Friday, December 14, 2007

Go Vote!

Hi everybody! DWB has December's photo of the month voting ready. You HAVE to go for Peanut's picture cuz it makes me laugh every time I look at it and because it's my dear Flash's brother.
My belly hasn't been feeling good lately. It gurgles a lot and according to Mom, my gas is really bad. My butt makes funny noises once in awhile and I turn around real quick to see what's going on, but I never catch what's happening. Mom and Dad think it's hilarious but I can never see what's so funny. Anyway, since my belly is grumbling again, I'm going to go take a nap and wait for Dad to come home and let me out. Mom is trying to convince me that putting her cold hands on my belly should help me. I actually think she's the cause of it though.
Have a good weekend everydog and stay warm. It's starting to snow again here so hopefully Mom and Dad will throw snowballs at me this weekend. (That's a good thing. They don't actually throw them at me and hit me, they throw them above my head and I jump up and catch them. It's tons of fun as long as the snowball is soft and there's not a puddle of mud to land in.)


Peanut said...

Thanks for nominating Peanut. That picture cracks us up all the time too. Sorry about your gas. That sounds just like Peanut's belly.


The Army of Four said...

Ha roo! That's a great picture! We'll be sure to vote.
Do you know why you're a gassy lassie? Maybe you need a sensitive tummy food - I have to have that sometimes!
We're supposed to get your snow shortly! Yea!

Grammie said...

That Peanut is such a goof. I hope you have fun with the snowballs and get over the gas.

PreciOus said...

Oh dear, I hope your tummy is not grumbling as much now. Hope you'll get lots of treats after you recover. *Grinz*