Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas - Chapter 1

It looks like every pup, cat, hamster and human had a good Christmas. I couldn't post yesterday because I was so exhausted and slept the entire day until Mom and Dad got home from work and then I wanted to play fetch and they were too tired.
It's going to take several posts because Mom took so many pictures and I want to share a bunch of them with you. Here's Chapter 1 of Our Christmas 2007.
Gunnar spent all day Christmas Eve guarding the presants.

There were no presants under the tree for us though. They were in our stocking and they were put there after Mom and Dad got home from work. I was kind of upset about it because it looked like we weren't getting any presants! BUT the reason they waited was because of the smell! Sasha and I could smell the wonderful smell of a special treat we get every Christmas. YUMMY BONES!!! Dad got the stockings down for us and Sasha and I went crazy.

I got my bone first because I'm bigger and I kept stepping on Sasha.

It took Dad forever to get the bone unwrapped. He wouldn't let me do it because he said I'd eat the wrapper.

I took the bone straight to my living room bed because I knew Mom didn't want me to get the carpet messy.

The bone was too big for Sasha to carry so she stayed where Dad put it.

Gunnar got this purple ball thing on a string that drives me crazy! I don't know why, but as soon as he starts playing with it, I go psycho!

Santa brough Sasha and I some Schmakos and Gunnar got some of the Chicken and Cheese treats he likes. He also brought us a new water dish. It holds lots of water. It's great!! Gunnar always drank all the water in the other one and it was always empty. There's a problem with this new water jug though. As you can see in this picture, Gunnar is afraid of it. Sasha is, too, but she's been seen drinking out of it. See how Gunnar is all stretched out in the picture below. The jug wasn't making any noise or anything. Don't worry though, Dad put a bowl of water out for Gunnar to convince him to drink and it's right beside the new one so hopefully he'll be convinced to drink out of the new one. If not, Mom says she'll get the syringes out from when Gunnar was sick and force him to drink again (nobody wants that again!!!). It's because of him we got the bigger water jug and he's afraid of it!! What a dork!!

That's all for now. Check back tomorrow to see what Grandma brought us!! I have to tell you about my Aunt Gillian's gift, too. She's also a dork.
Oh yeah, I didn't get the kids I asked for. Mom says Santa doesn't bring kids as gifts. If anybody knows how I can get some kids, let me know. Mom isn't being helpful in explaining how that works.


Peanut said...

You need to come live with us and then you can share my kids. THey are fun fun fun. Our boy lays on the ground and will let me lick him all I want and he just giggles. Those are nice bones and a great water dish.


Maggie & Mitch said...

Those bones look awesome! We both take bones to our beds to eat them too!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh looks like you had a great xmas too Kaos. :)

~ Girl girl

The Brat Pack said...

MMMMM, those bones look soooo good. We didn't get bones, just snacks. Darn.

We used to have one of those water bowls but Thrawn always knocked it down. :)