Monday, July 10, 2006

I Couldn't Help It!

It has been raining for days and days and days. I've been really good about not going through the big mess in the back yard, but I couldn't help it!! I wanted to run through the yard and I haven't been over to the fence to say hi to Lucky (my neighbr friend) in forever! I only ran through it 2 times and Dad said I was bad, but he was laughing at me so I wasn't relly worried about it. I stood as still as I could while he dried me off. I didn't get to climb up on the bed with Mom while Dad took a shower though. It was worth it! Mom took a picture of our backyard.

This morning Dad noticed that there is grass coming up finally so hopefully next summer I'll finally have my grass to play in. Dad worked really hard at trying to get the grass to grow this year but it didn't rain for a long long time and now it's raining a lot! I'm getting tired of the rain, but Dad says we needed it really bad, just not all at the same time. It's sunny today so maybe the mud will finally go away and I can go play in my yard!