Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank You Maggie & Mitch!!

I know I promised to tell you about my cool new toy, but I just had to tell you about this instead! I'll post the toy tomorrow. A few days ago Maggie posted about Stuffed Peanut Butter Bones. They looked so yummy and Maggie made them sound soooooo yummy I asked my Mom if she could look for some since they were going to go to Petsmart before her doctor's appointment to look for stuff for her fish tank (she's finally going to clean the nasty thing!). Maggie and Mitch's Mom go theirs from Petco, but there's not a Petco near us (and if there is, Mom doesn't know where it is) so I was really hoping Petsmart would have them, too. AND THEY DID!!! AND MOM AND DAD GOT US SOME!! I could smell soemthing yummy in the Petsmart bags when Dad walked in with them, but I couldn't find the yummy stuff mixed in with all the fish stuff. Then after dinner Mom grabbed her camera and had a sneaky smile on her face and then she smelled like yummines!

What are you up to Mom?

Is it really?

It's YUMMY peanut butter inside a bone! My bones from Christmas make good leverage for getting that peanut butter out

Sasha was watching to make sure I wasn't going to come take her's back. Mom handed me the first one, but I decided to be polite and let Sasha have the first one. They were so totally yummy and delicious! I sucked the peanut butter out of one lat night and I'm working on the other one right now. Sasha got as much as she could reach with her small nose and mouth and I'm finishing it off. Mom said there were bacon ones, too but since there were only 2 peanut butter ones left and peanut butter is the flavor Maggie and Mitch had, she decided to go with the peanut butter ones. Good choice Mom!! I'm sending a HUGE Peanut Buttery Thank You to Maggie and Mitch for blogging about such a wonderful treat!! Mom says thanks, too. It was the quietest night she's had in weeks around here, except for maybe the sucking noises that she said grossed her out. If anybody else has a special treat they get be sure to post about it. It sound like Mom will be making the trip to the doctor's office in another town pretty often and Petsmart is on the way there. I'll psot my toy tomorrow. I have the picture all loaded on Blogger and ready to go. I have to go work on the other peanut butter bone now.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fun Weekend

This weekend was TONS of fun. I have a picture on Mom's camera to share with you, but I'm not allowed to touch Mom's camera and she keeps forgetting to get the picture off that I want to share with you so HOPEFULLY Mom will remember to take it to work with her on Thursday!
Here's what I did this weekend. Saturday Mom and us hung out and didn't do much. Dad took his truck to a friend's house to work on it and Mom started putting stuff in boxes to take to Grandma's to store it so we can start painting the inside of the house. Sunday was TONS of tun! We got up and Dad and I went out and changed the starter in the truck (it's really my truck, but I let Dad drive it a lot - it's a Jeep truck which makes it totally awesome). We did a few other things on it and then I helped Mom take a few of the boxes out to the truck and then Sasha and I had to go to the back yard because Mom said I really wasn't much help. What does she know? I was lots of help to Dad! Dad even said so!! Then we loaded up in the truck and I got in the back where my favorite place to ride is. The truck has a cover and there's a platform for me to lay or stand on with windows for me to stand in front of plus there's a window between my area and the front of the truck in case the back is too full for my to get in that way and so I can still hang out with Mom, Dad and Sasha. Sasha doesn't ride in the back with me very much because I get too excited and she gets stepped on so she rides in Mom's lap or on the back of the seat behind Mom's head. (There's so many different places to ride in the truck!!) So we went to Grandma's and played and ran in her huge yard and ate treats and got lots of attention and also got really tired. Mom and Dad took Sasha and I home so they could go do some grocery shopping and so we could take a nap from having so much fun at Grandma's. I helped Mom in the house with some stuff while Dad cut up firewood (it was supposed to get cold this week, but it feels like spring!). I culdn't help him because he doesn't like me to be outside with the chainsaw going. I did go help him stack wood and bring some inside though. Then we had dinner and I had an after dinner nap and then all of a sudden Dad handed me this totally awesome new toy!! That's what my picture is of so I'll wait to tel you about it when I have the picture (hint, hint Mom!!). Mom and Dad got it for me when they went to Mom's doctor appointment last week. Mom had a gift certificate to use at Sportman's Warehouse and she bought some stuff and had enough to buy my birthday presant. It's a month early, but no complaining here! Mom said I'll still get a special treat for my birthday, but they couldn't wait to give me my gift. I'm glad they didn't wait and I can't wait to show it to all of you! (another hint to Mom!)
Mom and Dad are going to the doctor again tomorrow so they can look inside my Mom's tummy. After her appointment last week she's not as nervous about this one. That also means I'm not as nervous so hopefully I won't have any tummy issues this week either (the house is still kind of funny smelling) even though I did like Aunt Gillian and Grandma coming to check on me all day. Be sure to check in Thursday and hopefully I'll have my picture to show you. If I don't we can all bark at my Mom really loud (that annoys her when I do that). I'll have to invite Peanut and anydog else that is good with the anal gland torture techniques. I'm sure she'll remember then!
Before I go I want to send out some good vibes and chaotic hugs to Tia to get better soon.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Upset Tummies

Hey everybody. I just realized I haven't posted pictures of me in awhile. I'll tell Mom to get the card out of the camera so I can post some pictures of me again.
Yesterday didn't go as we had planned. It started the night before kind of. I has some MAJOR bad gas that made everybody mad. Well, the next morning Mom and Dad were still going to get up early even though they really didn't have to. Dad got up and let us out a little before 5 which was earlier than her had really planned on getting up but the bedroom really stunk and I was whining. After I was outside the smell didn't go away. I had an accident on the comforter on Mom and Dad's bed and 3 accidents in the living room. I felt really bad, but I really couldn't control it at all. Mom and Dad got up and started cleaning. Mom was feeling sick because she was nervous about her appointment then the smell was making her not feel good and then she was worried about me. Mom went and took a shower and Dad took the comforter down to the laundromat since the last time they used our washer it tore it up. It was so bad that it leaked off the comforter onto the bench at the end of the bed. Dad had to strip the covering off and they have to redo the top which means Sasha has to whine to get on the bed again. Mom said I'm not allowed to visit blogs when there's sick dogs. She said the Brat Pack and Sparky must have been contagious (even though it wasn't Sparky posting, it was Patches) when they posted about their poop issues. Don't worry, I'm feeling better so you don't have to worry about me being contagious. The house stunk REALLY bad. Mom got her smell good candles out (they always make us hungry for cookies, cakes, pie and other yummy desserts) to help and it has a little. It stunk so bad that Gunner refused to eat his breakfast and that's a big deal!! Gunner never refuses a meal! Mom didn't want to leave me in the house all day with my problems but it was too cold to stay outside (and she doesn't trust the people across the alley to leave us outside for very long) so she called Aunt Gillian a bazillion times until she finally answered her phone (Aunt Gillian doesn't get out of bed until after 10 am unless she HAS to). She talked Aunt Gillian into coming and checking on me a couple of times and Grandma came to check on me, too. I got tons of attention! Mom and Dad ended up leaving an hour later than they had planned, but they got to the appointment in plenty of time since they were planning on doing some other stuff before the appointment and would have gotten there early any way (The doctor is in another town that takes about an hour to get to and Mom and Dad hardly ever go there so when they do, they go to other places they don't get to go to very often). Last night I was really tired. I wanted to play, but not really. Instead I curled up on the couch with Mom and Dad and I was out. Mom woke me up to go outside so we could all go to bed. I had another accident in the living room last night, but not very big. I don't smell bad anymore, but his hunting clothes. It worked when Mom and Dad first bought our house and Sasha had some "issues" and kept pooping by the front door. You can't tell there was anything yucky by the front door anymore. I really hope Dad can get the smell out. We all keep sneezing because of the foam cleaner stuff and because of the bad smell and Mom's candles. All the smells mixed together are pretty weird. At lunch I felt so good Mom took me outside to play fetch for a little bit. It was warm today so the snow finally started to melt which means my back yard is really muddy so we didn't get to play very long.
Mom's appointment went ok. She has to go get an ultrasound done next week. Mom's not worried about it at all. She said she's had several ultrasounds done before. She had one before he got her gallbladder taken out and that is the only one that has ever been painful but that's because they kept pushing on her sick gallbladder. Mom is staying very optimistic about this one because this doctor said he doesn't think she'll need the surgery, but can't say for sure until after the ultrasound. Mom is in a MUCH better mood, too. The thought of another surgery was making her very grumpy and not much fun to be around. Everybody keep your paws crossed for her next week.
I also wanted to thank everydoggy for believing I'd never cuddle with the cat! Yesterday Dad put a blanket on the couch just in case I got up there and had another accident. Well, Dad used a fuzzy blanket which happens to be Gunner's most favorite place to take long naps. I was sick so I had a good excuse to curl up in the fuzzy blanket, plus it was put there for me. he kept getting up there and touching me again! Aunt Gillian and Grandma were both witnesses and both said we were cuddling. Still no pictures though, so I say still no proof!
I'm off to take another nap to help my tummy. Have a good weekend everybody!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Do NOT Cuddle With Cats!!

I don't usually get on to blog this early in the morning, but something happened this morning that I have to make sure I tell before Mom tells it in her crazy talk way. This morning we were doing our normal routine of going back to bed to cuddle with Mom until she gets out of bed after Dad leaves for work. Well, I was on one side of Mom's leg and Gunnar was on the other side and when Mom moved herleg Gunnar and I were touching. I was sound asleep so I didn't know what was going on. Gunnar was awake and could have moved, but he's too fat and lazy! When Mom got out of the shower and came into the bedroom we were still touching (not cuddling). I heard Mom talking and that's what woke me up. Then she started scratching our chins so of course we didn't leave. Gunnar finally met his limit on the amount of time someone can touch him and he left. Mom kept going on and on about us cuddling. WE WERE NOT CUDDLING!!! If Mom's head wasn't all stuffed up and her headache wasn't back she would have seen that we were touching on accident! Mom's brain isn't working so if you hear a rumor I was cuddling with Gunnar, don't believe her! There's no proof! (Mom knew if she left the room to get the camera, we'd move. She said she should just carry the camera around with her all the time. More proof she's crazy!!)
Since Mom and Dad are going to the doctor tomorrow I'll he on high alert security duty so I won't be able to post tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have good news on Friday. I really hope Mom doesn't have to have another surgery (unless it's brain surgery!). Everybody keep your paws crossed!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm America's Favorite Dog

Mom did the thing where you match up your personality with the breed of dog that would be best for you (check it out here) and Labrador was #2 on her list!! Here's the reason why:" The sunny, smart, and hard-working Labrador Retriever is America's favorite dog." That's a perfect description for me!!! #1 was a Golden Retreiver, #3 was Flat Coated Retriever, #4 Doberman Pinscher and #5 was Curly Coated Retriever. Lots of retrievers on Mom's list. Dachsund didn't make Mom's list and neither did Cat! HA!! (No offense to you dachsunds out there or cats. I just like proving to my sister and brother that I'm better than them.)
Mom's headache is finally gone. I'm very happy because she's kinda grumpy when she has a headache, especially that long. Aunt Gillian didn't come for dinner last night because she wasn't feeling good. Mom told her to stay away. Last year Mom got that really nasty flue from Grandma and then she got that really bad sinus infection/cold thing and now any time someone says they don't feel good Mom says stay away!!
Aunt Gillian said all the puppies have furever homes, but 3 of them are still not gone yet. The last 3 will be leaving soon though. Aunt Gillian said Mommy Bailey is glad to see them gone. She hasn't acted like she's missed any of them and she really hasn't been paying much attention to them any way. Bailey is ready to get back to feeding and watering the horse, checking the barn, making sure Aunt Gillian's truck is ok and other Blue Heeler things. I'm hoping that this means that Bailey will come to play with me soon. I haven't seen her in sooooo long. When Aunt Gillian comes to see me, I always rub against her and make sure there's some of me for Bailey to smell so she won't forget about me. I've never met Bodee, but it sounds like he's finally starting to play (he was a rescue dog, too).
Mom should be home for lunch pretty soon so I better go get ready to look out the window for her. Mom loves seeing me look out the window for her when she pulls into the driveway. I can't bring myself to tell her I'm actually making sure none of those highschool kids are in my yard. I gets lots of ear scratches if she thinks I'm looking for her.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Nothing Exciting Going On Here

Petra gave me the "You Make My Day Award!" I'm blushing. I'm glad I can make your day Petra! Everybody should go leave a message for Petra. She had her girl parts surgery this weekend and Fig said there was some complications! Complications during a surgery makes me really nervous. My mom had complications during her gallblader surgery last summer and she's okay now, but it was still a little tense there for awhile and it took her a long time to recover.
It's really cold today and today is supposed to be the warm day of the week. I guess this weekend is supposed to be warm which makes Dad really happy. He's going to fix his truck finally. The clutch went out and he hasn't been able to fix it because it's been so cold. He says he needs to hurry and get it fixed so they can strart decluttering the house. I'm not exactly sure what's going on. We took some stuff to Grandma's house this weekend to store in her basement and they're talking about taking some more over and we're might be staying with Grandma for awhile (WOOHOOO!!!) and then after we left Grandma's we went to another house and pulled into the driveway and Mom and Dad were pointing at doors and talking about fences and then we went to another house and slowed down and they pointed and talked about the trees and big area behind the house. Then when we got home, Mom got on the computer and pulled up a website and Dad went in with her and they talked about bedrooms and basements and lot size and kitchen sizes. They're also talking about paint colors for different rooms in our house. I think Mom and Dad are thinking about getting a bigger house which would be wonderful!! Especially if there's a huge yard like the one at Grandma's and if there isn't a lot of traffic and people walking around outside (that means not living across the street from a school anymore!!). I don't want to get my hopes up too much though, because moving makes me a little nervous - that happens sometimes when you're a rescue dog. Sasha doesn't like having boxes and stuff in the house, either. She's afraid she'll have to go live at the mean lady's house again because Mom and her had to do that once. There's no way Mom and Sasha would ever have to go live there again (for those of you that don't know the mean lady was Mom's mom and she died in December, more in a minute about that again), but it still makes Sasha really nervous when boxes start getting packed and furniture moved.
This weekend Mom didn't feel good. She says it's stress. Her stepfather and her brother are being stupid and Mom and Aunt Gillian are having to take care of some stuff with their mom's death that they weren't ever planning on having to take care of. Mom took care of her part and now she's helping Aunt Gillian with some stuff. Mom also has a doctor's appointment on Thursday that she's really nervous about (I think it has something to do with me getting kids). Mom was diagnosed with PolyCistic Ovarian Syndrome a couple years ago and she was doing pretty good, but a couple weeks ago one of her doctors said he didn't like her test results and thinks she needs another surgery. Mom and Dad are going to a different kind of doctor Thursday and he'll decide what he thinks needs to be done depending on some other kind of tests. Mom is really nervous about it and a little emotional, too. I haven't brought up the kids thing for awhile because I can tell Mom is a little sensitive about it. She gets a little teary eyed watching some commercials and listing to some songs on the radio about people having kids and becoming parents. The only radio station she can get at work plays a lot of songs about becoming parents during the morning so Mom took some cds to listen to during the morning.
I better go check on Mom and Dad's dinner now. Dad put together some Chili in the crock-pot for dinner tonight and Grandma and Aunt Gillian are supposed to come by for a nice warm dinner (and to help chear up Mom a little). I got in trouble last night cuz Mom had been calling me stinky butt all day and then when Dad was putting the chili together I licked a little bit of a can that had a chili beans label on it. Mom said I better stop or my stinky butt wouldn't be allowed to sleep in the bedroom. I think that was kind of rude of her to say, but I stopped anyway.
Hope you all stay warm and don't forget to go check on Petra.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tadpole For President Flyer 1

If any of you have been to Petra or Tadpole's website lately, you'll know Tadpole is running for president. Petra is Tad's campaign manager and I volunteered my mom to design some stuff for them cuz my mom designs flyers and brochures and other stuff every day to sell houses and a lot of houses get sold in our area because of her flyers and brochures. Mom and I are coming up with more ideas and there's some pretty good ones coming, but here is one to start with. We'll also make some with the vice-president elect and first lady elect on them because they are important in the election, too. (If you guys have any pictures you think would be perfect to use on the flyers and whatever else we decide to do, send them to: HilarysDesigns(at)yahoo(dot)com and we'll use those pictures. Right now we're just going through your blogs and using ones you have on there.) If anybody would like this flyer or any of the others emailed to you, let us know. Mom is saving them as .jpgs so everybody should be able to open them.
Be sure to checkout Tad's acceptance Speach! He is going to be a great president!
Here's the first flyer:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Check In At Grammie's House

A lot of you know Flash & Peanut's Grammie. She's always checking in with a bunch of us and leaving us comments. Have you ever wondered what's going on at her house or wanted to leave her a comment to an answer to one she left or just to say "Hey Grammie!!" Guess what!! Now you can!!! Grammie's dog Moco is blogging now!! I hope the picture of Moco works. Blooger isn't liking pictures uploaded right now Be sure to go check our Moco's blog and see what is going on at Grammie's house!
It's freezing here! Today was all sunshiney and the high was 24!! How is that possible? When Mom went to work it was -3!!! Gunnar, Sasha and I have been curled up in blankets all day. Last night Sasha and I stayed outside a little too long and Sasha ended up hurting. She's 5 and you can tell her joints are getting a little stiff when it gets cold, but she's also a miniature dacshund with small feet that get really cold really fast. Well, when Mom called us in (she came to see why were taking so long), of course I was right there. Sasha was taking awhile and then all of a sudden wasn't walking on her front right paw and then when she came inside she wasn't walking on her left front paw. She layed down on the floor and started crying. Of course Mom freaked out. I don't think I've ever heard Sasha cry like that before and I jsut stood there looking at her wondering what was going on. Mom has heard her cry like that before and every time she does it, Mom says her heart stops beating. Mom picked Sasha up and held her like a baby and cleaned the snow out of her paws and made sure there wasn't any cuts or anything else wrong. Once the snow and ice were out of her feet, Mom put Sasha down to see if she was feeling better and sure enough! Sasha was fine. Mom told Sasha she has to remember not to stay outside for so long, especially when she's that far from the back door. Sasha listened very well for once and doesn't stay out very long. I usually have to wait on her a long to smell and do whatever before Mom will let us back in, but now I don't have to wait very long at all. I love playing in the snow, but I hate this cold. Mom says it's one of those coldnesses that goes straight through you. I'm guessing that means it's really cold. Sasha stayed close to Mom lst night curled up in a blanket near the fire. When Sasha uses those poor puppy eyes on Mom, Mom is puddy in Sasha's paw. It's okay with me because there was plenty of room for me to cuddle, too and we got extra treats.
Speaking of being cold, it's time to go curl up in my blanket again. Stay warm every dog, hammie and even the cats (except for maybe that darn Shelby!)!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Grandma Dognapped Us!

First of all I want to send a big hug to the Brat Pack. They lost their newest member over the weekend. His name was Durango and isn't he adorable? This is our favorite picture of him with Bear. I know Thrawn and Dakota are taking very good care of him right now. Maryann and the pack gave him a wonderful home and family in his short life and even though it's really hard, I think that's wonderful! We love you guys!!!
Okay, now about this weekend. Grandma didn 't really dognap us, but it got your attention didn't it? Plus it's really funny to say. Here's what happened. Friday night, Mom finally started packing bags so we knew we were all going somewhere, but we had no idea where or when. Mom got out the dog luggage and Sasha and I went crazy! We made sure she packed our food but she forgot chewies and treats. She said we didn't need them! Can you believe that? This is when I started to get very worried! Saturday morning Mom and Dad packed everything in the car except our bag! I got even more worried and then they left! They packed our bag and then left us and our bag! I thought they forgot us and then later on Grandma showed up and we went crazy!! That's when I realized Echo's guess was right! Mom and Dad went to Denver (actually Westminster for those of you that know Colorado and the Denver area) for a thing for Dad's work and WE WENT TO GRANDMA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasha has spent the night at Grandma's before while I went camping with Mom and Dad so she recognized what was going on as soon as Grandma walked in the door. Sasha kept running to our luggage and then to the leashes to make sure Grandma remembered everything. First Grandma let us out to go potty, but we were way too excited for that. Grandma also fed Gunnar who was whining that it was way past his lunch time and dinner time. (In case any of you were worried, Gunnar is drinking fine out of the new water dish. I think Mom was the only one worried, but just in case any of you were, now you know.) Then we rode in Grandma's car with our luggage to GRANDMA'S HOUSE!!! We had so much fun at Grandma's! We played with the toys at her house and we played with the toys we brought. I also understood why we didn't need chewies or treats packed. Because Grandma has some for us!!!! Grandma made us little beds on the floor in her room and then she realized what Dad meant when he said she'd have a full bed. If there's room in a bed, we take it up. Grandma isn't used to sharing her bed with us so she didn't get much sleep. The next morning we continued our fun and then yesterday afternoon Mom and Dad came and picked us up. I was really excited to see them and got my leash tangled up in Grandma's barbeque and made a huge mess. Dad cleaned it up and they laughed and forgave me because they knew it was because I was so excited. Mom ended up letting me off the leash because I was all tangled up around her legs, Grandma's legs and the post holding up the patio roof. I ran all over the back yard and put more tracks in Grandma's snow and ate some more of her snow and then we went inside and picked up our toys and came home. Gunnar always acts like he's so happy when we leave, but he wanted attention all night and even this morning. Mom keeps making fun of him. She keeps saying "Awww, did Mr Unsociable get lonely?" That's hilarious!!!! Gunnar was even nice to Sasha our toys. I also showed Mom that Sasha chewed the last leg off my pheasant and he would have lost a wing if Grandma hadn't caught her. Mom said it was okay cuz she can't believe he's lasted for this long (that was one of the first toys Mom and Dad bougt me when they adopted me 2 1/2 years ago). I was so tired I curled up on the couch with Mom and slept until it was time for bed and then I slept some more and then I woke up and helped Mom and Dad get ready for work and then I slept some more. I was sleepeing so good, I didn't hear Mom come home at lunch. It was a great weekend! We all had fun and now we're all exhausted. I don't have any pictures of us at Grandma's because Grandma says we're a handful. I have no idea what she's talking about though, Mom does just fine with her camera and us.
I'm off to take another nap. I hate when Mom and Dad go places without us, but I LOVE going to Grandma's, too!!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

WARNING!! Major Cuteness!

If you don't want to see some MAJOR cuteness, you better hurry and look away now! Aunt Gillian emailed Mom puppy pictures. The first one is the male. There's only 6 pictures, but there's 7 puppies (remember, my Ant Gillian is a dork).

They get to go to their new homes starting Tuesday. So far 1 for sure has a new home and 2 more possibly. Anybody need a puppy in their house? Mom says no way to us adopting any cuz they're too much like their Mom. My cousin Bailey is a very smart girl. She can escape from anything and can eevn open sliding doors (doesn't close them though) and can eat an entire package of cookies without tearing up the package! That takes talent!!
I also got an award from Marvin. It's the best friends award!! THANKS MARVIN!!

I will pass on the award to Dory, Flash & Peanut, Sparky & Patches, and anybody else who hasn't been awarded it yet. It's so hard singling people out for these awards. i want to give them to everydoggy!!
Have a great weekend everybody! I'll hopefully figure out this mystery stuff soon and hopefully have something cool to tell you about on Monday!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More Clues

Okay, I think I have part of it figured out. I think Mom and Dad are going somewhere for Dad's work and we have to stay home and Grandma is going to come let us out at lunch and maybe after work depending on how late Mom and Dad are. There aren't any bags out like they have to pack and stay over night. It must be in another town because Dad is going to tune up Mom's car tonight. What I don't get though is why we had to take baths if Grandma is going to come let us out? What does she care if we stink in our own house? She didn't care at Christmas! I think there's more to the plan that I'm missing though. It's tha bath thing that's throwing this entire thing off. We didn't have to use the special going to play in the wilderness shampoo (it's kind of expensive so Mom and Dad only use that when we're playing a lot outside and going somewhere fun because it keeps fleas and ticks off), we used the normal flowery stuff Grandma gave us. It makes us all fluffy and smell like flowers. Labs are NOT supposed to be soft and fluffy! Our fur is supposed to be slick so that when we play in the water, the water slides off and we dry a lot faster. If I'm fluffy, how am I supposed to have any kind of fun? Nothing against you fluffy dogs, I just really like my slick lab fur.
It's getting cold again. I think it's going to snow again. It was warm this morning and our other 4 inches started melting pretty good. There is a pile of snow over at the school that is from them plowing the sidewalk, driveways and parking lots that would make a WONDERFUL snow fort. Mom says no way though because it's all full of dirt. It's almost as tall as My Jeep! I'd love to go drive my Jeep over it, but Dad says no because the school would get mad for us tearing up their grass. That could be payback for those kids throwing their trash in our yard. Dad said it wouldn't.
I'm going to go sniff for clues some more.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stormy's Orders

Mom FINALLY got my picture with my helmet done. I think I'm the last one. Supreme Commander Stormy gave the orders a week ago and I'm just now completing them. I hope this doesn't affect my performance report! Mom said she'd been putting it off because she knew she'd have to spend a lot of time trying to resize the picture or helmet. She's so good that the picture she decided to use is a perfect fit! Silly woman! Look at my serious face in this picture. It looks like I'm in deep concentration and focussed on my mission. (Really Mom is holding my tennis ball and I'm waiting for her to throw it.)

I'm still working on figuring out next weekend. It sounds like Dad is waiting on an agenda from someone he works with. But I have no idea what that means. Mom is worried about the weather, too. That doesn't mean anything though. They had to go to a couple towns over last night for a doctor's appointment and ended up in the middle of a blizzard. It normally takes about 30-45 minutes to get home from there, but last night it took an hour and a half for them to get home. This morning there was 4 inches of snow on the ground. Dad called Mom earlier and he said there's some places he's been this morning that have 6 inches. Luckily there was a 2 hour delay on school so Mom didn't have to worry about school kids and buses and stuff like that (there's 3 school zones between our house and her work). The roads are really slick and yucky. This is the kind of weather Mom wishes she had a Jeep instead of a Kia. I told Mom to take my Jeep this morning, but she said she's be okay in her car. I think really she can't reach to clean off the windshield and Dad had already cleaned off her car for her. She got stuck twice trying to get out of the driveway because there's so much ice and snow. If it wasn't so cold outside I'd try to go build a snow fort like Zim's. Instead, I'll stay inside and make sure the blankets on the beds and the couch are nice and fluffy and warm. Plus, this way I can search for more clues about this weekend - even though I don't think there are any more clues!

Stay warm if you're included in this big snow storm that just blew through Colorado!

Monday, January 07, 2008

A Beautiful Relaxing Sunday RUINED!

Okay, let me set the picture up for you. It's Sunday and when we wake up it's chilly and it snowed the night before. The snow it still coming down, but it's the big fluffy wet snow so it's melting pretty fast. It's causing some mud in the backyard, but that's okay because we plan on staying inside most of the day with Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad go run some errands really fast and then come home and Dad starts a big fire in the fireplace to get the house really warm so we could all curl up in front of the fire all day. Mom made some banana bread so the smell was really good in the house, too. But guess why the house needed to be really warm? CUZ WE GOT BATHS!!! Yes, that's right, we had to curl up by the fire because Dad gave Sasha and I a bath! We've gotten out of taking a bath for a little longer than usual because it's been too cold and Sasha gets extremely whiney when she gets cold. But because of what ever is going on next weekend, we had to take baths!!! What ever is going on better be totally worth it!!! My dear Flash asked if they maybe are getting rid of us and I'm pretty sure that's not it, cuz mom is also talking about stuff I need to do after this weekend. Plus who would take care of Mom without me around? Gunnar is so not going to do that! I also don't think I'm getting kids. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed on that one though. Grandma is involved in this, too! There's no bags out, there's no boxes, no talking about plans except that "the dogs need a bath before next weekend."
After my bath I did a lot of zoomies between the living room and dining room to dry off faster. I mostly curled up by the fireplace though. Sasha was so desperate to get dry and warm she curled up with Gunnar on my living room bed! Sasha and I also kept rolling on our blankets and toys trying to get out stink back, but it didn't work very well. Dad even brushed us to get any loose fur off! This is terrible!! We did get a bunch of Schmakos as a reward, but I still hate baths. This weekend better be one of the greatest weekends ever! I was kind of grumpy for the rest of the day after my bath, but it made Mom feel sorry for me so I got lots of belly rubs and ear scratches. Sasha took full advantage of the guilt, too. Mom wears fake fingernails because she bites her nails and makes them really sore. She redid them that morning so they were in perfect condition for some major belly and ear scratches. I love when she does that! BUT that doesn't make me feel better about the bath!

Friday, January 04, 2008

A Mystery

The weather man was finally right. It's actually warm today! I didn't know he meant the actual end of the week was what he meant by "the end of the week will be warmer." It's supposed to be warm this weekend, too so we're going to take down the Christmas decorations. Mom and Dad keep acting funny though. They keep talking about next weekend. I have no idea what they're talking about. We have to get the decorations put away before next weekend, we have to get organized for next weekend and stuff like that. Does anybody know what's going on next weekend? There's not a holiday I didn't know about is there? I don't think anybody is coming to visit (unless they're staying at another place, you can't fit anything else in our spare room) and I don't think we're having a party or anything like that. I have no idea what's going on! Nobody is telling me anything!! If any of you know of anything I'm missing out on, PLEASE let me know! I hate not knowing stuff. Grandma knows about it, too because she keeps calling and asking questions about Sasha and I. Dad says she's worried. ABOUT WHAT??? I'm going to go sniff around and see if I can find any clues now. If any of you out there hear anything or know of anything, let me know. Thanks a bunch!!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Too Cold

It's too cold to do much of anything today. The weather guy said it's supposed to be in the 50's the rest of the week. He lied! It was 31 yesterday and 15 today!!!! I'm going back to my pile of blankets on the couch now. Hopefully it will be warmer tomorrow. Don't trust the weather guy!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Don't Like New Year's

I decided I don't like New Year's. I wanted to go to bed, but Mom wouldn't let me. Then at midnight she woke me up and said "Okay Kaos you can go to sleep now" and then gave me a new year's kiss. Luckily everybody slept in the next morning. Staying up that late makes me grumpy so I think next year Mom is going to let us all go to bed when we want. I got to spend 4 entire days with Dad home though. He took Monday off so he could have 4 days off in a row. I love having Dad home that many days in a row, but it makes me very tired so I'm kind of glad everybody went back to work today because I'm exhausted. I have some pictures to show you of the torture I had to go through this weekend, You're not going to believe what they did to me and then they tried convincing me it was going to help me. Whatever! I'm going back to the couch now for another nap before Dad gets home. It's really cold outside so I've been cuddled up in the blankets on the couch all day. I love snow, but I hate this really cold all day stuff. The weather guy said we might get snow before the weekend, but then the weekend it should warm up. I might sleep through it all because I'm so tired. It's tough being such a fun dog.