Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More Clues

Okay, I think I have part of it figured out. I think Mom and Dad are going somewhere for Dad's work and we have to stay home and Grandma is going to come let us out at lunch and maybe after work depending on how late Mom and Dad are. There aren't any bags out like they have to pack and stay over night. It must be in another town because Dad is going to tune up Mom's car tonight. What I don't get though is why we had to take baths if Grandma is going to come let us out? What does she care if we stink in our own house? She didn't care at Christmas! I think there's more to the plan that I'm missing though. It's tha bath thing that's throwing this entire thing off. We didn't have to use the special going to play in the wilderness shampoo (it's kind of expensive so Mom and Dad only use that when we're playing a lot outside and going somewhere fun because it keeps fleas and ticks off), we used the normal flowery stuff Grandma gave us. It makes us all fluffy and smell like flowers. Labs are NOT supposed to be soft and fluffy! Our fur is supposed to be slick so that when we play in the water, the water slides off and we dry a lot faster. If I'm fluffy, how am I supposed to have any kind of fun? Nothing against you fluffy dogs, I just really like my slick lab fur.
It's getting cold again. I think it's going to snow again. It was warm this morning and our other 4 inches started melting pretty good. There is a pile of snow over at the school that is from them plowing the sidewalk, driveways and parking lots that would make a WONDERFUL snow fort. Mom says no way though because it's all full of dirt. It's almost as tall as My Jeep! I'd love to go drive my Jeep over it, but Dad says no because the school would get mad for us tearing up their grass. That could be payback for those kids throwing their trash in our yard. Dad said it wouldn't.
I'm going to go sniff for clues some more.


The Daily Echo said...

Maybe you're going TO Grandma's house to stay while Mom and Dad desert you. Flowery shampoo? Ewwww! What are they thinkin? Mom and Dad both have Jeeps. Jeeps are coolness! Dad always begs to climb things with his and Mom always says no.

Peanut said...

Oh yeah maybe you get to go with your mom and dad. Who knows. Guess we will have to wait and find out.


Ferndoggle said...

Hmmmmmm, a bath, eh? I was told I'm getting a bath tomorrow too. Maybe I'm coming to your house!!!! Wouldn't that be fun???

You're an excellent detective, Kaos.


Lorenza said...

I think your are closer and closer to resolve the mistery!
My mom uses a vanilla scent shampoo for my baths and she goes crazy with the smelling at night!
Kisses and hugs

Peanut said...

hey my mom says to tell your mom you can make soap with any icky animal stuff. Mom doesn't use any in hers when she makes it.

Love Flash said...

how are you all able to take baths as outdoor dogs in colorado with zero temps?