Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I'm still reading everyone's blogs from the weekend, but so far it looks like everyone handled the 4th of July fireworks okay. We had a very busy weekend. There aren't any pictures because Mom has been too busy to get her camera out. She did pull it out this weekend and all of her batteries are dead. Good thing they're rechareagble!
Friday Mom and Dad took a bunch of stuff to storage. They only made 2 trips and they didn't get as much moved as they wanted to, but they got enough a bunch moved. It was the hottest day of the weekend so they ran out of energy really fast. We also went to visit Grandma to take a fe things to her house, too. She was working on making room for our stuff in our bedroom. I think she's excited abou us coming to stay with her. When we came home, Mom and Dad did a few things and then Dad barbequed soem hamburgers and we ate them. Mom shared some of her's with us which was very yummy. Mom and Dad went outside to play with some smoke bombs and some other fireworks before the big show started. They were going to take me out for the big show, but the neighbors invited them over to watch with them and one of the stray cats in the neighborhood kept hanging out with them and that cat hates my mom so I always have to chase that cat away so they decided I better stay inside. We live on a busy street and they didn't want me running out in traffic after that stupid cat. Dad came and checked on us and Sasha and Gunnar were freaking out so Dad turned the tv on really loud and I layed on the couch and watched cartoons while Sasha and Gunnar hid in the bedroom. I had a blast! It was a movie called "Chicken Run." When Mom came in and saw what was on, she was a little jealous because she likes that movie a lot. She watched the end with me and then we went to bed.
Saturday Mom and Dad went to another town for some shopping. That's where Petsmart is and Mom had to buy fishfood so of course we got some new treats to try and Mom also bought me a new toy. She says really it's for her and I'd post a picture of it, if the camera batteries weren't dead! I can usually talk Mom into playing tennis ball fetch with me for a long time in the back yard, but since our backyard is mostly dirt, my tennis ball gets pretty gross pretty quick so Mom won't play very long. She foudn a cool toy that lets her pla longer with me because she never has to touch the ball. I drop it by her feet and she uses the new toy to pick up the ball and then she also uses the toy to throw the ball. It's great! We took it to Grandma's house that night to try it out in her big back yard and it works great!! It didn't at first because Mom had a few issues using it, but once she got the hang of it I had a blast. When Mom and Dad got back from their shopping trip, they took us to Grandma's to take a bath in my swimming pool and put up a temporary pet enclosure (if we call it a fence, we have to get a building permit). All of a sudden it started thundering and lightning and they decided it wasn't a good idea to mess with metal fencing and posts and water in a lightining storm. We went home and the rain came down big time. it was nice having that rain. We need it bad.
Sunday we got up and went to Grandma's. Mom started giving Sasha a bath in my swimming pool and then I got one. Mom decided the swimming pool is for swimming only. We're to slippery and can escape to easy in the pool. Plus, if I'm on the far opposite end she is on, she almost falls head first into the pool of nasty water. We went back inside while Mom and Dad put up our "temporary pet enclosure." It is very temporary! Until they got it to cooperate, the wind kept blowing it over. Dad said it was a good thing we dont' jump on fences or we'd be in big trouble. I dried a lot faster than Sasha so I got to go hang out in the yard while they finished and I layed in the middle of the area and just hung out. Mom said it was cute that I stayed inside the area without the fence being up. I strolled around a little to go check on my Jeeps and make sure there were no cats in Grandma's back yard. As soon as Sasha came out, she foudn the one opening Dad didn't have closed yet and bolted. Mom said Sasha is the reason we need fencing. With Sasha, you can't blink or you loose her and she doesn't come back when she's called. Mom and Dad pretty much let me go where I want because I'm really good about staying where I'm supposed to and I check in once in awhile with Mom and Dad so they know I'm being good. After the fence was up, I showed Grandma where all the posts were so she wouldn't run into it. It's made out of chickn wire so it's kind of hard to see in the bright sun and I don't want Grandma getting hurt! Mom and Grandma left for a few minutes which worried me and then they came back with PIZZA! Mom and Grandma shared their pizza crusts with us. Dad wasn't being mean or a pig, he just thought Mom and Grandma had given us enough. He was probably right, but we'll never know since he didn't give us a bite! We went hope and Mom and Dad went on an adventure without us. I was upset a little bit, but not for long. Right after they left, I layed down and went to sleep and I guess Mom and Dad were gone for about 5 hours and I totally didn't miss them. I slept through the entire time they were gone.
It was a really fun weekend. I think Mom and Dad should get more long weekends like that! It would have been better if they weren't busy moving stuff, but it was still great going hanging out with them.
I'm at Grandma's house right now. She moved her computer into the living room because it was in the room we're going to use as our bedroom so it's really easy getting on the computer and watching tv here. There's a man at our house right now looking at everything to make sure that our house is worth what the lady offered us. We're not worried about it. I better shut down the computer now. I think Dad will be here pretty soon to pick us up.


Asta said...

Hi Kaos
I would be weally excited if I had a Gwamma to go to..it sounds like fun, especially wif youw new thwowy stick fow youw Mom to send the balls faw...I hope you had lots of fun, and that youw camewa gets well soon
smoochie kisses

Petra said...

You had a busy weekend, Kaos! Maybe you should teach your grandma how to use that thing so she can play fetch with you, too!

The Daily Echo said...

That really was a busy weekend! I'm tired just reading about it. How exciting that you get to spend time with Grandma. I know you'll love that.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

It must be great staying with Grandma. We are sure she loves the idea..
Thanks for the Birthday wishes..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Callie and Louie

Maggie & Mitch said...

OMG, first barbeque hamburgers - that we've never even heard of, but we'd love to try - and then pizza! You guys had quite the weekend!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
Yes, it sounds like a really busy weekend!
I love to be with my grandma too!
Kisses and hugs

Moco said...

You are going to have a great time at G-Ma's house. Pretty soon you will be moving into your own new house. Pizza is the BOMB.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

That sounds like a pawsome weekend. It's great to spend time with your grandma

~ Girl girl


We're so exhausted from reading about your weekend, we need a nap. But first we just wanted to say woof cause we new in the neighborhood.

Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life inside the Fence

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hey Kaos

That really sounds like a busy weekend but sounds like lots of fun too.

We hope your camera will be okay soon. We want to see the new toy that you mention. Soundx very interesting.

Boy n Baby