Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Party

I'm kind of in a bad mood today because of this snowman.Yes he's cute, but he ruined my night last night. Mom and Dad came home and put nice clothes on and took MY Jeep to a Christmas party and then about 8 hours later came home and we all went to bed. (It was only 2 hours, but that's NOT the point!) Dad won this snowman and Mom won a crystal snowman and angel (the picture of those didn't turn out because you can see through them.) How am I supposed to take care of my Mom and Dad if they run off in my Jeep for parties? They better stay home tonight and all weekend. Mom's got some major baking to get done before Christmas and really hasn't started it. Aren't you supposed to finish your chores before you go out and do fun stuff? Sheesh!!
When Mom was putting her shoes on this morning Gunnar showed Mom how upset he was that they weren't home last night and showed her what he'd do if she went out again tonight. He ripped a bow off Grandma's gift. Gunnar has a thing for playing with bows so Mom didn't see it as a threat, she saw a cute kitty playing with another Christmas bow and said, "As long as you don't mess with any more of the gifts, you can play with that bow, I'm sure Grandma won't mind that there's a bow missing from her gift." Gunnar started at Mom and then attacked the bow hoping Mom would get the point but instead she said, "You are too cute Gunnar, I wish I had time to take your picture." She totally missed the point! Hopefully they'll stay home tonight, otherwise Gunnar and I are opening all the presants under the tree which I will point out don't have any of our names on! There's a couple for Aunt Gillian and one for Grandma, but none for the ones that deserve it the most!!
It's really cold today and the weather guy said we're supposed to have snow this weekend which I am totally excited about! I can't wait for there to be enough snow to go out and play in and take my Jeep out and play in.
I'm going to go curl up in a blanket now. This room gets too cold sometimes. I need to figure out how to fix that if this is where I'm going to keep my kids that Santa is hopefully going to bring me for Christmas. I don't want them to freeze!
Have a good weekend everydoggy and hammy!


Amara said...
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Grammie said...

Tell Mom to get busy with that baking. She needs to make many types of dog treats. Forget all those things for humans. We all eat way too much anyway.

Dory the Lab said...

Gosh - my human went out in our Jeep WITHOUT ME and she didn't bring anything back except an empty casserole dish!

No fair.

Maybe I can get my Mom to knit you a new blanky to keep warm - it's cold here too!

Love, Dory

Amara said...
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Peanut said...

Oh my I can't believe that your mom and dad left you for that long. That was awful of them. They should have been home with you. Hopefully you get the snow you want. Oh and you can come visit me and share my kids. They are fun.

The Brat Pack said...

These Christmas parties are insanity I tell you. They're leaving us all over the country!!


Ferndoggle said...

Our Mom & Dad left us for 8 hours last week for their party! I don't see why we couldn't go too?

Sherman, Penny & Lola