Monday, January 14, 2008

Grandma Dognapped Us!

First of all I want to send a big hug to the Brat Pack. They lost their newest member over the weekend. His name was Durango and isn't he adorable? This is our favorite picture of him with Bear. I know Thrawn and Dakota are taking very good care of him right now. Maryann and the pack gave him a wonderful home and family in his short life and even though it's really hard, I think that's wonderful! We love you guys!!!
Okay, now about this weekend. Grandma didn 't really dognap us, but it got your attention didn't it? Plus it's really funny to say. Here's what happened. Friday night, Mom finally started packing bags so we knew we were all going somewhere, but we had no idea where or when. Mom got out the dog luggage and Sasha and I went crazy! We made sure she packed our food but she forgot chewies and treats. She said we didn't need them! Can you believe that? This is when I started to get very worried! Saturday morning Mom and Dad packed everything in the car except our bag! I got even more worried and then they left! They packed our bag and then left us and our bag! I thought they forgot us and then later on Grandma showed up and we went crazy!! That's when I realized Echo's guess was right! Mom and Dad went to Denver (actually Westminster for those of you that know Colorado and the Denver area) for a thing for Dad's work and WE WENT TO GRANDMA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sasha has spent the night at Grandma's before while I went camping with Mom and Dad so she recognized what was going on as soon as Grandma walked in the door. Sasha kept running to our luggage and then to the leashes to make sure Grandma remembered everything. First Grandma let us out to go potty, but we were way too excited for that. Grandma also fed Gunnar who was whining that it was way past his lunch time and dinner time. (In case any of you were worried, Gunnar is drinking fine out of the new water dish. I think Mom was the only one worried, but just in case any of you were, now you know.) Then we rode in Grandma's car with our luggage to GRANDMA'S HOUSE!!! We had so much fun at Grandma's! We played with the toys at her house and we played with the toys we brought. I also understood why we didn't need chewies or treats packed. Because Grandma has some for us!!!! Grandma made us little beds on the floor in her room and then she realized what Dad meant when he said she'd have a full bed. If there's room in a bed, we take it up. Grandma isn't used to sharing her bed with us so she didn't get much sleep. The next morning we continued our fun and then yesterday afternoon Mom and Dad came and picked us up. I was really excited to see them and got my leash tangled up in Grandma's barbeque and made a huge mess. Dad cleaned it up and they laughed and forgave me because they knew it was because I was so excited. Mom ended up letting me off the leash because I was all tangled up around her legs, Grandma's legs and the post holding up the patio roof. I ran all over the back yard and put more tracks in Grandma's snow and ate some more of her snow and then we went inside and picked up our toys and came home. Gunnar always acts like he's so happy when we leave, but he wanted attention all night and even this morning. Mom keeps making fun of him. She keeps saying "Awww, did Mr Unsociable get lonely?" That's hilarious!!!! Gunnar was even nice to Sasha our toys. I also showed Mom that Sasha chewed the last leg off my pheasant and he would have lost a wing if Grandma hadn't caught her. Mom said it was okay cuz she can't believe he's lasted for this long (that was one of the first toys Mom and Dad bougt me when they adopted me 2 1/2 years ago). I was so tired I curled up on the couch with Mom and slept until it was time for bed and then I slept some more and then I woke up and helped Mom and Dad get ready for work and then I slept some more. I was sleepeing so good, I didn't hear Mom come home at lunch. It was a great weekend! We all had fun and now we're all exhausted. I don't have any pictures of us at Grandma's because Grandma says we're a handful. I have no idea what she's talking about though, Mom does just fine with her camera and us.
I'm off to take another nap. I hate when Mom and Dad go places without us, but I LOVE going to Grandma's, too!!!!


The Daily Echo said...

What a great vacation for you! We've never been to Grandma's but I'll bet it's loads of fun. She was a good sport for sharing her bed with you.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Lady Kaos!
Glad you had fun at your grandma's house and even better that your mom and dad are back!
Kisses and hugs

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I bet you have lots of fun at your grandma's house. :)

~ Girl girl

Petra said...

I love to go to my Grandma's house, too! She has stuffed bears all over her house & nobody is quick enough to catch me when I go after them!

herewithoursunglasses said...

wht a long explanation for a naping possiblities is much more exciting than a short trip...right? we are amazed at the snow you and i get(ephraim, utah) and compare it to pennsyvania, north carolina, virgina etc..we don't know how we would do in constant 75% weather. at the austrailian tennis open it is going to be 105 tommorow, and that is cooler than normal...loves platoonoffour

Grammie said...

What a nice weekend. Grandma's can give you all the treats that you want. That is a grammie rule. You will need a week of rest after your wonderful trip.