Tuesday, December 18, 2007


If anybody knows the number to those CSI guys, PLEASE let me know. I need help BAD!! I bet the AO4 would help me! They'd do a better job anyway since they're dogs! They would totally be able to interpret the evidence better than a human!
Okay, so here's what happened. Mom and Dad came home from work last night and saw these prints on the dining room table. Dad said it looked like Gunnar had been on the table. Mom freaked out because even if she hadn't just cleaned the litterbox, there's no way Gunnar could get that much mud anywhere in the house (Mom hasn't wattered the houseplants in a couple weeks either so they're all bone dry and sad looking). Mom said those were lab paw prints! Can you believe that? Without even doing any official DNA, mud sample test or taking any pawprints, I automatically get blamed! After Mom took the picture she said the picture definately proved they are definatly lab prints because they're bigger than cat or dacshund prints and the prints from the pads are definately lab shaped. She said that it must have happened right after she left for lunch because she let me inside and didn't have time to clean off my paws so they were still muddy. I am so not convinced. What happened to being tried by a jury of my peers? What about innocent until proven guilty? There's no proof as to how I got up there and there's no proven motive. The pulled out chair and the tons of canned and boxed up food and cookies for Christmas on the table are all circumstantial. There's no proof!!
If anybody out there can help, please do! Mom's sign says 7 days to Christmas and I don't want this to get back to Santa!!!!


Peanut said...

Oh my I can't believe they are blaming you. How could they? I believe your innocent.


Dory the Lab said...

Oh dear DOG!!!! Those are definately NOT Lab prints - I think the Jeep keys are in her coat pocket, I'll drive to the airport and be out there with my crime scene kit as soon as possible.

Hang on Kaos - I will make sure no one besmerches your good name with Santa Paws!

Your sorta sis - DORY

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh those paw prints look mysterious. I hope somedogs or CSI can help you solve the case

~ Girl girl

Ferndoggle said...

Pawsonally, I think they look like Bear prints. That's what I would go with. Especially if there is any food missing.

I would get Detective Joe Stains on the case ASAP.


Deefor said...

Framed! I get blamed for everything around here too! I'd say there's another creature hiding out in the house. Maybe a marmot. Or a small bear.


Louka said...

Prints? Those aren't prints, they're smudges. They can't blame you. Besides, you're too cute to be blamed. remember this and use it as a weapon of distraction if they start pointing fingers!


Ginger said...

Well, duh! OBVIOUSLY a really big, dirty squirrel has broken into your house and walked all over, trying to get you in trouble! Those squirrels are wiley and evil I tell you!

Nubbin wags

The Army of Four said...

I gotta tell ya ... a coyote got into our fenced in back yard the other day and left prints in the snow that look EXACTLY like that. Really. Or maybe the cat drew the prints like finger/paw painting to try to frame you. Amber thinks maybe Santa's reindeer were on a recon mission and accidentally got on the table. Yep ... I'd go with reindeer. Definitely not YOUR prints, at any case. Trust me, I'm a Siberian.
Play bows,