Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What A Day!

This has been a very busy day already and it's been really exciting! First Mom came home for lunch and she said I got one of those fabulous cards that Dory's Mom was making and then Mom gave Sasha and I a milkbone and Sasha got distracted and I snagged her milkbone and Mom didn't get mad, she laughed instead and told Sasha she should pay more attention and then right before Mom and Dad left to go back to work my Aunt Gillian called and my cousin Bailey is having puppies right now as I type this! *breathe, breathe* I haven't gotten to play with my cousin Bailey for a really long time because she is pregnant and I can't wait until the puppies are all grown up enough to go find their forever homes so she can come play with me again because I really like playing with her and I've never met my other cousin Bodee and even after the puppies are gone it might be awhile until I get to play with her because she's going to get the surgery done so she can't have anymore puppies since there's some frisky stuff going on between her and her brother. *breathe, breathe* Aunt Gillian just called Mom again and there's 2 puppies. The first was a little girl and the second was a little boy and they're mostly white with some black. Bailey is a red healer and Bodee is a blue healer so Mom and Aunt Gillian were wondering if they'd be purple. What dorks!!!! *breathe, breathe* Hopefully tomorrow I'll have the final count for you. So far Bailey is doing okay and Bodee is being a bad daddy, he's been hiding outside all day. Sheesh! Acording to the timeline of the other 2 puppies she should be getting ready to have the 3rd puppy pretty soon so I better go wait for an update!

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Peanut said...

good job on getting the other biscuit. Puppies are exciting. Can't wait to hear how many of them there are.