Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm Bored

I'm very very very bored. I'm being good though. Mom comes home pretty soon. I hope she gets home before it starts raining. I really need to go potty and I hate going in the rain. The clouds out the front window are really dark and once in awhile there's that flash of light that scares Gunnar. hehehehe, what a dork! He's upset because neither Mom or Dad came home for lunch so now he thinks he's starving to death. I keep telling him not to worry because he has a big enough belly, he can wait until Mom gets home in 15 minutes. He's really grumpy when he gets hungry.
Mom and Dad were talking about the trip. They bought some little hook thing to keep me in the tent. I still don't get why I can't get out and run around like I did last time. I waited until I heard Chuck outside making his cofee. We had a blast in the morning. Now I'll have to wait until Mom or Dad decided to get up before I can go run around. The good thing is, Mom waits until the last minute before she gets out of bed camping because she doesn't want her butt to get cold when she goes to pee. BUT, if I jump up and try to get Dad up and sit on her bladder just right. She gets up fast. I'm nice though and go with her to protect her while she's peeing. Dad thinks it's hilarious and gets up to cook me some bacon for breakfast. I can't wait!!!