Saturday, July 29, 2006

Everybody's Busy

Dad was working on the yard this moring and I helped a little bit and now he's working on the Big Jeep. Mom's been on the computer all morning getting her art stuff on. She took a break so I thought I'd jump in real quick and post something.
I really hope Dad gets the Big Jeep fixed. I heard him tell Mom to ask Aunt Nikki if she can come stay with me just in case he can't get the Jeep fixed. I really don't want to stay home that weekend! That's why I'm not whining to go outside. I know he's working really hard so I can go and I don't want to bother him. It's also way too hot outside for a black dog!
Mom has gotten a lot of her art stuff done. You'll have to check it out! Her artwork is on and she's putting stuff on merchandise on (that's also where you can buy Wheelin stuff). She's been working on a rooster all morning. We have the original hangining in our living room and I'm glad he's up high so I don't see him all the time. He kind of gives me the creeps. I think he would look better in the kitchen than the living room, don't you think? Be sure to leave Mom some good comments about her art work so she won't get frustrated and stop working on it. She has some REALLY cool stuff she's hoping to get done tomorrow!
I better let her have the computer back so she can get back to work.