Thursday, April 10, 2008

NOT A Toy!

If you see something that looks like this picture, DO NOT try to grab it. I was informed last night that is was NOT a toy and to stop obsessing over it. First of all, I don't obsess - over everything. Secondly, it fits perfectly in my mouth and it's a ball shape so why can't it be a toy? The answer to that is, because of the little things sticking in it. Those are called pins and they hurt your mouth when you bite down. Trust me!! Mom is working on a gift for one of her friends who is graduating to become a teacher and she keeps saying she can't wait to finish sewing the design on so she can put the tomato away (by the way, it doesn't taste like a tomato) so I'll leave it alone. She was going to leave it in her sewing bag all the time, but after last night she says it will be going back in the drawer as soon as the last pin goes back in. She is so no fun!
Okay, now for what happened to Sasha. A couple hours after Mom left for work this morning, Dad came home which he does once in awhile to pick up something that he or Mom forgot or just to say hi to us. Well, today he came and got Sasha and left. My heart was broken. I stood and stared at the door for a long time because I couldn't believe I was the one being left at home! I watched them drive off in Dad's work truck. When Mom came home for lunch she said Dad felt guilty for leaving me home. Obviously not guilty enough for him to come back and get me or for him to take me, too! She said to watch for Dad and Sasha, instead I bugged her. It was nice not having to compete for Mom's food that she dropped on the floor. I got everything that fell. Then we played the Cheeto game. Mom cheated though. It's supposed to go 1 Cheeto for Mom, 1 for Kaos, 1 for Mom, 1 for Kaos, etc. Sometimes it went 1 for Kaos, 3 for Mom, 1 for Kaos, 5 for Mom. I was okay with it though because I got more than I normally would. Then, Dad and some weird dog came home. I growled at the weird dog a couple times and Mom yelled at me. I couldn't figure out why she kept yelling at me to stop growling at the strange dog. Then, she explained it was Sasha!
This is what Sasha looked like when she left with Dad.
This is what Sasha looked like when they got home!! You can see why I was confused, right? She left smelling like a ball of dirt and looking like a buffalo and came home smelling like flowers and looking like a normal dachshund. After she started whining, I realized it really was Sasha. Mom was kind of annoyed with the weather man a couple days ago when he said today was going to be the coldest day of the week and now I know why. When Sasha goes in for her summer haircut, it always snows, rains or is just really cold. It can be 80-100 degrees all week and then Mom makes a grooming appointment for Sasha and that day it's in the low 50s-40s. Sasha gets cold easily so of course being the first day without her winter coat, she's a little chilled anyway, add on the cold weather and she whines more than normal.
Some of you might wonder why she has to get cut so short for the summer. Normal long haired dachshunds have nice smooth hair. Then there's the wire haired dachshunds that have, well, wiry hair. Wire hair dachshunds have a little different face than the other long haired dachshunds. Their face is more like a short haired dachshund. Well, Sasha has a regular long haired face and some funky, wild wire hair. It's more wiry than a normal wire haired!! It drives Mom crazy, but to top it off, during the summer Sasha's favorite thing to do is to roll in the dirt, play in the bushes and lay in the sun. Her hair collects leaves, grass and dirt very well so Mom is always picking stuff out of her coat and finding leaves and stuff in the couch and the big bed where Sasha likes to nap. It's really annoying, so Mom says shaving Sasha's fur really short and making her look funny for awhile is totally worth it. One year Mom had the people cut her ears and tail hair off, too and Mom said NEVER again. She missed the ear hair and tail hair (which are smooth like a normal long haired).
So, even though I'm still a little jealous that I didn't get to go somewhere with Dad, I'm okay with not going. Now, Mom will stop complaining about Sasha stinking and threatening to give us both a bath. Hopefully, Mom will forget about giving me a bath now. Keep your paws crossed!
I'm going to go sniff Sasha some more. There are lots of other dog smells under her perfume.
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Maggie & Mitch said...

Wow! Sasha looks so different with her haircut! Are you sure you don't want one too? You'll feel better!
Our mom has one of those tomatoes with pins sticking out of it too! It's in the cupboard where we can't get to it!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Peanut said...

Don't eat that thing. Then you would be hurt and I would be sad. Sasha looks quite funny. hahaha


Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
Sure that is not a toy! Looks funny to play with but please leave it alone!
Sasha looks so different! I can understand your confussion!
Here is too hot now and I want a bath!
Kisses and hugs

Petra said...

Sasha looks beeyootiful! And I'm sure she smells scrumptious, too!

Moco said...

Sasha looks like she has been to Vonnie's. We love to go to Vonnie's. That is where Dawson got his hair cut that looks like a bad toupee.
Stay away from that thingy with the pins.

BenTheRotti said...

wow Sasha looks quite sleek with that new haircut!! I can see why you didn't recognise her though, that is one drastic difference!!
I know being left behind was no fun.. but look on the brightside, If Dad had taken you.. you too could have come home bald!!!

Ben xxx

Kat said...
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Sparky said...

Kaos, I think you should teach your mama the proper way to play that game...1 for mama, 5 for Kaos...

Nanette said...

thanks for the heads up on the inedible tomato. If Stella comes across one, I am sure she will stay away now.

Sasha looks adorable and bet she smells adorable too!

Gus and Louie said...

Sasha looks just beautiful with her new doooo.. Sorry that Spring has not decided to show up for you.. It will before you know it..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hee Hee, Sasha look different. Our mama has this pink round ball that looks like that stuff but she puts it too high for us to reach

Boy n Baby