Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Letter B

Hi Everybody!! Have you guys seen the letter game being played yet? I've seen a few of you play it and it looked like fun so I asked Lorenza for a letter and she gave me the letter B. I now have to list 10 things I love that start with the letter B. Here is my list.

1. Big Jeep - That's MY Jeep! I don't care that it's in Dad's name or that Dad has had it for a very long time or that Dad has done all the work on it or that Dad is the only one that drives it (Mom drove it a couple times, but it makes her nervous) or that dogs can't legally own a vehicle, it's still MY Jeep!

2. Brown Jeep Truck - I don't have any pictures of my truck!!!! I can't believe this! I'm going to have to have a word with my photographer!!!! The Jeep truck is also MY Jeep truck. I also can't drive it but like I said, that doesn't matter. There is a deck in the back that helps me to lay down and look out the window or into the cab and I love it in there! I will jump into the back of my truck before the tailgate is even town!! Dad is working on reinforcing the deck and putting some more comfortable carpeting on it for me. Moving wasn't nice to my deck.

3. Boyfriend Flash - Isn't he cute? Back off girls! He's My Boyfriend!!!

4. Blue Kia - There are also no pictures of the Blue Kia! What is up with my photographer!! The Blue Kia isn't the greatest vehicle, but it does take us on long road trips which is fun. Mom bought it way before she met Dad. It also takes us to the vet so I let Sasha say it's her's (even though it belongs to me, too).

5. Blogging Buddies - I can't put pictures of all my buddies on here because it would take forever and I would probably run out of memory allowed for this post.

6. BACON - I'm not putting a picture of bacon on here either because I don't want to be respondible for drool on the keyboards, drool on the computer screens or broken or missing computer monitors. It's safer that way.

7. Big House - OH! There is a picture of the Blue Kia! Okay, sorry Mom. You're not slacking as much as I thought you were! You can tell this picture was taken before the garage got organized a little cuz Mom parks in the garage now instead of outside. Our big house is so wonderful! The best thing is, the weather is getting cold outside and we're warm inside and the furnace hardly ever runs!!! If we were still in our old house we would be gathering wood right now for the fireplace to help warm the house without runing the furnace so much.

8. Back Yard - I'm including the fenced area and the run free area in #8. There's grass and lots of places to lay in the sun and the shade and the run free area is so much fun to chase tennis balls and explore! If you look really really really really really hard to the left of that pole you can see the topper on my brown truck. Don't hurt your eyes though!!

9. Balls For Fetching & 10. Big Bed - See that ball in my mouth? It's a really fun ball to play with in the house because it doesn't bounce and break stuff which means Mom doesn't get mad. Mom says don't look at the messy bed, but that's the best part about it! Mom hasn't fully put the bed together since the move. The comforter got stuck in a closet so it wouldn't get messed up during all the unpacking and cleaning of the new house. That fuzzy blanket I'm standing on is Sasha's favorite place to spend the day. I like it, too but Sasha will spend all day curled up in it if Mom and Dad aren't around and sometimes even if they are home but aren't doing anything Sasha things is interesting. Gunnar likes to sleep on it at night on Mom's feet. Mom says he's her foot warmer and massager. When it's cold Gunnar likes to cuddle with fuzzy blankets (the only time he ever cuddles!) and then he purs (the only time he ever purs, too). If you look close at the sheets you'll see that the decoration is labs!!! There's more black labs than any other lab. These are the warm weather sheets. The cold weather ones have fish on them, but I think these are the best sheets because there aren't any cats or dacshunds on them so what does that tell you about who Mom and Dad's favortie is? The big bed is also the best place for snuggles. Mom and I can't start our days without morning snuggles.
This was a fun game. If you would like a letter, just let me know. I promise I won't give you a hard one like "X" or "O".


BenTheRotti said...

Hi Beautiful,

just the word Bacon made me drool.. ah well.. the keyboardill dry out! hehehe

ooohh I love your Jeep Attitude girl! I have the same attitude over the Landrover, it's MINE period. There is no sense in anyone in this house trying to have a discussion with me about it.. it's MINE.. there is no sense in them attempting to tell me not to shed hair/drool/snot up the windows.. I don't hear them because it's MINE!

I'll take a letter please..

Mum forgave me in about 5 seconds flat by the way.. she just can't resist when i do that face hehehe

love and tailwags,

Ben xxx

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Yep balls are the best B you could ever ask for..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Moco said...

Good job on your letter. We love the BIG BED. All 5 of us get to sleep on it with Grammie during the day. Bacon is a pretty good word also. My nephew Flash is always looking good. If Grammie had that yard she would have quite a few more dogs.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your big house and big yard are sure pretty, Kaos! You have a beautiful big view too! We love that blue sky!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Girl said...

We loved reading this! We'd also like a letter, please!

Clearly, your mom has the right favourite animal! I wish we had sheets with little brown tripod dogs on them... BOL!

Brown dog kisses,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
Thanks for playing the letter game!
I know the Jeeps are yours, no matter what your Dad thinks!
I love balls too!
Kisses and hugs

Deefor said...

Some good B's there. Bacon. And your new house looks really nice. I'm glad it's warm. Balls are good too.


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Kaos,
Oooh.. Bacon is good... **licks lips**
Ermm.. No 'X', 'O'... how about 'Q'? I don't like that one either.. Heehee.. (I think I have been influenced by Scrabble)

Snowball said...

That is a great list. Do you roach in your back yard, Lady Kao?


Joe Stains said...

We will be doing your tag soon, we promise. Your house looks so nice and I am so glad it is WARM. Being warm is very important.

Not as important as Bacon though :)