Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Evidence & Mom

Hi everydoggy. Mom found some black lab fur on the table with the other evidence. I pointed out there's a black lab across the alley and sometimes she forgets to lock the back door. That backfired because then it was my fault for letting a strange dog into the house. I'm still working on figuring out the "truth." Thanks for all the suggestions so far. They've all been very helpful even though Mom doesn't believe any of them.
I'm not worried about Santa not bringing me presants anymore though. I sooo totally made up for it yesterday. I was getting ready to go post more about the new evidence and all of a sudden Mom came home. It was only 2:30 so I was really surprised she was home already. We all went to tell her we missed her, but I could tell something was wrong. She didn't tell us anything, but we knew something was wrong. We tried to get Mom to play with us to cheer her up and then we got the hint this was not play time so Sasha, Gunnar and I all crawled up on the couch and watched cartoons with Mom. It turns out my Mom's mother died yesterday morning. My Aunt Gillian called Mom at work after their sister-in-law called my Aunt during lunch. Aunt Gillian tried catching Mom on her lunch break but she was still talking to their sister-in-law. My Mom and my aunt didn't have a good relationship with their mom, but it's still sad when someone you know dies, especially a parent or other family member. Mom is doing okay. She says it's mostly confusion she's dealing with right now. Her Mom was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago and it spread really really fast. I only met the lady a couple times and both time I barked at her really loud. The last time she came to my house she upset my Mom really really bad and NOBODY does that to my Mom. I hadn't been living with my family very long when that happened (only a few weeks), but I loved my Mom a lot from the first day so I wasn't going to let someone be so mean to someone so wonderful. Sasha told me about when she lived with our Mom's Mom. Sasha is the one the started calling her the "Mean Lady." Sasha said she was always getting blamed for stuff that the other pets in the house would do. How can you blame a miniature dacshund for peeing a lake's worth on a rug when there's a St. Bernard living in the house? Sasha had to spend a lot of time kenneled up when she lived there. Sasha said Aunt Gillian helped take care of her, but she was too young to stick up for Sasha. After Sasha and Mom moved into our house with Dad, Mom and Sasha would still go to the other house to visit and Sasha would still get blamed for chewing on stuff. One time she even got blamed for being the only dog that would poop on the floor when Mom's brother's little dog was there and was well known for pooping in the house unlike Sasha. Sasha said the lady was always mean to Mom and she didn't like Dad. How can you not like Dad? He's one of the bestest people in the world!! So you can see why Mom is deling with some confusion. We made Mom feel lots better when she came home early and we all cuddled with her all night. OH! Dad took Mom and Aunt Gillian to a restaurant to eat so nobody had to make dinner and guess what! Mom brought us back some french fries for taking care of her afterwork! She said the hamburger was way too yummy to not eat herself, but that's okay, she needed that to keep up her strength anyway. The french fries were very yummy and enough for us. Some of them even had ketchup on them!!! Mom said she's going to work until her boss annoys her too much today. I think she should have taken me with her to scare the mean people away, but I have to stay and guard the house.
Anyway, if you have anymore ideas on my table situation, let me know. Thanks!!


grammie said...

Those are not lab prints. They were made by a special alien Christmas invader. I have seen them in the past. They only come out in December and they always get on a table. They are known to have tuffs of black fur. Case Closed. Tell Mom we are sending her great vibes in her time of sadness. Confusion is a good way to explain how she is feeling. Remember nothing about the past changes. Live caringly in the present and ponder the future. Just don't ponder it too long and miss the wonder of the present.

Peanut said...

Grammie is a wise woman. I know she raised my human. We are sorry to hear about your mom's mom. No matter what she was her mother and confused is a fine emotion in this situation.


The Army of Four said...

We're so sorry to hear about your mom's mom! Please give her a tiny lick on the nose for me, OK!?!
And really ..... that Lab hair could have come from ANYwhere. Maybe it's reindeer fur?

wildcatsthree said...

It's good your mom has all of you to make her feel better. We found your blog on paw it forward and really enjoyed reading about you.
Abby & Rosie

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

So sorry to read about your sad news, and your Mum being confused.

I think Grammie has spoken the wisest words in her comment. Grammie is so very good for giving such wonderful advice, we love her as if she were my own Grammie!

Just give your Mum some kind and loving licks, let her know you are there for her, and confusion is just part of the package with dying.

My Jeannie is still trying to get over the loss of her Dad and that is over two years now. It makes no difference whether you get on or not, it is still very hard.

Tell you Mum to "love herself" and look forward and not back. Easier said than done I know.

Now, love and caring licks, heading your way from Bonnie and very cold Scotland xxxxxxx love and sad licks, Marvin xxxxx