Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

We just wanted to tell every dog, cat, hamster and human:
Happy New Year!!!!!
Kaos & Hilary

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas - Chapter 2

First I want to tell all of you I'm updating my link list. I had so many to add I'm pretty sure I forgot to ask a few of you if it's okay. If' you're on my link list and don't want to be, please let me know. I use that list to visit everybody's blogs everyday cuz Mom and I use different computers and it's too hard to keep track of the bookmarks on 2 computers. I hope I can get the rest in today, but I don't know since there's so many pictures.
First we have Grandma's presants to us. Mom didn't get many pictures of us with Grandma's gifts because we were so fast and crazy. Sasha and I each got a baggie of chewies that are really long. They're really cool cuz I can hold them, in my paws and not have to bend over so far to reach them. I got a new rope with millions of knots (it's half undone already) and Sasha and Gunnar got a mouse on a string. Yes, Sasha got a cat toy and I'm jealous. That little mouse is tons of fun to play with. I can play with it as long as I promise not to tear it up. I've had it taken away many times since Christmas. Sasha loves the mouse because it's small and she can flip it around and do crazy things with it. There's no pictures of her with it because she's too fast.

Okay, now for my Aunt Gillian. Mom says Aunt Gillian is the biggest dork she's ever known. Mom is 9 years older than her sister and pretty much raised her. Does that mean Mom taught her sister her dorky ways? No, cuz I agree with Mom. My Aunt Gillian is a dork! ANYWAY, Mom and Aunt Gillian play jokes on each other when it comes to gifts. For Mom's birthday this year my Aunt Gillian wrapped up miniature candy bars indivdualy and then put them in a Scooby-Doo tackle box with a HUGE amount of confetti. Mom's birthday was in October and we're still finding confetti and she opened that outside!! So Mom and Dad started planning paybacks. First, there was a tire iron she needed for her truck. She was totally not surprised when she opened it. Can you see the dorkness in this picture?

Then came the BIG one. This was hilarious and took forever to wrap and unwrap.
There was this big box (it was made for a radiator and fit under the tree perfectly with everything else perfectly inside).

Then there was another box.

And then another.

And finally the jack for her truck. Through the unwrapping process there was also a t-shirt, 6 pairs of socks (individually wrapped in pairs of course) and a little grow your own boyfriend thing. I think my Mom was having more fun laughing at Aunt Gillian than Aunt Gillian did opening all of those presants. It took Mom and Dad forever to wrap all of those boxes and socks and Mom says it was totally worth it. Aunt Gillian turns 21 next September and Mom is already starting to plan for that. Maybe Aunt Gillian did learn her dorkiness from my Mom.

There was TONS of wrapping paper and boxes when Aunt Gillian finally finished and Gunnar had a blast playing in all of it. He was upset when Dad cleaned it all up. Gunnar wanted it left out all week, but Mom and Dad said noway. There was too much and you couldn't walk through the living room very well. They did let him keep a box though.

I got them all in! I'm exhausted just thinking about all the fun I had on Christmas. I better go take a nap now just in case Mom and Dad plan some more fun adventures for this weekend that I don't know about.
Have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas - Chapter 1

It looks like every pup, cat, hamster and human had a good Christmas. I couldn't post yesterday because I was so exhausted and slept the entire day until Mom and Dad got home from work and then I wanted to play fetch and they were too tired.
It's going to take several posts because Mom took so many pictures and I want to share a bunch of them with you. Here's Chapter 1 of Our Christmas 2007.
Gunnar spent all day Christmas Eve guarding the presants.

There were no presants under the tree for us though. They were in our stocking and they were put there after Mom and Dad got home from work. I was kind of upset about it because it looked like we weren't getting any presants! BUT the reason they waited was because of the smell! Sasha and I could smell the wonderful smell of a special treat we get every Christmas. YUMMY BONES!!! Dad got the stockings down for us and Sasha and I went crazy.

I got my bone first because I'm bigger and I kept stepping on Sasha.

It took Dad forever to get the bone unwrapped. He wouldn't let me do it because he said I'd eat the wrapper.

I took the bone straight to my living room bed because I knew Mom didn't want me to get the carpet messy.

The bone was too big for Sasha to carry so she stayed where Dad put it.

Gunnar got this purple ball thing on a string that drives me crazy! I don't know why, but as soon as he starts playing with it, I go psycho!

Santa brough Sasha and I some Schmakos and Gunnar got some of the Chicken and Cheese treats he likes. He also brought us a new water dish. It holds lots of water. It's great!! Gunnar always drank all the water in the other one and it was always empty. There's a problem with this new water jug though. As you can see in this picture, Gunnar is afraid of it. Sasha is, too, but she's been seen drinking out of it. See how Gunnar is all stretched out in the picture below. The jug wasn't making any noise or anything. Don't worry though, Dad put a bowl of water out for Gunnar to convince him to drink and it's right beside the new one so hopefully he'll be convinced to drink out of the new one. If not, Mom says she'll get the syringes out from when Gunnar was sick and force him to drink again (nobody wants that again!!!). It's because of him we got the bigger water jug and he's afraid of it!! What a dork!!

That's all for now. Check back tomorrow to see what Grandma brought us!! I have to tell you about my Aunt Gillian's gift, too. She's also a dork.
Oh yeah, I didn't get the kids I asked for. Mom says Santa doesn't bring kids as gifts. If anybody knows how I can get some kids, let me know. Mom isn't being helpful in explaining how that works.

Monday, December 24, 2007

My Sunday


We didn't get more snow, we went and found snow. We went for a ride in MY Jeep and played!

This is MY Jeep on the trail we were on. We were actually going on another trail, but the gate was closed so we got out and of the Jeep to play.

I chased a rabbit and some birds and ate some snow (Dad kept telling me not to or I'd get to cold, but I couldn't help it)!! My Aunt Gillian threw snow at me and we played snow monster. Right after this picture Aunt Gillian got her foot stuck in the snow and I dug her foot out. The crazy girl doesn't own anything but cowboy boots!!! She needs to go shopping with Mom and Dad sometime and find her a good deal on some real boots! Mom was laughing too hard to take the picture of me digging her foot out.

Since we couldn't get through the gate we went to another place to eat lunch. There was less snow there and I've been dove hunting in that spot before so I went to work sniffing right away. Mom kept telling me to take a break. That's when I realized we were stopping for lunch. After I ate half of Mom's ham sandwich and some chips my slob of an aunt dropped on the ground, I went back to sniffing.

Last night we did a photo shoot for Mom. Usually when Dad puts the antlers on me and Mom pulls out her camera, the antlers come off, but I decided to let Mom take my picture. I refused to stand so the tree or the fireplace was my background though. Mom settled for a few presants and the shoe wrack.

Mom says Gunnar's is the best Bah-Humbug picture she's ever seen. I'd have to agree. Gunnar better hope Santa doesn't see this! I know Santa reads my blog though! HAHAHAH!

It took 4 shots to get this picture of Sasha. Mom says every picture she has of Sasha, she looks worried.

Mom keeps reading things that say a tired dog is a good dog and boy am I a good dog!! Sasha was at Grandma's house while we were playing (she gets cold really easy and car sick when we're playing in the Jeep) so she's pretty tired, too. Mom says she gets the afternoon off today so when she gets home we're going to start baking bread and pie for tomorrow and we're going to make a cheese ball!!! Cheese and ball!! Two of my favorite things!!!
I better go take another nap so I'll be all rested up to help Mom. I can't wait for tomorrow!!!! I hope all you dogs, cats, hamsters and humans have a wonderful Christmas!! I KNOW I AM!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lots Of Thank Yous

Thank you for all the nice comments for Mom and for my "situation." Mom's not doing great today. She says things are starting to sink in a little now. I let Mom and Sasha have a moment this morning because they needed to. Mom and Sasha have been together for longer than Mom and Dad have been together and have been through a lot together. I could only take it for so long though because I'm very jealous!! I had to get my cheer up kisses and hugs in, too. Mom told me again that I'm the bestest hugger ever.
Thanks for all the new dogs checking out my blog. I promise I'll check your's out soon. I'm going to be adding a bunch of you to my links bar thing, too. I might talk Mom into staying home with me to help me get my blog updated this afternoon or next week sometime. That will keep her busy and be close by so I can keep an eye on her at the same time.
My next thank you's go out to my dear Flash's Grammie and also to the AO4. Here was Grammie's comment from yesterday about my "situation:" "Those are not lab prints. They were made by a special alien Christmas invader. I have seen them in the past. They only come out in December and they always get on a table. They are known to have tuffs of black fur. Case Closed." She is so smart!!! Zim said " gotta tell ya ... a coyote got into our fenced in back yard the other day and left prints in the snow that look EXACTLY like that. Really. Or maybe the cat drew the prints like finger/paw painting to try to frame you. Amber thinks maybe Santa's reindeer were on a recon mission and accidentally got on the table. Yep ... I'd go with reindeer. Definitely not YOUR prints, at any case. Trust me, I'm a Siberian.Play bows,Zim. "
So I was going to convince Mom and Dad that the prints were DEFINATELY something like Grammie and those smart Siberians were describing. BUT, we found out yesterday that my fellow Colorado dog friend, Ginger, was the one that was right! This was her comment: "Well, duh! OBVIOUSLY a really big, dirty squirrel has broken into your house and walked all over, trying to get you in trouble! Those squirrels are wiley and evil I tell you!Nubbin wagsGinger." When Dad was letting us out after he got home from work yesterday I could see something in the lilac bush. I told Sasha I saw something and as soon as Dad opened the door, we ZOOOMED to the bush and there as a squirell!! I tried to corner him for questioning, but Sasha tried to kill him (she hasn't met her quota for the year). Of course he got scarred and got awaybefrore I cold get him to answer and I'm pretty sure he had a heart attache a couple blocks away. I know it was him that snuck into my house and tried to get me in trouble! Squirrels can fit in small places and are really quiet. I was busy guarding the front door, Sasha was busy guarding the bed and Gunnar ws busy guarding the computer room chair so the kitchen, laundry and dining room were totally open areas for him to sneak into my house and frame me!!! I'm glad that's over. Thanks for all your help everybody!!! And keep an eye out for those sneaky squirrels!! Ginger's right!!!
On Ginger's blog she also had some fun stuff. You have to try these out! I know what reindeer I am and my elf name! Here's my results! It's so much fun! Thanks for sharing Ginger!!
I'm Rudolph!! Mom says the description fits me perfectly!!

You Are Rudolph
Sweet and shy, you tend to be happiest when you're making someone else happy.
Why You're Naughty: You sometimes stick that nose where it doesn't belong
Why You're Nice: Christmas would be a sad affair without you!
Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?

My Elf Name

Your Elf Name Is...
Trixie Blinking Bum

Thanks again everybody for thoughts and wishes to my Mom. Grammie, your comment made Mom cry, but she said in a good way. Even though Mom and her mom weren't close or really on speaking terms, it's still hard because it was her mom. Her brother and stepfather are being mean about stuff, too which isn't helping at all. I met Mom's brother once and boy did I let him know what I thought of him. Mom was really surprised when I went off on him for no reason. Mom said though that dogs have a good scent (Mom says it's actually sense, but I'm the dog, not her!) when it comes to people and his scent was bad!!! I've never met Mom's stepdad, but I bet his scent stinks, too.

It's almost time for Mom to come home for her lunch break now so I better go wait for her. Have a great weekend everybody and if I don't post next week, Have a Merry Christmas!!! I hope Santa Paws is very generous to all of you!!

Love Kaos

More Evidence & Mom

Hi everydoggy. Mom found some black lab fur on the table with the other evidence. I pointed out there's a black lab across the alley and sometimes she forgets to lock the back door. That backfired because then it was my fault for letting a strange dog into the house. I'm still working on figuring out the "truth." Thanks for all the suggestions so far. They've all been very helpful even though Mom doesn't believe any of them.
I'm not worried about Santa not bringing me presants anymore though. I sooo totally made up for it yesterday. I was getting ready to go post more about the new evidence and all of a sudden Mom came home. It was only 2:30 so I was really surprised she was home already. We all went to tell her we missed her, but I could tell something was wrong. She didn't tell us anything, but we knew something was wrong. We tried to get Mom to play with us to cheer her up and then we got the hint this was not play time so Sasha, Gunnar and I all crawled up on the couch and watched cartoons with Mom. It turns out my Mom's mother died yesterday morning. My Aunt Gillian called Mom at work after their sister-in-law called my Aunt during lunch. Aunt Gillian tried catching Mom on her lunch break but she was still talking to their sister-in-law. My Mom and my aunt didn't have a good relationship with their mom, but it's still sad when someone you know dies, especially a parent or other family member. Mom is doing okay. She says it's mostly confusion she's dealing with right now. Her Mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago and it spread really really fast. I only met the lady a couple times and both time I barked at her really loud. The last time she came to my house she upset my Mom really really bad and NOBODY does that to my Mom. I hadn't been living with my family very long when that happened (only a few weeks), but I loved my Mom a lot from the first day so I wasn't going to let someone be so mean to someone so wonderful. Sasha told me about when she lived with our Mom's Mom. Sasha is the one the started calling her the "Mean Lady." Sasha said she was always getting blamed for stuff that the other pets in the house would do. How can you blame a miniature dacshund for peeing a lake's worth on a rug when there's a St. Bernard living in the house? Sasha had to spend a lot of time kenneled up when she lived there. Sasha said Aunt Gillian helped take care of her, but she was too young to stick up for Sasha. After Sasha and Mom moved into our house with Dad, Mom and Sasha would still go to the other house to visit and Sasha would still get blamed for chewing on stuff. One time she even got blamed for being the only dog that would poop on the floor when Mom's brother's little dog was there and was well known for pooping in the house unlike Sasha. Sasha said the lady was always mean to Mom and she didn't like Dad. How can you not like Dad? He's one of the bestest people in the world!! So you can see why Mom is deling with some confusion. We made Mom feel lots better when she came home early and we all cuddled with her all night. OH! Dad took Mom and Aunt Gillian to a restaurant to eat so nobody had to make dinner and guess what! Mom brought us back some french fries for taking care of her afterwork! She said the hamburger was way too yummy to not eat herself, but that's okay, she needed that to keep up her strength anyway. The french fries were very yummy and enough for us. Some of them even had ketchup on them!!! Mom said she's going to work until her boss annoys her too much today. I think she should have taken me with her to scare the mean people away, but I have to stay and guard the house.
Anyway, if you have anymore ideas on my table situation, let me know. Thanks!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


If anybody knows the number to those CSI guys, PLEASE let me know. I need help BAD!! I bet the AO4 would help me! They'd do a better job anyway since they're dogs! They would totally be able to interpret the evidence better than a human!
Okay, so here's what happened. Mom and Dad came home from work last night and saw these prints on the dining room table. Dad said it looked like Gunnar had been on the table. Mom freaked out because even if she hadn't just cleaned the litterbox, there's no way Gunnar could get that much mud anywhere in the house (Mom hasn't wattered the houseplants in a couple weeks either so they're all bone dry and sad looking). Mom said those were lab paw prints! Can you believe that? Without even doing any official DNA, mud sample test or taking any pawprints, I automatically get blamed! After Mom took the picture she said the picture definately proved they are definatly lab prints because they're bigger than cat or dacshund prints and the prints from the pads are definately lab shaped. She said that it must have happened right after she left for lunch because she let me inside and didn't have time to clean off my paws so they were still muddy. I am so not convinced. What happened to being tried by a jury of my peers? What about innocent until proven guilty? There's no proof as to how I got up there and there's no proven motive. The pulled out chair and the tons of canned and boxed up food and cookies for Christmas on the table are all circumstantial. There's no proof!!
If anybody out there can help, please do! Mom's sign says 7 days to Christmas and I don't want this to get back to Santa!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Go Vote!

Hi everybody! DWB has December's photo of the month voting ready. You HAVE to go for Peanut's picture cuz it makes me laugh every time I look at it and because it's my dear Flash's brother.
My belly hasn't been feeling good lately. It gurgles a lot and according to Mom, my gas is really bad. My butt makes funny noises once in awhile and I turn around real quick to see what's going on, but I never catch what's happening. Mom and Dad think it's hilarious but I can never see what's so funny. Anyway, since my belly is grumbling again, I'm going to go take a nap and wait for Dad to come home and let me out. Mom is trying to convince me that putting her cold hands on my belly should help me. I actually think she's the cause of it though.
Have a good weekend everydog and stay warm. It's starting to snow again here so hopefully Mom and Dad will throw snowballs at me this weekend. (That's a good thing. They don't actually throw them at me and hit me, they throw them above my head and I jump up and catch them. It's tons of fun as long as the snowball is soft and there's not a puddle of mud to land in.)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reast In Peace Thrawn

After writting my post about my mom's cold hands I went to read everybody's blogs and saw the sad news that Thrawn from the Brat Pack has joined his brother Dakota over the Rainbow Bridge. I'm very sad to hear the news. This has to be really hard for Maryann and the rest of the pack so I'm sending lots of hugs and doggy kisses to all of them. I'm sure Thrawn and Dakota are happy to be together again and are going to watch over not only their pack, but the rest of us, too. I already miss you Thrawn.

Cold Hands

Today is a complaining post and I'll make it short. Okay, you know how us dogs have warm bellies because of the fur and because some of us like to curl up in balls to take naps? Well, my Mom has issues with her hands getting cold all the time. She's always trying to put them on Dad's warm neck or my warm belly (Sasha's belly isn't warm enough or big enough). Why should Dad and I have to warm up Mom's cold hands when there are lots of things she could do to warm them up herself? She does the same thing with her feet! I'm glad I don't sleep in the big bed at night when it's cold outside because Mom can't sleep if her feet are cold which means Dad doesn't sleep until Mom's feet are warm. Last night Dad wouldn't let her touch his neck and I wasn't paying attention to what was going on so when he stood up, I took his place on the couch and all of a sudden there were big chunks of ice on my belly! Mom tried to make Dad feel guilty by saying that I was letting her warm her hands on my belly and I wasn't runing away like Dad did. BALONY!!! I couldn't move because of the shock of the paralyzing cold pressed on my nice warm belly!!!
K, I'm done now. Just had to vent a little. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Lights In Snow

Last night Mom went out and took pictures of our house with the Christmas lights and the snow. Our house is decorated for both day and night. Once school is out for Christmas break Mom said she'd take some day pictures. It's too scary to go out in the street right now to take the pictures. She might get run over and we definataley don't want that!! These first 2 are pictures of the front.

This is a lamp post. In the day, you can see a big red bow and red tinsel wrapped around it and at night there's red and white lights. Mom loves the lamp post.

These are little snowmen along the pathway to the street. They looked pretty funny out there without the snow, now they're happy little snowmen. Mom noticed this year that she has a thing for snowmen. Grandma watched a show that said you should have a theme to your Christmas decorations and Mom and Grandma agreed that was silly. Then when Mom and Dad were putting the ornaments on the tree they noticed there were a lot of snowmen ornaments, then as they unpacked other stuff they noticed Mom has been collecting snowman stuff for a long time! That snowman she won at the Christmas party the other night fits right it.

It's really cold today so I'm going back to my blanket on the couch. Mom got stuck trying to get out of the driveway this morning so hopefully she'll make it in the driveway for lunch so Sasha and I can go outside. Sasha and I both agreed it was too cold to go out before Mom left for work this morning. It was so cold this morning Gunnar was up on the bed with us instead of off doing his indepedent stuff. When it's cold out, Gunnar is a big cuddle kitty.
Stay warm every pup!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


There's a lot of snow outside!!! So much Sasha is a very mad puppy dog. I'm so glad I'm not a short dog. This morning I went out to play and I came inside and showed Mom my snow nose. She was running late for work so she couldn't take a picture of it. It was also really cold so I didn't want to wait very long. The snow we had this weekend was really wet and really really cold, but this snow from last night is fluffy snow. I hope the snow stays for Christmas. Mom's car is short like Sasha though so even though Mom loves to play in snow, she's really getting annoyed with the snow. That's what happens when you buy a Kia instead of a Jeep!! If it gets too much deeper I'll let her drive my Jeep, she won't have to worry about getting stuck in it. Although, if it's so deep that she needs to take my Jeep to work, she shouldn't be going to work anyway! Instead, she should make some hot chocolate and curl up with me on the couch while Dad makes a fire. OR een better! She could make some hot chocolate and pack a water dish and we could all go play in the snow in my Jeep! THEN we can come home and Dad can make a fire.
There is a problem with this snow though. It's the same problem I have every time it snows. I can't find my toys. I know they're out there and Mom always tells me I should leave them on the porch, but I always forget. So they're out there somewhere. A lady that works with my Mom was telling her about a place she lived where they always had a lot of snow in big huge drifts. They had a backetball hoop in their back yard and if the ball went over the hoop and landed in the snowbank, they had to wait until Spring to find their balls. They thought it was hilarious when Spring came along and there were like 20 balls behind the hoop. If I had been there, I would have gone in for them! I love burrowing through the snow! Sasha likes burrowing through the blankets when it gets this cold. Mom added another blanket to Sasha's bed to try to get her to stay in her own bed at night. She gets cold and either gets in bed with Mom and Dad or with me and then we don't sleep well. So far the extra blanket is working great and Mom wishes she had figured that out years ago. (Sasha just turned 5 - Mom's a little slow with obvious stuff sometimes.) We're all sleeping much better now.
I'm going to go find a nice warm blanket to curl up in now. Mom has blankets everywhere this time of year. It's great! Hope all you dogs that have snow are having fun and staying warm. If you're in the area with all those icestorms, be very careful! We had a small one last week and I slid across the porch. Luckily the only thing hurt was my pride. Stuff like that is very dangeous.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Party

I'm kind of in a bad mood today because of this snowman.Yes he's cute, but he ruined my night last night. Mom and Dad came home and put nice clothes on and took MY Jeep to a Christmas party and then about 8 hours later came home and we all went to bed. (It was only 2 hours, but that's NOT the point!) Dad won this snowman and Mom won a crystal snowman and angel (the picture of those didn't turn out because you can see through them.) How am I supposed to take care of my Mom and Dad if they run off in my Jeep for parties? They better stay home tonight and all weekend. Mom's got some major baking to get done before Christmas and really hasn't started it. Aren't you supposed to finish your chores before you go out and do fun stuff? Sheesh!!
When Mom was putting her shoes on this morning Gunnar showed Mom how upset he was that they weren't home last night and showed her what he'd do if she went out again tonight. He ripped a bow off Grandma's gift. Gunnar has a thing for playing with bows so Mom didn't see it as a threat, she saw a cute kitty playing with another Christmas bow and said, "As long as you don't mess with any more of the gifts, you can play with that bow, I'm sure Grandma won't mind that there's a bow missing from her gift." Gunnar started at Mom and then attacked the bow hoping Mom would get the point but instead she said, "You are too cute Gunnar, I wish I had time to take your picture." She totally missed the point! Hopefully they'll stay home tonight, otherwise Gunnar and I are opening all the presants under the tree which I will point out don't have any of our names on! There's a couple for Aunt Gillian and one for Grandma, but none for the ones that deserve it the most!!
It's really cold today and the weather guy said we're supposed to have snow this weekend which I am totally excited about! I can't wait for there to be enough snow to go out and play in and take my Jeep out and play in.
I'm going to go curl up in a blanket now. This room gets too cold sometimes. I need to figure out how to fix that if this is where I'm going to keep my kids that Santa is hopefully going to bring me for Christmas. I don't want them to freeze!
Have a good weekend everydoggy and hammy!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another Puppy Picture

I know I keep promising pictures of my adventure, but the puppy pictures are too cute not to share! Look at them!! The boy is the 3rd one in with his head burried. Aunt Gillian says he's a bully when it comes to feeding time. Well, duh! He has 6 sisters!!
I'm going to go wrestle with Gunnar now. He's been a big butthead lately. Mom keeps threatening him with staying locked up in the bedroom all day on Christmas Day while Grandma is here if he doesn't straighen up. I figure I'll help make him really tired when Mom and Dad aren't home so he's too tired to get in trouble once they get home from work.
Aren't those puppies sooooo cute? What is with me? I'm getting all mushy over puppies! I don't want puppies! I want human kids!! OH! I was going to ask Santa for some kids in my letter! Santa, if you're reading this, I would REALLY REALLY like some of my own kids to play with and lick and love!!
Anyway, I better go wrestle Gunnar now.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Here are the puppies. The final count is 7. The first one was the only problem she had because she came out backwards. Luckily everybody else came out the normal way. Mommy Bailey, the babies and Aunt Gillian are all totally exhausted and are doing a lot of sleeping today. The babies are hard to get pictures of because the flash reflects off of them.

Out of 7 puppies, this guy is the only boy!!!

Here is Mommy Bailey with her babies. Aunt Gillian says she's a really good mommy. When she needs to go outside she lets her Mom know and then Bailey will get out of the kennel and stand outside the kennel until Aunt Gillian locks the kennel door - not just shuts the door, it has to be locked. And then she goes outside and gets a drink and a bite to eat and then goes back to her babies. Aunt Gillian also said that anytime my cousin Bodee or the cats come around the kennel, Bailey growls at them until they go away. She only lets Aunt Gillian touch the puppies and even when Aunt Gillian has one, she's keeping a very close eye on her. Aren't they cute?

Mom got her camera working so I have pictures to show you of me on my adventure, but that can wait. Today is all about my cousin Bailey and her puppies.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What A Day!

This has been a very busy day already and it's been really exciting! First Mom came home for lunch and she said I got one of those fabulous cards that Dory's Mom was making and then Mom gave Sasha and I a milkbone and Sasha got distracted and I snagged her milkbone and Mom didn't get mad, she laughed instead and told Sasha she should pay more attention and then right before Mom and Dad left to go back to work my Aunt Gillian called and my cousin Bailey is having puppies right now as I type this! *breathe, breathe* I haven't gotten to play with my cousin Bailey for a really long time because she is pregnant and I can't wait until the puppies are all grown up enough to go find their forever homes so she can come play with me again because I really like playing with her and I've never met my other cousin Bodee and even after the puppies are gone it might be awhile until I get to play with her because she's going to get the surgery done so she can't have anymore puppies since there's some frisky stuff going on between her and her brother. *breathe, breathe* Aunt Gillian just called Mom again and there's 2 puppies. The first was a little girl and the second was a little boy and they're mostly white with some black. Bailey is a red healer and Bodee is a blue healer so Mom and Aunt Gillian were wondering if they'd be purple. What dorks!!!! *breathe, breathe* Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the final count for you. So far Bailey is doing okay and Bodee is being a bad daddy, he's been hiding outside all day. Sheesh! Acording to the timeline of the other 2 puppies she should be getting ready to have the 3rd puppy pretty soon so I better go wait for an update!