Monday, March 31, 2008

Hilarious Story!!!

Mom has been really busy at work so I haven't been posting as much as I want to. (Don't ask why Mom being busy at work messes with when I post since I post when she's at work.) Mom's crafty stuff will be posted hopefully soon. She moved to camera this weekend to put it in a spot where it would be safe and out of the way of paint and nails and hammers and stuff and now nobody knows where that spot is (I do, but I'm not telling!!).
So since Mom hasn't taken the pictures yet, I'm telling a very funny story about her today. Be prepared to roll on the floor laughing. Our house is very old. The 2 bedroom doors and the bathroom door all have the old style of doorknobs with the pretty decorative plate thingy. Mom knew Dad had taken the plate things outside to get some paint off of them. She went to the bathroom and then she went to open the door, there was no door knob. Mom said she cussed for awhile and then started trying to figure out how in the world she was going to get out. Dad was in the back yard by the garage which is on the other side of the house from the bathroom and he had the grinder going. Even if she opened the window and started yelling for him, he wouldn't have heard. She then pictured herself yelling and the neighbors coming out to see what's going on and asking them to tell her husband she's locked in the bathroom. Luckily, as a kid Mom watched that tv show where the guy made things out of stuff laying around to save the day. His name is MacGyver (had to look that spelling up). Mom started looking around the bathroom for something to help her and found a comb with a long handle and stuck the handle in the hole and sure enough, it worked. The comb didn't break like she was sure it was going to. Mom went outside to tell Dad what just happened and try to make him feel guilty for not telling her he took the doorknobs. Mom said she had to MacGyver her way out of the bathroom and instead of telling Mom he was sorry and making her feel better, Dad started laughing. All night long we had to hear Mom say we had to be nice to her because she was locked in the bathroom and had to MacGyver her way out. Every time she brought it up we all laughed at her. Dad said he told Mom he was cleaning the plates so she should have known the knobs were gone. Mom pointed out that every other time he'd messed with the plates, he put the knobs back on. Dad put the knobs back on even though the plates aren't ready to be put back on yet. Mom decided she's going to start carrying her cellphone, a screwdriver and some pliers with her when she goes to the bathroom. I'd feel sorry for her if it wasn't so hilarious!!!
Hope everybody had a great weekend!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I know I promised you some pictures of my mom's art and cross stitch, but this is more important!
Do you see what's wrong with this picture? Mom and Dad started painting the bedroom 2 nights ago and I was okay with that until it was time for bed. Mom and Dad started setting up the camping bed. That never gets set up in the house unless we have company I nobody told us we were having company. When it was time for bed Sasha and I went to the bedroom door like we're supposed to and like we do every night. We waited and waited and waited and Mom and Dad kept telling us to go to the living room. Our living room isn't a nice place to sleep. There's weird noises, it's colder in the living room and it's not the bedroom.
Last night Sasha ended up sleeping on the couch because of this. Gunnar kept kicking Sasha out of her bed because he figured out how comfy it is and he fits in it lots better than his bed by the fireplace. He layed in my bed once. He really liked it, but I made sure he knew he wasn't going to spend much time there.
Supposedly we can get back into our routine tonight. Mom said if it still stinks in there we're staying in the livingroom again. As soon as Dad gets home we're turning fans on and opening windows because we want to sleep in our normal spots. I've been sleeping in my own bed, but it feels different when it's not where it's supposed to be!
I just noticed that top picture looks like our couch is a hide-a-bed. It's not, Mom and Dad just put the camp air bed up next to the couch.
I haven't checked in on anybody else today because I'm so tired. Hopefully I'll get caught up tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Part 2

Before I start this post Mom wants me to remind you that our house is a gigantic mess because of the painting and remodeling. Oh and in the first 2 pictures, don't worry, that giant fish isn't real. It's a pillow Dad gave Mom for Valentine's Day. Mom wanted the pillow so don't think Dad is a weirdo - the weirdo is actually Mom.

Okay, so after we took a little nap, Dad got out a plastic bag and the first thing that came out was a new hamster-mouse for Sasha. Sasha did an immediate tail removal and then a little later I of course stole it. I can't find the other one and Sasha wasn't playing with it anyway. You'll see Gunnar came to check out what was going on, but didn't really care. Dad even tried getting him to play with the string and bell that was attached to the hamster-mouse but he didn't play with it at all. Mom was worried about him for a few seconds until he decided to attach a box on the other side of the room.

Next out of the bag was a new toy for me. It was a round rope with some cloth and a tennis ball in the middle. It was so much fun!!! It also didn't last long.

Here is a little better picture. See that red thing to my right? It makes evil sounds and some day I am going to kill it. Back to the toy - Right now the rope is a u shape instead of round, the tennis ball is no longer attached to the toy and isn't even attached to itself. I like putting one half of the tennis ball in my mouth and chewing on it so it looks like the ball is talking to Mom and Dad. Well, I did until Dad took the other half of the ball and made it bark at me. Now I'm working on trying to put the ball back together. I put the halves together and chew really really hard, but so far it isn't working.

Are you wondering how Gunnar spent his Easter? I know, you probably don't care, but I promised Mom I'd post this "adowable pictwure ov Mommy's wittle boy." I think I'm going to be sick now. The funny thing about this picture is, Mom and Dad bought that bed for Gunnar when they first brought him home almost 4 years ago and he wouldn't sleep in it. Now, as long as it's by the fireplace he'll spend most of the day in it. He really doesn't fit in it anymore. There's 2 blankets in the bed right now which he really likes because it raises him up so that he kind of fits better - not really though.
I'll hopefully have some pictures of some stuff Mom has made. Mom and Dad are coming up with stuff to hang on the walls since they took the personal pictures down for when the house gets shown to sell. That means a lot of Mom's art work is coming out of storage and so is her cross stitch stuff.
I'm going to go take another nap. I didn't care Mom and Dad neglected me last night because I was still too tired. I think I'll let them have tonight off, too.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Part I

How was your Easter? Myne was so wonderful it's going to take 2 emails to tell you about it!! I didn't post all last week because I was in a really bad mood. I'm tired of all the painting and other stuff Mom and Dad are doing. I pouted pretty much the entire week and wouldn't listen to Mom and Dad. That got me in some major trouble a few times, but I think Mom and Dad got the point that I'm tired of the neglect!!
Anyway, back to Easter. It started off with all of us sleeping in. I loev sleeping in with Mom and Dad! Gunnar finally had enough and kept coming in and buggin Mom and Dad to come feed him because he was starving to death. Mom didn't believe him. She said something about 20 pounds of cat standing on her bladder. So we got up and Dad started putting stuff away in the laundry room and Mom did her normal morning routine. We went to bed at almost midnight the night before beacause Mom and Dad wanted to finish the laundry room. The paint was still wet so stuff had to wait until the morning to get put away.

So after some breakfast and waiting for what seems like forever (Mom says it was only about 45 minutes) we loaded up in the truck and went to Grandma's house!!!! That first picture I posted was pretty much how I looked the entire time we were at Grandma's. As soon as we walked in the back door - okay, ran in the back door of Grandma's house, I saw the Easter Bunny had been there. I was worrying he got lost because he didn't come to my house. Mom said not to worry because when she was little, the Easter Bunny always went to her Grandma's house instead of her house, too. She said it always confused her, but he always came. She said she got really really worried when her Grandma moved to Arkansas, but the Easter Bunny started coming to her house after that. Anyway, I foudn the first Easter egg and broke it open before Mom could even put her stuff down to get the camera out. You'll see in the second picture, Sasha was a littls slower so Mom got a picture of her finding her egg and opening it.
Next, Grandma put a bag on the floor and said there was more! Grandma is the best!!!!! Sasha put her head in first and ended up with her head stuck in the bag. You see me down in the bottom left corner waiting patiently (actually I was laughing at her). Sasha finally pulled something out of the bag! It was a stuffie of a purple guy with a bow on his head. The bow started unraveling later and Dad was going to cut the bow off and Sasha started yelling at Dad. Dad left the bow on it's head and everybody just dealt with having to pick up pink string all day. Next, I stuck my head in the bag. It was stuck for a few seconds, but I got it out. I was too quick for Mom again. There is a setting on her camera that takes a bunch of pictures really fast that she uses when we for rock crawling so she can get really cool pictures of my Jeep and the other rock crawlers doing cool stuff. She said she is going to have to start using that setting when she takes pictures of me. The stuffie I pulled out was yellow and looked like a piece of cake. Grandma and I decided to call him Sponge Bob because I like watching Sponge Bob with Mom and Dad every day at lunch. Sasha and I of course shared the toys. Later, Grandma got us out some chewies that we also shared.
Before lunch was ready, I found the Easter eggs again and there was nothing in them so Grandma refilled the eggs and we did it again! Have I mentioned how great my Grandma is? Once again I was too fast for Mom. In this picture I had opened the egg and had just started chomping on the treat when Mom finally got the picture taken. Grandma figured out I had gone non stop for 4 hours before I finally layed down. When Sasha and I were laying on the floor Mom and Dad decided it was time to go home. I hate leaving Grandma's house, but I was ready to go home, too. We decided to leave the stuffies at Grandma's house so we could play with them there and because if we took them home, they wouldn't last as long. Sasha and I usually run to the truck, but we both walked really slow. We were both exhausted. We went home and Mom and Dad had to go do some shopping (they bought paint for the bedroom and Mom found a really good deal on slacks for work) and Sasha and I slept.
I'll tell you part 2 tomorrow. I'm really tired and just telling you about yesterday is wearing me out. Check back tomorrow for more excitement!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Thank you for all the kind works about Blue Dude. Here is the only picture I could find of him and I together.

Mom says a little boy gave him to Sasha before I was adopted. She said he was the toy in his McDonald's Happy Meal. I'm still sad that he's gone, but last night Mom didn't work on the house at all. She layed on the couch, watched tv and threw what ever toy I brought to her. She had a tummy ache and a head ache. She feels better today, but Dad thinks the chemical smells are messing with Mom. Dad grouted the tile on the counters last night plus there's the smell of paint, tile adhesive and the silicone stuff they put around the tile where it meets the wall. Sometimes when Mom is doing a major cleaning of the house, the cleaner smells get to her so that's why Dad thinks all the smells are making mom sick. I think they're going to kick it into high gear now to get it done faster. I'll be glad when it's done.
Here is a picture of me and Hamster-Mouse. Dad pulled him out of the dryer last night and I let Sasha play with him for awhile since technically Grandma bought him for Sasha for Christmas, but I took him to bed with me and haven't put him down since (except when I go outside). He's not as much fun as Blue Dude, but he's okay. You really can't see him well because of the flash, but he's supposed to be a mouse, but Mom thinks he looks more like a hamster with the white and brown (that you can't see very well). I really don't think he looks like either, but if that's what Mom wants to call him, then I guess that's okay.
Since Dad has been working on the tile countertops, the sink had to go. We haven't had a sink in a few days. Hopefully either tonight or tomorrow morning the sink will be back where it belongs. Last night Dad needed a place to put the bucket to dry and we're pretty much out of places to stack stuff so look what he did!
It makes it look like we now have a bucket for a sink!! Mom said she had to take a picture of it because it was so funny.

It's pouring rain right now which means we can't go outside and play in the yard with Mom like she said tomorrow. That's okay though because Mom and Dad don't know it yet, but Grandma is coming to visit Sasha and I this weekend. Grandma told me to keep it a secret. I know Mom's too busy at work today to check my blog so it's okay to post it now. Grandma is coming to make sure we're okay. Boy is Dad going to get it when I tell Grandma about Blue Dude.
Have a great weekend everybody!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

R.I.P. Blue Dude

I'm very sad today. Last night I lost my best friend Blue Dude. He was the most funnest toy ever! He was ball shaped and had little orange feet. Mom has saved his life many times, but last night she couldn't do it. He's the only stuffie I've never torn up. I can't believe there's no pictures of him and I together. There is a picture of him in my food dish while I'm eating, but that's it!!! And of course I can't find it. I know I've posted it on here not long ago but Blogger is still not working right for me. Anyway, I am SEVERLY neglected during this stupid house work stuff. Last night Mom's grandma called and of course they talked for an hour or more and then Mom and Dad started working on the house. Mom was sitting on the floor in the hallway painting trim and I decided to bring Blue Dude to her because I can almost always get Mom to play with me if I bring Blue Dude to her. He's the perfect size for throwing in the house and he's nice and soft so he won't break anything. Well, I brought Blue Dude to Mom and dropped him like a good dog and he landed right in Mom's paint! Mom yelled "OH NO! KAOS NO!" Dad came and grabbed Blue Dude and threw him away!!!!!! Right there with me watching everything! I was in shock and stood there for awhile. Mom said she couldn't wash Blue Dude this time. She didn't want to take the chance of me getting sick from the paint. I went to the couch and stayed there for 2 hours!!! I NEVER do that. I was totally depressed. Mom and Dad started to clean up before bed time and Mom saw how sad I was and kissed my nose and scratched my ears, but it didn't help. I wanted Blue Dude back! Blue Dude was here in the house when I was adopted and now he's GONE!!!!! Mom said she washed Hamster-Mouse and thinks he's still in the dryer and she'll get him out tonight, but he's not the same!! Hamster-Mouse is round like Blue Dude, but he's not funny colors, he doesn't have feet and Sasha likes playing with him, too. Blue Dude was MY toy. Then when we were getting ready for bed, Mom kept saying "Kaos watch your tail!" They say that a BUNCH and it's starting to really annoy me! Well, to top a horrible night off, the tip of my tail is now brown. Mom says if it's nice outside this weekend she'll take me out to play fetch and do some yeard work which I love to help with, BUT I was watching the Weather Channel with Dad this morning and GUESS WHAT!!! It's supposed to snow this weekend! They said not much, but the last time they said that we got almost a foot of snow!!!
If you have a best friend toy be sure to get lots of pictures of you together so you can always remember the fun you had together and NEVER EVER EVER drop him in a thing of paint. I'm headed off for another nap and more pouting. I want to be in full pout when Dad walks in the door after work. That way when Mom gets home Dad will tell her how sad I look and I'll get extra pineapple with dinner and an extra cookie and maybe Mom will finally find our treat jar in the mess. Mom is a sucker for a guilt trip. Dad isn't though.
Oh, and Mom made it to work on time finally. She even had to scrape ice off her windows and still made it. She only had 1 minute to spare, but she made it. She has a training thing on the otherside of town next week so she said she needs to try harder to get to work on time so she can get to the training thing on time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

0 for 3

Mom is 0 for 3 on getting to work on time after the time change. She was close this morning. She sayhs she's sure it is against the law to leave a nice cozy bed when it's that dark outside. She's having a hard time with dressing in the morning, too. Monday she wore something for warmer weather and almost froze, yesterday she wore something for cooler weather and was too hot and today she wore layers which has worked out, but the top layer has been hanging on her desk chair all day. I guess it's better than her freezing or over heating. She said it would help a lot of it wasn't so dark when she was picking out her clothes. I almost feel sorry for her.
Our kitchen is almost done. For 2 nights I've been totally neglected. Last night I used my super powerful poor puppy eyes on Mom and she decided I needed some special attention. Hopefully the sink will be going back in tonight. Dad took it out last night to put the tile in and get the sink ready to be painted . They had to do the dishes in the bath tub which was funny. Mom hasn't taken any pictures of the mess yet. She says she's tired of looking at it and really doesn't want to remember it. She'll definatley take after pictures though (hopefully Blogger will cooperate by then and let me post pictures). While they wait for stuff to dry in the kitchen, they work a little on the hallway which only needs the trim painted and a spot where Dad had to patch a hole. They took the wood paneling out and the very last piece had a nice foot shaped hole towards the bottom behind it. Someone kicked a hole in the wall and then covered it up with wood paneling. When they first started taking the paneling down they found a nice orange color of paint. I pointed out that it matched the color of my Jeep and they should leave it. Mom said noway and put 3 coats over it to get rid of it. The two bedrooms shouldn't take much work (except cleaning out the spare room - it's called a "catch all junk room") and hopefully the living room won't take much work either. The bathroom has a lot of plans with removing the ugly wall tile and floor linoleum (yes, more linoleum to remove), but it's a small room so hopefully it won't take as long.
Dad should be home any minute now so I better go watch for him. He and Mom had plans at lunch so Sasha and I are doing the potty dance and Gunnar is sure he's starving to death. Good thing Dad usually gets off work early!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Forward

I hate when the time changes. It messes up my day and it makes Mom grumpy. She's been late to work both days because she can't get out of bed. It's only a few minutes late so it's no big deal, but to someone who is always early for everything, it's a really big deal.
Blogger and I aren't getting along. I can't comment on some of your blogs. I wanted to let everyone know just because I'm not commenting, doesn't mean I'm not reading. It's Blogger's fault.
I'm sure most of you know by now that my mom's Nascar driver won on Sunday. He was in the Snicker's car instead of the M&M car so Mom wasn't as excited as she would have been if he was in the good car, but she was still excited. We almost missed the race because Mom either converted the time wrong or didn't convert it at all. When Mom turned the race on there were only 72 laps to go so we got to see Kyle win and watch his victory lane celebration, but we missed out on some other stuff. She's going to pay more attention to the times this coming weekend.
I'm going to go take a nap now. Did you know yesterday was National Nap day? I took full advantage of the holiday. Dad said it's because it's the day after you loose an hour so you're really tired. Mom told me to take a nap for her so I did that plus several naps for myself. Did any of you celebrate National Nap Day? I'm off to celebrate it a little more.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Mr Anonymous Made Mom Mad

An anonymous person left a comment on my blog yesterday and Mom read it, got mad and deleted it and now she's fired up and is going to tell you about it and reply to "Mr Anonymous." I told her to watch her language because of some of you young pups.
Okay, Mom, your turn.

I don't know why this has bothered me so much. It could be that there are so many things that have built up and this was the thing that caused an overflow or maybe I care more about this than I do dealing with stupid friends, my mother's mess (I haven't spoken to her in over 2 years and then when she dies and my stepdad and brother screw stuff up and I'm the one that gets the phone calls to take care of the mess), work and the mess our house is in right now. I know there was a similar post that was nominated (and I think won) for post of the month and if I wasn't so fired up, I'd take the time to link to that person's post. I might come back and do it after I've calmed down and get some food in my system to help my blood sugar levels.
Yesterday before I left work I checked Kaos's comments about the farting game (I stil won't let her put her butt on me) and there was a comment from an anonymous person that left a not so nice comment. I deleted it and hoped nobody saw it and then went home and started thinking about it and wished I hadn't deleted the comment and the email so I could quote it in this post I decided to write.
I don't want to take off letting anonymous comments because a lot of the time those of you that use the anonymous feature sign your name and have a very good reason like you don't use Blogger for your blog service, and this is only the second time I've ever deleted a comment left on this blog. The first was was an ad for some viagra knock-off and then this one. So here's my response to "Mr. Anonymous."
Dear Mr. Anonymous,
First of all I am not a house-wife or stay-at-home-mom, (No offense to those of you that are!! My goal is actually to be a stay-at-home-mom someday soon.) I am a marketing director for a real estate company. I will admit that I do work on this blog at work. If I am really really backed up, of course I either don't post that day or do a very short one. Me taking a break and focussing on something completly unrelated to real estate actually helps me with my job. I can stop thinking about something I've been working on all morning and getting frustrated with for awhile and then come back to it refreshed and ready to go. They don't care what I do at work because I get my work done and for a year I have been doing the job that 2 people did for 5 years.
Next, none of my pets are abused or forced to live in captivity. Both my dogs, my cat and even my fish are very well fed and have very few rules that restrict where they can go in the house. The fish are of course confined to a small area, but it's kind of hard to keep them alive with out containg the water some way. They have 30 gallons and are perfectly happy in their "confignment" because they don't have to worry about being eaten by bigger fish and they know exactly when they are fed. No, I don't let my cat go outside for several reasons. The first is, he's terrified of going outside and the other is I can't stand the thought of him not coming home and wondering what happened to him. It's a personal choice to let your cat go outside and my personal choice is to keep him inside where he's safe. He has free range of the house, except for countertops and tabletops. He isn't "confined" to the house, he prefers the house. He has his favorite spots he hangs out in and I don't leave his food for him to eat whenever he wants to because he overeats and gets sick. I don't feed him "fish and milk like he would in nature." For your info, most cats can't digest milk very well after they're out of the kitten stage and my cat can't eat fish because it upsets his stomache. He refuses to eat canned food so yes, I do feed him dry food. I'm not worried about him not getting the liquid from the wet food that he doesnt' get from the dry food because he drinks so much water on his own. Sometimes I think he drinks more water than the dogs do which is very rare for a cat.
My dogs are not confined to the house all day or tied up on walks. I live in a very busy part of town across from a highschool with kids driving around not paying attention and racing up and down the streets. The dogs are on their leashes during walks because it's safer that way. If they went out in the street, they'd get hit by a car. I know not all tenagers drive fast or don't pay attention to what they're doing, but there are some that do and they are the ones that hit dogs and driveoff so they don't get in trouble. My dogs stay inside all day while we're at work because of safety. It's not like they spend the full 8 hours in the house. My husband and I come home for lunch and they go outside a few times while we're home and then 3 hours later my husband gets off work. If we are gone all day out of town for something we arrange for someone to come check on them. If we left them outside all day they could be dognapped, get too hot or too cold or someone could cut the lock on the back gate or just figure out how to open the front gate and leave the gate open for them to run out (we had a summer of someone doing that). Colorado weather is so unpredictable. It could be sunny and nice one minute and then 10 minutes later it's a blizzard so leaving them outside all day is not an option. Again, that's a personal choice to leave your dog outside all day or in all day and once again my personal choice is to leave them inside where it's safer. My dogs aren't kenneled all day, but that's because they're trustworthy now. They didn't used to be and they were kenneled during the day. I'm not against using kennels or crates, my dogs have just earned to have the kennel stored away.
Yes, we all know that it's actually humans writting these pet blogs. We do realize it is impossible for a dog, cat, hamster, horse, bird and any other animal to actually use a computer, but that is totally not the point of these blogs. Writting the blogs as if my dog was actually writting it is much more fun than writting about my own life. I wrote a blog about my art work and I was bored and nobody ever read it. I love working on my artwork, but writting about it is boring and reading about other's is boring to me. Reading about other people with pets is more fun and more intersting. I have learned a ton from others from their pet blogs and if I need advice on soemthing, I know where to go. I am very happy to be a memeber of a community of people that share my same interests (my pets) and are there for me when I need advice or support. There are several pets out in the blogworld that have died since I have been blogging and even though I didn't know that dog, cat or hamster myself, I cried. It's nice knowing that when that horrible day comes when I loose one of my pets, I will have the support out there of people that know what I'm going through and will be able to give me support, advice and sympathy. It feels so much better getting sympathy from people that know why you're upset about the loss of your pet instead of people that have no idea.
I'm sure Mr. Anonymous has a certain hobby or interest he likes to go visit blogs and websites on and I'm not putting you down for visiting or writting about those, so why are you putting me down for writting about my interest and reading other blogs with my same interest. It' not a waist of my time because I learn a lot and it makes me happy. I probably don't share any of your interests, but I'm not going to put you down or make fun of you because of them (I have other reasons for that.).
You are also very confusing. First you're saying my pets shouldn't be confined to the house and should be able to run free like they did before we "enslaved" them and then you say "it's just a dog." You are very wrong. Both my dogs and my cat are more than just dogs or just a cat. In all my years of having pets, I have learned that pets are more trustworthy and loyal than humans. I had a bestfriend that was my bestfriend for 23 years and I thought I could trust her and then she stabbed me in the back and told people my deapest darkest secrets because her new boyfriend didn't like me and she would rather have a boyfriend that treats her like a maid and personal cook than be single. My family has also treated me bad fro several years because I stood up for myself instead fo oing along with what they wanted me to do. Kaos, Sasha and Gunnar have never done that to me and I know they never would. They may choose someone over me once inawhile but it only lasts for a few minutes and they always come back to me and tell me how sorry they are for choosing that person for a few seconds over me. They miss me even if I've only been away from then for a few minutes and they would never tell any secret I have to anybody for any reason. They are more than pets, they are like kids to me. They are much happier with me than they would be if back hundreds of years ago, humans hadn't "captured" them and "enslaved" them. A lot of dogs are put to work, but that's because they enjoy it. My sister's bluehealers don't live on a farm, but my sister has a horse they like to herd around and they have to go with my sister to feed him and fill his water and whatever else she does with the horse. That's their job and if they don't do their job, they're more upset about it than my sister is. Kaos is a bird flusher for my husband (I'm sure Mr. Anonymous is against hunting, too). Kaos is a totally different dog when she's out looking for birds and rabbits. She has a mission and knows exactlt what she needs to do. She gets upset when she flushes birds and her dad doesn't shoot or he misses. She will go nonstop if we let her. I know of some therapy dogs that love their jobs, too. My mother had a St Bernard that actually got depressed if my mother left her home instead of taking her to school with her every day. That dog loved to be around the kids making them feel better and most therapy dogs are like that. They don't do it for the attention, they know what they are there to do and they love doing it. My little Sasha makes sure the birds stay out of our yard. I've had too many bad experiences with birds trying to wreck my car, large swans chasing me around the pond and birds dropping stuff on me from trees and other bad bird experiences and Sasha keeps the birds away from me. She enjoys chasing birds and will stay outside for hours in the summer if I let her chasing and barking at birds to keep them out of her yard (our dogs both chase birds for totally different reasons).It's her job to protect me from birds. I realize that some dogs were bread for certain jobs, but that's because they like doing those jobs. If Kaos hated flushing birds, then we wouldn't make her. She loves it, so we let her. Camping is a perfect example. Kaos loves to go camping with us, Sasha hates it so she stays at Grandma's house which she loves to do and is not sad at all that she didn't go with us.
It is not weird (I can't remember the exact word you used) that I am Mom, my husband is Dad, or my mother-in-law is Grandma to our pets. We treat them like our kids and they act like our kids so it's not weird at all. Grandma also loves being called Grandma and loves all 3 (although the dogs are her favorite) just as much as her 3 human grandkids. Once again, that's a personal choice. We choose to be mom, dad and grandma. Some people prefer different names.
So, Mr Anonymous, in conclusion, we all know that humans are really writting these blogs, we're not waisting time on these blogs, our pets are not "confined" or made to be our "slaves" and animals are more loyal and make better friends than most humans.

Go Mom!! Go Mom!! Have a great weekend all of you Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles and Furkids!!! We all know Mr. Anonymouse will be sitting home alone......again.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Fun Game NOT To Play

Yesterday I told you about a really fun game, today I'm going to tell you about another really fun game, but I suggest you NOT play this one. Last night I was sitting on the couch with Mom watching tv. My butt was against her hip and I farted. Mom freaked out, Dad laughed, Mom freaked out even more. Then the smell came and Mom's voice was so high pitched it hurt my ears really bad. Dad kept laughing so hard I thought he was going to pass out! I kept looking at Mom because I couldn't figure out what her problem was. I guess being directly farted on makes her really really upset. So, don't do this. If you do want to try it, get some earplugs. I had no idea Mom's voice could go that high!

Sasha has started pooping on the new floor and it's making Mom and Dad mad. She did it 2 times yesterday and then this morning. Mom told Sasha that if she's going to keep doing that, she can't go to Grandma's. I hope this doesn't affect me, too! Mom told Sasha she would spend all day in the crate if she kept doing that. Before Mom left for work she told me to make sure poopie puppy behaved herself. Mom let us outside last night and when we came back in Sash got on the couch with Mom (after the farting thing, I was banned from the couch) and all of a sudden Mom got a wiff of poop breathe and of course freaked out again. Mom and Dad have been forgetting our pineapple. This morning we got a BUNCH of pineapple. Sasha has only been eating my poop lately which is fine with me. I get more pineapple that way. After Mom almost puked because of Sasha's breathe, Sasha got kicked off the couch and I got to take my place back with the promise of no farts. Mom said she couldn't take anymore nasty smells for the night. I'd feel sorry for her if Dad and I didn't think it was so funny.

I also got an award! Maggie and Mitch gave this award to me and this is what they said: "We happily pass this award onto our M&M racing buddy Kaos! Here's hoping that Kyle comes in first next week!" I feel so honored! Thanks a bunch to my favorite M&Ms!!
Let's see, I'll pass this on to my boyfriend Flash because he's such a sweet boyfriend and our 1 year anniversary is coming up! My sorta-sis Dory because she's so nice. I also want to give this award to Petra and Sparky and Patches because everytime they post pictures, Mom and I can't help but go awwwwww, HOW CUTE!!! or awwwwwww, HOW SWEET!
I better go check on the poopie puppy now.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My New Game

I love playing in snow, but I've kind of gotten tired of it lately. I really enjoyed the days we got to go outside and sun bathe. Mom and Dad haven't been doing much work on the house either. They're going to go shopping this weekend for some stuff (if the snow stops by then, it's supposed to keep snowing until Saturday). What they can do right now is painting and Mom found out that I wasn't the only one that helped with the painting. Mom found paint in Sasha's hair on her ears so they haven't been painting because they think we're in the way! Grandma came by last night to give her opinion on tile and I had a talk with her. I may have arranged for Grandma to come save us again on Sunday. She's such a great Grandma!!!
Okay, I have to tell you about my new game now. There's no pictures because I'm too quick for Mom and Dad doesn't have a memory card for his new camera yet (now both parents have cool cameras - I hope I don't go blind from all the flashes) so there's no video of it either. So close your eyes and picture this..NO WAIT!! If you close your eyes, you can't read, so picture it without closing your eyes. A brand new vinyl tile floor and wet, snowy, furry feet. It works without the wet snow, but it's more fun with it. I come running in the back door really fast and try to stop as soon as I get around the table and then slide all the way to the living room where there's still carpet. Then, I turn around and run into the dining room the other way. That way doesn't work as well because I keep runing into the table. It's so much fun! It's even more fun with a toy in your mouth. Mom and Dad laugh really hard. Last night when Grandma came, she wrang the doorbell and Sasha and I were watching Dad in the kitchen and making sure he didn't make any messes on the new floor and when we heard the doorbell we tried to run really fast and instead we ran in place for about 3 seconds. Grandma came in and asked why Mom and Dad were laughing so hard. Dad explained what happened and Grandma said she wondered why it took 5.5 seconds instead of or normal 2.2 seconds to get to the door. I then showed Grandma my cool game so they would stop making fun of me.
If you have any slick floors in your house, you HAVE to try this game. Just make sure you don't get splinters from wood floors or run into any furniture. That hurts.
I'm off to watch it snow some more.

Monday, March 03, 2008

What A Weekend!!

I had a very busy weekend. First, let me remind you of what our dining room looked like last weekend. It was gross and was making Mom and Sasha sick.

The black stuff was so bad I couldn't put my toys on the floor which meant if I took a break to eat, my toy had to be in my food dish. (That's not really the reason Blue Dude is in my food dish, I like putting my toys in my food and water dishes while I'm eating or drinking. Mom gets really mad when my inside toys are in the water dish though. She yells and I don't see that toy for a few days while it dries out.) I think the meal after this one Mom and Dad figured out the black stuff was making Sasha sick so the food dishes were moved into the living room which I hated. We kept getting confused who's bowl was who's and I couldn't watch Mom make dinner while I ate my dinner.

In the process of painting the dining room, I brushed my tail against the wall and became known as "Skunk Tail." Mom and Dad finally got a picture of my tail on Friday night. It's almost gone, but imagine it a little brighter and you'll understand the skunk tail thing. My tail never stops. Mom and Dad are sure that if my tail stops moving, I stop breathing. In this picture, Dad is holding my tail so Mom can get the picture and you can see the worry in my eyes of how long I have to hold my breathe. Luckily it wasn't long.
All the work so far is totally worth it. Look at it now!! Doesn't it look great? (See the big blue trash can looking thing and the yellow can thing to the right of the door? That's my food and treats back to where they belong. Mom says don't look at the door, it hasn'tbeen painted yet.)The kitchen is next and Mom's excited about that because she hates the kitchen coutners. I'll have to see if I can get her to takea picture of those. They're putting tile on the counters. You really can't see the coolness of the floor, but if you look close it looks like they chose the floor and then chose the paint to match. Actually, Mom took 2 months to choose the paint and then Dad found the tile for the counters that matches the paint in a pile of tile someone gave them and then they found the vinyl tile that matches everything. Hopefully the rest of the house will go as smoothly as it went this weekend. Mom and Dad are really sore, but really happy with their work so far.

On Saturday, the weather was perfect which was great because Mom and Dad were painting and using some other stinky chemicals on the floor and they could leave the door open all day. Grandma came and got Sasha and I and we spent most of the day in Grandma's yard and playing fetch and driving Grandma crazy. The weather man said we were supposed to get 2 inches of snow on Sunday. I think someone needs to buy the weather man a ruler! Depending on where you were in town there was 6 1/2, 8 3/4 and 9 inches of snow!! Luckily our back yard was in the 6-ish range. Well, lucky for me. Sasha's belly is only 3 inches off the ground and she's about 6 inches tall when she's standing on all 4 feet. Dad shoveled out a path for her though. Mom tried taking a picture of us outside, but it was too cold for Mom and she would have had to put shoes on (Mom hates wearing shoes and whines A LOT when she has to put shoes on) and if she comes outside Sasha stays on the porch and I go get a toy to play fetch with and she doesn't get the picture she wants of us playing in the snow. She took this picture through the back door, and you can kind of see that the snow goes to my elbows in some spots. This is not 2 inches! Then today it's been warm so its all melting and causing lots of mud. Mom isn't happy that the new floor is already dirty, but she's not blaming us. She's blaming the weather man who can't tell the difference between feet and inches!
I've been sleeping all day today to recover from spending all day at Grandma's on Saturday. I knew she'd step in and take care of us since Mom and Dad haven't. Mom and Dad took a break yesterday since they got so much done on Saturday (they say because we weren't there - whatever!!). Mom had to watch the race because the M&M car was starting in 1st place, he finished 14th, but he started and stayed up front for most of the race! Mom is now 2nd in the Fantasy Racing thing so she said she has to put more thought into her picks for next week. I think she's becoming obssessed! The funny part is, there's been 3 races and she hasn't watched a full race yet because she ends up falling asleep. Not because it's boring, but because Mom and Dad have been working so hard and if they sit too long, Mom falls asleep.
Dad should be home any time now so I better go get ready to welcome him home. I'll have to tell you about the fun new game I invented tomorrow.