Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Lights In Snow

Last night Mom went out and took pictures of our house with the Christmas lights and the snow. Our house is decorated for both day and night. Once school is out for Christmas break Mom said she'd take some day pictures. It's too scary to go out in the street right now to take the pictures. She might get run over and we definataley don't want that!! These first 2 are pictures of the front.

This is a lamp post. In the day, you can see a big red bow and red tinsel wrapped around it and at night there's red and white lights. Mom loves the lamp post.

These are little snowmen along the pathway to the street. They looked pretty funny out there without the snow, now they're happy little snowmen. Mom noticed this year that she has a thing for snowmen. Grandma watched a show that said you should have a theme to your Christmas decorations and Mom and Grandma agreed that was silly. Then when Mom and Dad were putting the ornaments on the tree they noticed there were a lot of snowmen ornaments, then as they unpacked other stuff they noticed Mom has been collecting snowman stuff for a long time! That snowman she won at the Christmas party the other night fits right it.

It's really cold today so I'm going back to my blanket on the couch. Mom got stuck trying to get out of the driveway this morning so hopefully she'll make it in the driveway for lunch so Sasha and I can go outside. Sasha and I both agreed it was too cold to go out before Mom left for work this morning. It was so cold this morning Gunnar was up on the bed with us instead of off doing his indepedent stuff. When it's cold out, Gunnar is a big cuddle kitty.
Stay warm every pup!


Peanut said...

Oh your house is so pretty. Just like you. I like those little snowmen. Mom says there are worse things your mom could have been collecting without knowing it. haha


Grammie said...

Your house is lovely. I also have many snowmen. They are all over the house. I have reindeer in the yard. Keep Mom out of the street. I don't want her run over by anything.

The Brat Pack said...

Your house is so pretty. :) We like snowmen too but we never get to build any here.