Thursday, January 17, 2008

Check In At Grammie's House

A lot of you know Flash & Peanut's Grammie. She's always checking in with a bunch of us and leaving us comments. Have you ever wondered what's going on at her house or wanted to leave her a comment to an answer to one she left or just to say "Hey Grammie!!" Guess what!! Now you can!!! Grammie's dog Moco is blogging now!! I hope the picture of Moco works. Blooger isn't liking pictures uploaded right now Be sure to go check our Moco's blog and see what is going on at Grammie's house!
It's freezing here! Today was all sunshiney and the high was 24!! How is that possible? When Mom went to work it was -3!!! Gunnar, Sasha and I have been curled up in blankets all day. Last night Sasha and I stayed outside a little too long and Sasha ended up hurting. She's 5 and you can tell her joints are getting a little stiff when it gets cold, but she's also a miniature dacshund with small feet that get really cold really fast. Well, when Mom called us in (she came to see why were taking so long), of course I was right there. Sasha was taking awhile and then all of a sudden wasn't walking on her front right paw and then when she came inside she wasn't walking on her left front paw. She layed down on the floor and started crying. Of course Mom freaked out. I don't think I've ever heard Sasha cry like that before and I jsut stood there looking at her wondering what was going on. Mom has heard her cry like that before and every time she does it, Mom says her heart stops beating. Mom picked Sasha up and held her like a baby and cleaned the snow out of her paws and made sure there wasn't any cuts or anything else wrong. Once the snow and ice were out of her feet, Mom put Sasha down to see if she was feeling better and sure enough! Sasha was fine. Mom told Sasha she has to remember not to stay outside for so long, especially when she's that far from the back door. Sasha listened very well for once and doesn't stay out very long. I usually have to wait on her a long to smell and do whatever before Mom will let us back in, but now I don't have to wait very long at all. I love playing in the snow, but I hate this cold. Mom says it's one of those coldnesses that goes straight through you. I'm guessing that means it's really cold. Sasha stayed close to Mom lst night curled up in a blanket near the fire. When Sasha uses those poor puppy eyes on Mom, Mom is puddy in Sasha's paw. It's okay with me because there was plenty of room for me to cuddle, too and we got extra treats.
Speaking of being cold, it's time to go curl up in my blanket again. Stay warm every dog, hammie and even the cats (except for maybe that darn Shelby!)!!


Peanut said...

thanks for telling everyone about moco and her blogging now. Oh my that is way cold. poor sasha getting all that snow stuck in her little paws. you stay warm I don't want you to freeze.

Peanut said...

of course that was from me Flash


Lorenza said...

I guess I understand Sasha! Here we don't get snow but I don't like the cold weather!
Here is cold now. I went out for my walkie and as soon as I got home I went directly to my blanket!
Have a good night

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That's so cool about moco having a blog too

~ Girl girl

Luckie Girl said...

Uh oh...that's really scary!! Her feet must have been frozen. It gets cold really easily when your body is near to the ground. :(

Petra said...

We've been over to meet Moco!

I'm so glad that Sasha is okay; I can see why your mom was so scared.

It's very cold here, too. I think it will be a good weekend to stay inside, curled up in blankets & drinking lattes.

The Daily Echo said...

We always freak our Mom out whenever we limp or cry. She's a softie just like most Moms . It's fun to scare her at first but then I feel bad. They just love us too much I guess. That's kinda cool.