Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lots of Rain!

It's been raining a lot. Last night it totally flooded our backyard which is a major bummer because we can't go out and play in it. Mom and Dad went to the store last night and told us if we were good we'd get a Schmakos. Of course we were good! Dad took us out right before bedtime and Sasha whined about getting wet. I went out in the shallower part of the yard and came back to the porch and I whiped my paws off on the towel and came back inside. Dad was very happy I was good and gave me a milkbone. 2 treats in one night! I LOVE playing in water, but that water's nasty!! It smells funny, it looks funny and I really don't want to play in it. I'm a little worried about my toys though. My ball is out there somewhere and so is my plastic stick. I snuck a chewie out the other day and barried it and that's still out there too! I hope the backyard dries soon so I can go play again!