Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm Back!

I thought I better get on really quick and let you know that I'm not grounded anymore. I was is in really big trouble! I got into something of Dad's I shouldn't have. I took the pieces out of the package and left them on the floor next to his chair and only chewed on the package, but I still got in big trouble even though the pieces are ok. As soon as Mom came home I felt bad and tried to say I was sorry. I've been doing a lot of sucking up lately so they let me be ungrounded a little early. I can guarantee I will never mess with anything that looks like that thing ever again! I hate beng grounded. It's really boring and Sasha and Gunnar tease me all day. I'm going to go stretch out on the couch now and take a good nap. Thanks to everybody that e-mailed me and told me they missed me. Knowing all of you missed me will hopefully remind me to be good for now on. Dad also said if I was that bad again I couldn't go camping in August! So I'm going to be doing some more sucking up for the next few weeks to make sure I get to go.