Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Last night Mom and Dad were trying to get a ton of stuff packed so they can take a bunch of stuff to storage this weekend and all of a sudden I was in a box!!!! It was a giant box they were putting a bunch of plastic kitchen stuff in and Dad thought it'd be funny to put me in it. Mom thought it was hilarious and tahnkfully her camera is in a closet hiding (she didn't want people finding it when they were showing the house and hasn't gotten in back out yet) and her hands were covered in newspaper ink from wrapping breakables in newspaper. I was not happy! I jumped out pretty quick and then ignored Mom and Dad for a long time until they finally decided they were done for the night. Then I decided I needed to lay in Mom's lap and get some ear scratches and some belly rubs. When it was time for bed I went straight to my bed and didn't even get Mom's spot ready for her to sleep in. I'm pretty sure she didn't sleep well last night because of that. HA! They didn't put Gunnar in a box because they wouldn't be able to get him out since he loves to play in boxes so much. They also didn't put Sash in the box because they didn't want to tramatize her any more than she already is. She has major issues with moving and gets really nervous around boxes that are stacked up. She's doing pretty good so far, but gets really clingy to Mom once in awhile. Mom usually makes Sasha go lay down or something when she's trying to work on something and Sasha wants to be in Mom's face. Last night Mom took a very long break because Sasha needed attention which of course made me jealous so I needed attention, too. That was before Mom was covered in black newspaper ink. We didn't want her to touch us after that.
Gunnar loves all the boxes stacked up. He loves climbing on them and sleeping on them. He had to be careful last night because as Mom was filling the boxes, she was stacking them and soemtimes where Gunnar was sleeping. Gunnar has decided he hates not having carpet, too. He was being silly and jumping up and down from the boxes and he kept sliding around and falling. once time he came running in from the dining room because he was being chased by something - me. Anyway, he tried to slow down to jump on the boxes and couldn't and ran into the boxes. It was hilarious!!! Mom laughed too after she did her Mom duties of making sure he was okay.
I'm going to go take a nap now. Watching Mom and Dad pack boxes makes me tired.


Joe Stains said...

I have a HUGE box phobia, if someone tried to put me in a box I would FREAK OUT. like WOAH big time. I hope all the moving ends for you soon :(

Peanut said...

What is with humans? They do stupid stuff they think is funny.


Sparky said...


I must say, I enjoy being stuffed in boxes, hee hee. Maybe it's because I was practically raised by the cats in my family, and they all love boxes...

Anyway, if you get packed in a box, then you'll know that you definitely won't be left behind when it's moving day!


Petra said...

If your dad puts you in a box again, tell him to mail you to my house, Kaos!

Arabella said...

I love playing in boxes (when I can find big enough ones) but I should hope that if mom packed me up she'd at least put me with the toys and cookies. (When we've moved I've always tried to stay in the car for the whole time it's being packed, I will not be left behind).

Maggie & Mitch said...

We can't believe your mom thought it was funny to stuff you in a box! That is so NOT funny!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Gus and Louie said...

You should have stayed in that box so that you don't get left behind...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
Big boxes scare me!
Sounds like that packing thing is tiring!
Kisses and hugs

Deefor said...

Moving is very tiring. Watching humans do stuff makes me very sleepy. But some boxes are tasty.


Moco said...

I don't think being put in a box is funny. These humans have the strangest sense of humor. It sounds like something they would do at our house and then laugh. Find that new house soon.