Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Do NOT Cuddle With Cats!!

I don't usually get on to blog this early in the morning, but something happened this morning that I have to make sure I tell before Mom tells it in her crazy talk way. This morning we were doing our normal routine of going back to bed to cuddle with Mom until she gets out of bed after Dad leaves for work. Well, I was on one side of Mom's leg and Gunnar was on the other side and when Mom moved herleg Gunnar and I were touching. I was sound asleep so I didn't know what was going on. Gunnar was awake and could have moved, but he's too fat and lazy! When Mom got out of the shower and came into the bedroom we were still touching (not cuddling). I heard Mom talking and that's what woke me up. Then she started scratching our chins so of course we didn't leave. Gunnar finally met his limit on the amount of time someone can touch him and he left. Mom kept going on and on about us cuddling. WE WERE NOT CUDDLING!!! If Mom's head wasn't all stuffed up and her headache wasn't back she would have seen that we were touching on accident! Mom's brain isn't working so if you hear a rumor I was cuddling with Gunnar, don't believe her! There's no proof! (Mom knew if she left the room to get the camera, we'd move. She said she should just carry the camera around with her all the time. More proof she's crazy!!)
Since Mom and Dad are going to the doctor tomorrow I'll he on high alert security duty so I won't be able to post tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have good news on Friday. I really hope Mom doesn't have to have another surgery (unless it's brain surgery!). Everybody keep your paws crossed!


Peanut said...

my mom laughed out loud at your unless it's brain surgery comment.
Don't tell anyone but mom says I was cuddling with the fat man the other night. What happened was I was sleeping on the bed and he came up and slept by me so he wouldn't be near peanut since I just leave him alone. Those humans need their heads examined. Like we would cuddle with cats. Let us know about the doctors appt.


Petra said...

Your mom must have been dreaming, right? And there is no picture to prove what she's saying. Keep us posted about how your mom is doing; keeping my paws crossed that she won't have to have surgery.

The Daily Echo said...

Does your Mom know that this kind of information could ruin a dog's reputation? That was very nice of you to be tolerant because she's not feeling well. We have such kind souls. We hope everything turns out okay at the drs.

Lorenza said...

I have my paws crossed (and my mom's too) for your mom. Sure I hope she doesn't need a surgery!
i believe you!. You do NOT cuddle with cats!
Kisses and hugs

Murphy Dogg said...

Hi Lady,
I totally agree! Us dogs DO NOT cuddle with cats. However, um, sometimes my cat brothers and sister will cuddle with me. Or they'll try to! And sometimes I let them ... only because I don't wanna piss them off or they'll scratch & bite me. But I definitely DO NOT enjoy it! Tell your Mama good luck at the doc.
Murphy Dogg

Luckie Girl said...

I bet your Mom was hallucinating! I know you would *never* cuddle with Gunar! No way right? I hope the doc appointment goes well. Keep us posted? :)

The Brat Pack said...

No picture, no proof. Nuff said. ;)


Barlow Putz said...

we have a disfunctional family, steller jay bird, chasded by jasper belle, slept with by sandy, chased by sadie red lab, and duke tan lab, barked at by terrier speeding, friends with cabinet cat from manti, all nervous of one another, i said once cats like dogs, dogs like cats{platoonoffour} but now i say dogs do not like cats ,,allthis from experience

Ferndoggle said...

I would never cuddle with a cat! I might eat one...but cuddling is totally out of the question.