picked Sasha up and I split my hamburger with her and we came back home. Mom came home for lunch and threw the stolen tennis ball for me for awhile and babied Sasha for awhile. Sasha felt better without all the fur, but she still gets mad when she gets left at the groomer's so Mom has to baby her for a few days so she won't be mad at Mom anymore - I think Sasha just knows how to make Mom feel guilty. Then I went outside when Mom left and helped Dad with some yard work and then it started to rain so I came in the house and Dad went to work on cleaning the garage. I'm really tired now!
Peanut asked about how I swim in my water dish. I'll try to get Mom to take a picture of me swimming in my OUTSIDE water dish. Mom and Dad get really mad when I do it in the inside water dish. It's the best way to cool off when you don't have a swimming pool. Dad says we can't get a regular swimming pool because I'd be in it all the time and that'd be hard on the filters. I think he just doesn't want to mess with setting it up and taking it down every year. Once the yard grows Mom wants to get me a kiddie pool. If I had one right now then I'd track mud in all the time and she doesn't want that. If anybody has any advice on how to make the grass grow, please let me know ASAP! It's sort of growing in spots, not spots that are much help to me though - like the front yard and along the edges of the deck and walkway.
I better go now, Dad should be coming to let me back out since it stopped raining.
Have a good weekend everybody!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Busy Evening

I had a very busy evening last night. First, Mom went outside and threw my rubber stick for awhile. Then, Grandma came over to pick some stuff up and to have dinner and then we went outside and the neighbors were outside playing catch and I stole one of their tennis balls! Then one of the girls came over and threw the ball for me for a really really really long time! IT WAS GREAT! Mom tried to get my picture, but she said I was too fast. I even showed off a little. I did my sit and stay trick. The neighbors were really impressed cuz their dogs don't do any tricks! Can you believe they don't even know how to sit?!?! How do they get treats if they don't sit? If Mom or Dad get near the treat jar, I sit immediately to save time! After the little girl went home, we went inside and I was really hot. Mom must be psychic because as soon as I got to the water dish and started drinking she said "NO swimming!" How did she know I was going to do that? I was so hot I layed in the hallway for awhile because it has hardwood floors. I was so tired frrom all the fetching, I layed on the floor by Mom's feet and I slept. Dad had to wake me up when it was time to go outside!
I LOVE playing with kids! Mom and Dad should get me some!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Learn From A Dog

My Mom was going through some stuff at work and she found something called: If a dog were your teacher, you would learn:, I think it's kind of funny and my tail is hurting again so I can't think very well today so I decided to post it. Here it is.
If a dog were your teacher, you would learn:
When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.
Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.
Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.
When it's in your best interest, practice obedience.
Let other's know when they've invaded your territory.
Take naps. Stretch before rising.
Run, romp and play daily.
Thrive on attention and let people touch you.
Avoid biting when a simple grwol will do.
On warm days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.
When you are happy, dance around and wag your entire body.
No matter how often you are scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and right back and make friends.
Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.
Eat with gusto and enthusiasm. Stop when you have had enough.
Be loyal.
Never pretend to be something you are not.
If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.
When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently.
And finally, never trust anyone until you sniff their butt.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Tail

Did you know there's a condition called "Happy Tail?" I had no idea!!! Mom was talking to a guy she works with yesterday about my tail and he said he had a lab that had "Happy Tail." You can actually break your tail from wagging it! The guy said his dog broke her tail 3 times from Happy Tail. Dogs can either hit it on something or not and it can break. He said his dog hit her tail on a board on the porch the first time and the next 2 times it was in that same spot and she was just wagging her tail. Mom and Dad said my tail isn't broke, but they think it's simialr. Dad said he was watching me come in the back door the other day and I hit the doorway in about the same spot. Mom said when Sasha and I argue over who gets to go out the door fist, I usually hit my left him on the same doorway. So they're thinking that I suffer from Happy Tail! Who knew!?!?!?!?
Grandma is coming by at lunch so I have to go take a nap so I'm ready when she gets here. Watch out for Happy Tail everybody, well except for those of you that have tails like Peanut.

Monday, March 19, 2007

What A Weekend!

I was really busy all weekend. Everybody keeps making fun of Mom getting outsmarted by the cat. Since the morning it happened, Gunnar has gotten a bigger attitude. I've been helping put him back in his place though. I spent all weekedend making up for not feeling good most of the week and now I'm exhausted! I even got to see Bailey! I could only look out through the window though because Mom doesn't want me to catch anything Bailey might have. She still isn't feeling good from when she ran off. She's better, but she's still not eating a lot and still has diaherea. Mom thinks some of it is stress from Dakota and my aunt had to give Bruitis back to the pound people. She couldn't keep him in the 8 foot fence. He was even starting to get out at night and run off. Then my aunt decided Bailey couldn't be alone so she got a 4 month old blue heeler for Bailey to have a little brother. Once Bailey is feeling a little better and once the new dog gets used to having people pay attention to him, I'll get to play! The new dog is a rescue dog. His old family were "backyard breeders" and they decided they didn't want to do it anymore so they were getting rid of all the dogs for free. Mom said people were coming and getting the dogs like crazy. One of her friends took 3! Mom said the dogs had pretty much no human contact and they had NEVER been in a house before! I can't remember my new cousin's name, but my aunt said he didn't know what to do in the house, but he is potty trained. His coat is really think too since he spent all winter (remember he's also only 4 months so he spent the first 4 months of his life in the cold) outside with only a dog house for protection from the bad winter we had. Can you believe that?!?!?!?! It makes me mad when dogs aren't taken care of!!! Luckily though it looks like all the dogs are finding good homes and will be okay.
I'm going to go take a much needed long nap now. Hope everybody else had a good weekend!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Mom Was Outsmarted By The Cat!

I don't usually post on the weekend, but this HAS to be posted today. Mom is outside fighting with the bushes so I decided to hop on real quick and tell you this HILARIOUS story! I'd be totally embarassed if Gunnar (my little cat brother) outsmarted me like that!
Okay, this morning Mom, Sasha and I were doing our normal sleeping in on a Saturday Dad works and Gunnar was doing his normal bug everybody that's in bed thing he does EVERY morning. He does this thing where he reaches up and smacks the window. During the winter, Mom and Dad keep the blinds down and closed so it makes a lot of noise when the blinds smack against the window and it's EXTREMLY annonying. Well, Mom started keeping the squirt bottle in the bedroom for these times when we want to sleep in and Gunnar is being a major pain in the neck. Mom squirted him once and he ran off, then he came back 2 more times and then he ran off and we thought that was going to be it. Mom had the bottle on the edge of the bed and I was laying at the bottom of the bed and Sasha was up by Mom's chest (between Mom and the squirt bottle). Gunnar jumped up on the bed and sat behind Mom for awhile. We all thought he was going to come up and lay down, too. NOPE! (This is the funny part!!) He jumped over Mom missing Sasha, swung his butt towards the bottle, made sure the bottle hit the floor and then jumped back over Mom and ran off. IT WAS HILARIOUS!!!! HE DID IT ON PURPOSE!!! A few minutes later he came back in slapped the window once just out of spite and then came up on the bed with us for awhile longer. Mom decided right after that, that it was time to get up and get things done. I still can't believe she was outsmarted by the cat. When Dad came home for lunch Mom told him the story and he thought it was pretty funny, too. I think Mom has decided it was, too.
Later, Mom got me. About this time a year and once during the summer, Mom takes her house plants outside and adds dirt to them or replants them if they need it and then gives them a good soaking of water to clean the dust off and soak up their roots real good and then lets them enjoy the sun for a couple hours and then brings them inside. Well, she was almost out of water in the water jug and I was up on the porchminding my own business and she poured water on me! I was surprised at first and kind of mad, but then I realized it was fun water and I ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran all over my yard. So much for the bath last weekend! I'm really tired now. When Mom goes out to bring the plants back in in a little while, I'm going to go with her and help again. After she gets the plants in, she'll have to clean the dirt off the deck with WATER!! She said if it wasn't too big of a pain right now, she'd get the hose out. Dad hasn't gotten the hoses out for spring yet though so she'd have to first find them and then try to get them out of their winter storage spot and then try to hook them up and then afterwards, put them away because we're still supposed to be getting snow again pretty soon. She says for now it's easier to just carry buckets out for now. I REALLY like being sprayed with the hose, but, buckets are fun, too. She said she would put water in my outside water dish wo I can put my feet in it. I love this weather!!!!!
I'm going to go take a quick nap now while Mom finishes a few things in the house and then it's back outside! Tomorrow Dad is cleaning out the garage some more which means I get to be outside most of the day tomorrow, too!!! This is a GREAT weekend! Hope everybody else is having a great weekend! OH! and those of you that have cat brothers and sisters, be sure not to tell them about my brother, you wouldn't want to give them any ideas - even though it was really funny to watch!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm All Sorts Of Better!

Chasing my tail most of the dau yesterday turned out to be a good idea. My tail is almost in it's normal position and there's hardly any swelling. I really wish I knew what happened so I'll know not to do that again! I also found out there is no such thing as real magic cheese. Mom and Dad were hinding little pink pills in the cheese! I just thought eating cheese made me feel better until one of the pills fell out of the cheese and Mom had to rewrap part of it. It's okay, we'll still call it magic cheese because it makes us feel much better.
I'm really hyper today because I'm feeling so much better. I raced Sasha to the back door this morning. Mom said "Holy Cow!" when she saw me running at her. It was hilarious! She didn't expect to see me running at her that fast. She said it was good to see me run again. It FEELS good to run again!!!
Mom should be home pretty soon for lunch and I can't wait to go outside and run again. It's warm outside and the sun is out and I'm full of energy!!!!
Last night Dad joined Mom and I on the couch and I got lots of ear scratching and belly rubs. Sasha even curled up in the the bed Mom put by the fireplace for Gunnar to use. Gunnar's upset I'm feeling better so he hid in the bedroom where he normally does at night. Someone needs to tell that cat how much fun cuddling is - but then I'd have to share Mom and Dad even more so maybe it is okay that he doesn't like to cuddle.
Anyway, have a great weekend everybody! I plan on spending most of it outside. Mom will be home most of tomorrow and Dad will be home most of Sunday so I can spend as much time as I want outside. We got baths last weekend so I've got to try to get this funky coconut smell off of me.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm Feeling GOOD!

I'm feeling soooooo much better! This is me this morning. I've been chasing my tail most of the morning and Mom caught me as I was stopping to get undizzy. See how the carpet looks stained off to the right near the blue thing. That's cuz I tried swimming in my water dish. I'm ready for summer!

I want to wrestle REALLY bad! Mom and Dad said I can't wrestle until my tail is up in the correct position. As you can see in this picture, it's not up yet. That's why I've been chasing it all morning. I've been trying to get it back in the correct position. It's still a little sore but most of the swelling has gone down. Dad is off work today so as soon as he gets back from running some errands, I'm going to try to convince him that he should wrestle with me.

I was also given the definate no on going to the vet last night. WOOHOO!!! I'm going to go work on my tail some more before Dad gets back. I can't wait to wrestle!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bed Rest

I was on bed rest yesterday. Monday night when Mom and Dad got home from work, my tail was hurting and I couldn't get comfortable laying down or sitting. I couldn't figure out why and then as the night went on I was in a lot of pain. Dad noticed I wasn't holding my tail up when I wagged and then Mom found the swelling on my tail and my left hip. It hurt a lot. I have no idea what I did. It just all of a sudden hurts really bad. Dad gave me some magic cheese that made me feel better, but I still hurt a lot. I couldn't get comfortable and I hurt a lot. I was in so much pain, I kept whining. I got to sleep in the big bed which made Gunnar mad because that's where he sleeps. Throughout the night I would wake up and need massaged. That made it feel a little better. In the morning I was a little better, but I still hurt a lot. Dad gave me more magic cheese and I went back to the bed. Mom kept coming and checking on me while she was getting ready for work. Mom and Dad were really tired from being up with me all night and so was I. I finally sprawled out on the bed and got comfy. Right before Mom left for work, she told me to stay in bed and relax all day. She told Sasha that she had to protect the house so that I could get some rest. I slept really good and then it was almost time for Mom and Dad to come home for lunch so I went into the living room to greet them. Mom was very happy to see me greeting her. I was outside when Dad came home, but I greeted him,too when I came back in. Mom was very excited to watch me outside. The night before I couldn't cross the yard without having to sit down 4 times. I went out did my business, did a small fence check and then came back in. I let Sasha take care of all the birds and the rest of the fence check. I went back to the bed for the rest of the afternoon and when Mom came home from work I needed some petting. I layed on the floor right below the couch and Mom layed on the couch and Mom petted me in all the right spots. I took a small nap and then when Dad came home I was ready to play. Dad said I still had to be careful because there was still some swelling and I still wasn't holding my tail right so I settled for some more petting and massaging. Sasha is extremly jelous of me and I think it's hilarious!
Mom and Dad said I could sleep in the big bed again, but I decided I'd try my bed. We didn't sleep very good the night before so we needed a good nights sleep. I was able to finally get comfy in my bed and fell right to sleep until the alarm clock went of. I'm feeling even better today. The swelling on my hip is going down and I'm not as sore. Dad said I don't have to go to the vet now since I'm getting better (WOOHOO!!). I still can't play really hard and I'm still eating magic cheese, but I feel tons better! I tried t convince Mom to stay home with me this morning, but she said she couldn't and I should go relax. Mom and Dad are going look at my tail tonight if I will let them touch it to make sure that it's just swolen and not a cyist or anything else bad. It's been too sore to let them touch so hopefully they'll be able to check it out tonight to give a definate no on going to the vet.
I'm going back to the big bed now for some more rest. Thanks everybody for your comments on Dakota. My aunt is doing pretty good, but she says my cousin Bailey misses her playmate a lot.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Bad Bad Very Bad News

Hi Everybody. We are all very sad around my house. My cousin Dakota died this weekend. When they came home from getting out of their fence, a couple days later she got really sick and then she died Saturday night. They think it was Distemper. She'd never been vaccinated and she was only about 6 months old. I never got to meet her which makes me really sad. Aunt Gillian says she was full of attitude and Mom says she was even more hyper than I am! I hope my cousin Bailey is doing okay. She wasn't feeling very good when they got home either. Her brother Bruitis is fine, though.
This shows that ALL puppies should get your Distemper vaccinations and if a dog has been gone for a couple days out on their own they should get a vet check up just to make sure everything is okay.
I have some more stuff to blog about, but I'm going to wait. I'm kind of too sad to get excited and the other stuff needs excitement when it's written. I'll try to post again tomorrow, but we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Broccoli Is NOT For Dogs!

This is a very important message for all you dogs out there. DO NOT EAT BROCCOLI!! It doesn't matter if it has cheese on it or not, it is still bad for dogs. Not bad like chocolate is bad for us, bad as in it makes your tummy all funny. Tuesday night Mom made some for dinner and Dad dropped some on the floor and I picked it up. That night my tummy was all rumbly and the next day Mom kept complaining about my broccoli farts. Yesterday at lunch Mom dropped a piece and Sasha got it. I didn't even try to go for it - I knew better! Sasha was really glad when Mom showed up after work. She had to go outside REALLY bad! So if anybody else has messy parents like I do - LEAVE THE BROCCOLI ON THE FLOOR!!! Trust me!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Couch

Okay, the hotdog is still gone and now it has also eaten a chip! Mom loves her couch, but I'm thinking it's very dangerous to have around. Some day it's going to eat Gunnar or Sasha! Wait! Then I'd be the only "kid" in the house and I'd get all the treats. No, that's mean. I'm going to keep my eye on that couch though!
Mom and Dad said it's supposed to be nice weather for the rest of the week and through the weekend. I'm sooooo excited. That means I can be outside more and it also means it's closer to camping time!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR CAMPING!!!!!
WHOA! Mom and Dad will be home from work soon. I better go get ready to tell them how much I've missed them. Four hours and eight hours is a really long time to us dogs!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Couch Ate My Hothog!

On Sunday, Dad was giving us pieces of hotdog and Gunnat dropped is and it went under the couch. Sasha and I were going crazy trying to get it. Mom couldn't figure out what we were doing and she tried finding it and sh coudl find it. So then Dad lifted the end of the couch up and Mom and I got under the couch and looked and we couldn't find it. The only explanation is the couch ate it!!! Mom says Gunnar must have tricked us into thinking he dropped it down there. That definately can't be the real explanation!
Mom came home for lunch and said there was a postcard for Sasha in the mail. I was jelous until I found out it was from the vet. It's time for Sasha's shots (hehehehe). I had my shots last year so I'm good for awhile. I'm going to have fun teasing Sasha that it's time for her to go to the groomer AND the vet!
I'm off to take a nap now since there's nothing for me to stress about (except for maybe the hotdog eating couch).

Friday, March 02, 2007


Bruitis and Dakota are okay! They should be home this afternoon!!! They were picked up by a lady last night and the lady took care of them and then called my aunt!! Everybody will be getting a bath tonight because they're stinky and a mess. Thanks a lot for all the good puppy vibes!!!! Good puppy vibes work great!!!!!!!

Bailey's Home!

The good puppy vibes are working! Keep them going though!
Bailey's home, but Dakota and Bruitis are still gone. My aunt says that Bailey is pretty sore and full of cactus, but she's home!!! She's also pretty thin and really really tired. My aunt says that she thinks the other 2 were at the house, too but they left again. Bailey's the good one so she stayed home. (She's also a Momma's Girl BIG time, so she stayed home to wait for her momma.) I'm so happy!!!! Once she's feeling better and she's not so sore and gains some weight back, my aunt said she'd bring her over to play with me. I have a feeling though Bruitis is going to have to go back to the dog adoption place. He's a really bad dog and my aunt is stressing out too everytime he gets loose.
Keep up the puppy vibes for Daokata and Bruitis. Thanks everybody!!!
Bailey's home! Bailey's home! Bailey's home! Bailey's home! Bailey's home! Bailey's home! Bailey's home! Bailey's home! Bailey's home! Bailey's home! Bailey's home! Bailey's home!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Good Puppy Vibes!!!!!

I need everybody out there to send out good puppy vibes for my cousins. The brother (Bruitis) gets out and of the yard and yesterday he made a hole in the fence and him and Bailey and Dakota got out! It was really snowey and cold last night. My aunt is really really worried about them. I have a feeling she is going to ahve to find a new home for Bruitis because he's not being a good dog. It's warmer to day and Bruitis usually shows up at home so hopefully they will come home today so my aunt won't have to worry about them anymore. Send lots of good puppy vibes please!! Here is a picture of Dakota and Bailey. Bailey is one of my best friends! I love playing with her! I hope they come home soon!!!!!
Last night Mom was very sneaky! I was on the couch with her and Gunnar was on the couch because he wanted to lay on the fuzzy blanket near the firepalce. The way we were laying, it looked like Gunnar and I were cuddling. We weren't!!! Mom got up really quit and went over to the camera and started to take our picture. Then I realized what was going on so I jumped off the couh really quick. I didn't want that picture used as blackmail!!!!! I have to keep an eye on her - she thinks she's so sneaky!
I'm going to go back to sending out more good puppy vibes to my cousins. Dad is off today, but he had to run to work real quick to talk to someone. Hopefully I'll have good news later.