Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lots Of Thank Yous

Thank you for all the nice comments for Mom and for my "situation." Mom's not doing great today. She says things are starting to sink in a little now. I let Mom and Sasha have a moment this morning because they needed to. Mom and Sasha have been together for longer than Mom and Dad have been together and have been through a lot together. I could only take it for so long though because I'm very jealous!! I had to get my cheer up kisses and hugs in, too. Mom told me again that I'm the bestest hugger ever.
Thanks for all the new dogs checking out my blog. I promise I'll check your's out soon. I'm going to be adding a bunch of you to my links bar thing, too. I might talk Mom into staying home with me to help me get my blog updated this afternoon or next week sometime. That will keep her busy and be close by so I can keep an eye on her at the same time.
My next thank you's go out to my dear Flash's Grammie and also to the AO4. Here was Grammie's comment from yesterday about my "situation:" "Those are not lab prints. They were made by a special alien Christmas invader. I have seen them in the past. They only come out in December and they always get on a table. They are known to have tuffs of black fur. Case Closed." She is so smart!!! Zim said " gotta tell ya ... a coyote got into our fenced in back yard the other day and left prints in the snow that look EXACTLY like that. Really. Or maybe the cat drew the prints like finger/paw painting to try to frame you. Amber thinks maybe Santa's reindeer were on a recon mission and accidentally got on the table. Yep ... I'd go with reindeer. Definitely not YOUR prints, at any case. Trust me, I'm a Siberian.Play bows,Zim. "
So I was going to convince Mom and Dad that the prints were DEFINATELY something like Grammie and those smart Siberians were describing. BUT, we found out yesterday that my fellow Colorado dog friend, Ginger, was the one that was right! This was her comment: "Well, duh! OBVIOUSLY a really big, dirty squirrel has broken into your house and walked all over, trying to get you in trouble! Those squirrels are wiley and evil I tell you!Nubbin wagsGinger." When Dad was letting us out after he got home from work yesterday I could see something in the lilac bush. I told Sasha I saw something and as soon as Dad opened the door, we ZOOOMED to the bush and there as a squirell!! I tried to corner him for questioning, but Sasha tried to kill him (she hasn't met her quota for the year). Of course he got scarred and got awaybefrore I cold get him to answer and I'm pretty sure he had a heart attache a couple blocks away. I know it was him that snuck into my house and tried to get me in trouble! Squirrels can fit in small places and are really quiet. I was busy guarding the front door, Sasha was busy guarding the bed and Gunnar ws busy guarding the computer room chair so the kitchen, laundry and dining room were totally open areas for him to sneak into my house and frame me!!! I'm glad that's over. Thanks for all your help everybody!!! And keep an eye out for those sneaky squirrels!! Ginger's right!!!
On Ginger's blog she also had some fun stuff. You have to try these out! I know what reindeer I am and my elf name! Here's my results! It's so much fun! Thanks for sharing Ginger!!
I'm Rudolph!! Mom says the description fits me perfectly!!

You Are Rudolph
Sweet and shy, you tend to be happiest when you're making someone else happy.
Why You're Naughty: You sometimes stick that nose where it doesn't belong
Why You're Nice: Christmas would be a sad affair without you!
Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?

My Elf Name

Your Elf Name Is...
Trixie Blinking Bum

Thanks again everybody for thoughts and wishes to my Mom. Grammie, your comment made Mom cry, but she said in a good way. Even though Mom and her mom weren't close or really on speaking terms, it's still hard because it was her mom. Her brother and stepfather are being mean about stuff, too which isn't helping at all. I met Mom's brother once and boy did I let him know what I thought of him. Mom was really surprised when I went off on him for no reason. Mom said though that dogs have a good scent (Mom says it's actually sense, but I'm the dog, not her!) when it comes to people and his scent was bad!!! I've never met Mom's stepdad, but I bet his scent stinks, too.

It's almost time for Mom to come home for her lunch break now so I better go wait for her. Have a great weekend everybody and if I don't post next week, Have a Merry Christmas!!! I hope Santa Paws is very generous to all of you!!

Love Kaos


grammie said...

The squirrel theory is plausible, but I tend to lean toward the Christmas alien. Tell Mom that the meanies aren't worth her time or effort. They are the ones who will be losing in the end. Give Mom lots of extra licks. I am sure you are more fun to be around anyway.

Dory and Liza said...

Hey Kaos -

Sorry to hear all the news - but we know you are taking really good care of your mom like I take care of mine. My former "dad" was mean to mom and mom is starting to think he was mean to me too when she wasn't around (and he was). It's a hard thing for the humans and us - but you and I lucked out with smart loving humans who are very good people even when others are kinda poopy.

Love and wet nose smooches to you my friend.

Your sort sis - Dory

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Take care, relax and just let our Christmas Wishes flow around you.

This is a sad time. But soon the spring light will be here and the roses will bloom once more.

Love and light from Jeannie and Marvin xxxxxx

and Grammie is right yet again!