Friday, January 25, 2008

Upset Tummies

Hey everybody. I just realized I haven't posted pictures of me in awhile. I'll tell Mom to get the card out of the camera so I can post some pictures of me again.
Yesterday didn't go as we had planned. It started the night before kind of. I has some MAJOR bad gas that made everybody mad. Well, the next morning Mom and Dad were still going to get up early even though they really didn't have to. Dad got up and let us out a little before 5 which was earlier than her had really planned on getting up but the bedroom really stunk and I was whining. After I was outside the smell didn't go away. I had an accident on the comforter on Mom and Dad's bed and 3 accidents in the living room. I felt really bad, but I really couldn't control it at all. Mom and Dad got up and started cleaning. Mom was feeling sick because she was nervous about her appointment then the smell was making her not feel good and then she was worried about me. Mom went and took a shower and Dad took the comforter down to the laundromat since the last time they used our washer it tore it up. It was so bad that it leaked off the comforter onto the bench at the end of the bed. Dad had to strip the covering off and they have to redo the top which means Sasha has to whine to get on the bed again. Mom said I'm not allowed to visit blogs when there's sick dogs. She said the Brat Pack and Sparky must have been contagious (even though it wasn't Sparky posting, it was Patches) when they posted about their poop issues. Don't worry, I'm feeling better so you don't have to worry about me being contagious. The house stunk REALLY bad. Mom got her smell good candles out (they always make us hungry for cookies, cakes, pie and other yummy desserts) to help and it has a little. It stunk so bad that Gunner refused to eat his breakfast and that's a big deal!! Gunner never refuses a meal! Mom didn't want to leave me in the house all day with my problems but it was too cold to stay outside (and she doesn't trust the people across the alley to leave us outside for very long) so she called Aunt Gillian a bazillion times until she finally answered her phone (Aunt Gillian doesn't get out of bed until after 10 am unless she HAS to). She talked Aunt Gillian into coming and checking on me a couple of times and Grandma came to check on me, too. I got tons of attention! Mom and Dad ended up leaving an hour later than they had planned, but they got to the appointment in plenty of time since they were planning on doing some other stuff before the appointment and would have gotten there early any way (The doctor is in another town that takes about an hour to get to and Mom and Dad hardly ever go there so when they do, they go to other places they don't get to go to very often). Last night I was really tired. I wanted to play, but not really. Instead I curled up on the couch with Mom and Dad and I was out. Mom woke me up to go outside so we could all go to bed. I had another accident in the living room last night, but not very big. I don't smell bad anymore, but his hunting clothes. It worked when Mom and Dad first bought our house and Sasha had some "issues" and kept pooping by the front door. You can't tell there was anything yucky by the front door anymore. I really hope Dad can get the smell out. We all keep sneezing because of the foam cleaner stuff and because of the bad smell and Mom's candles. All the smells mixed together are pretty weird. At lunch I felt so good Mom took me outside to play fetch for a little bit. It was warm today so the snow finally started to melt which means my back yard is really muddy so we didn't get to play very long.
Mom's appointment went ok. She has to go get an ultrasound done next week. Mom's not worried about it at all. She said she's had several ultrasounds done before. She had one before he got her gallbladder taken out and that is the only one that has ever been painful but that's because they kept pushing on her sick gallbladder. Mom is staying very optimistic about this one because this doctor said he doesn't think she'll need the surgery, but can't say for sure until after the ultrasound. Mom is in a MUCH better mood, too. The thought of another surgery was making her very grumpy and not much fun to be around. Everybody keep your paws crossed for her next week.
I also wanted to thank everydoggy for believing I'd never cuddle with the cat! Yesterday Dad put a blanket on the couch just in case I got up there and had another accident. Well, Dad used a fuzzy blanket which happens to be Gunner's most favorite place to take long naps. I was sick so I had a good excuse to curl up in the fuzzy blanket, plus it was put there for me. he kept getting up there and touching me again! Aunt Gillian and Grandma were both witnesses and both said we were cuddling. Still no pictures though, so I say still no proof!
I'm off to take another nap to help my tummy. Have a good weekend everybody!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Lady Kaos!
Sure I hope you are feeling better now! I just can imagine all those smells together!
Good vibes and paws crossed for your mom!
Kisses and hugs

The Daily Echo said...

We're glad both you AND Mom are feeling better. I had the dog flu last spring. Mom was worried the most when I sat staring at a wall. It's funny now but she wasn't laughing at the time because she says that's just not me. My Mom lost her gall bladder too....well - she knows where it is. She said she'd rather pull a turkey through her nose than have gall stones again! Harrooorrroo!

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh My Lady Kaos, you are surely having a darn poop fest there.

I hope it gets better soon.

Thinking of you, and all good wishes to your Mama!

From Marvin who has done the same as you in the past........"never Mind Marvin, Jeannie always says, it cannot be helped!"

love and sympathetic licks, Marvin in Scotlandxxxxxxxxx

Sparky said...

I'm so sorry if I gave you the sickies! It sounds like there is something going around in the doggie world for sure. Did you mama make you starve for 24 hours like my mama made me do?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh dear.. i hope your tummy is better now Lady Kaos. Take care

~ Girl girl

Petra said...

I know what it's like to be sick, so I'm sure glad you and your mom are both feeling better.

I want to continue hearing good reports about BOTH of you!

Moco said...

So glad to hear that you and Mom are doing better. Thanks for the shout out to my blog. It is still very new to me and I am making many mistakes. Oh well! Live and learn.