Monday, January 07, 2008

A Beautiful Relaxing Sunday RUINED!

Okay, let me set the picture up for you. It's Sunday and when we wake up it's chilly and it snowed the night before. The snow it still coming down, but it's the big fluffy wet snow so it's melting pretty fast. It's causing some mud in the backyard, but that's okay because we plan on staying inside most of the day with Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad go run some errands really fast and then come home and Dad starts a big fire in the fireplace to get the house really warm so we could all curl up in front of the fire all day. Mom made some banana bread so the smell was really good in the house, too. But guess why the house needed to be really warm? CUZ WE GOT BATHS!!! Yes, that's right, we had to curl up by the fire because Dad gave Sasha and I a bath! We've gotten out of taking a bath for a little longer than usual because it's been too cold and Sasha gets extremely whiney when she gets cold. But because of what ever is going on next weekend, we had to take baths!!! What ever is going on better be totally worth it!!! My dear Flash asked if they maybe are getting rid of us and I'm pretty sure that's not it, cuz mom is also talking about stuff I need to do after this weekend. Plus who would take care of Mom without me around? Gunnar is so not going to do that! I also don't think I'm getting kids. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed on that one though. Grandma is involved in this, too! There's no bags out, there's no boxes, no talking about plans except that "the dogs need a bath before next weekend."
After my bath I did a lot of zoomies between the living room and dining room to dry off faster. I mostly curled up by the fireplace though. Sasha was so desperate to get dry and warm she curled up with Gunnar on my living room bed! Sasha and I also kept rolling on our blankets and toys trying to get out stink back, but it didn't work very well. Dad even brushed us to get any loose fur off! This is terrible!! We did get a bunch of Schmakos as a reward, but I still hate baths. This weekend better be one of the greatest weekends ever! I was kind of grumpy for the rest of the day after my bath, but it made Mom feel sorry for me so I got lots of belly rubs and ear scratches. Sasha took full advantage of the guilt, too. Mom wears fake fingernails because she bites her nails and makes them really sore. She redid them that morning so they were in perfect condition for some major belly and ear scratches. I love when she does that! BUT that doesn't make me feel better about the bath!


Petra said...

I can't wait to hear what is going on next weekend, but whatever it is, you guys are ready for it.

Way to take advantage of a bad situation, though; belly rubs are the best!

Peanut said...

Well thank goodness they aren't getting rid of you. To bad you don't think your getting kids though. Sorry about the bath. Mom keeps saying I need one but she's lazy so I haven't gotten one yet. I hope this weekend is something good.


Dory and Liza said...

Hmmm Baths cannot be a good sign - I got my nails trimed on Sunday, the Patriots had a bye week and mom had too much time on her hands so I had to suffer!


Love - Your Sorta Sis Dory

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
I love baths and I don't get rewards after them! I guess I need to change my mind about them!
I am more and more curious about next week!! Please, let us know!
Kisses and hugs

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh dear, bath time doesn't sound good

~ Girl girl

Grammie said...

Here is to a great weekend. Did you get bubbles in your bath?

Murphy Dogg said...

Hi Lady,

I dunno what might be up with next weekend, but the last time I had to suffer through bathtime my most favorite Aunt Sarah came over and she brought a PIE. So maybe it has something to do with pie.

Murphy Dogg