Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guess Where I Went Last Night!!!

Last night Dad came home from work and I got really excited to see him like I do every time someone comes home and he said something and I don't know what he said and then he gave Sasha a treat and I didn't get anything and I was really upset and confused and then he said let's go and I followed him out to MY JEEP and we got in and drove to Mom's office and Mom was coming out of her building to go to another one and I said "HEY MOM!!! LOOK AT ME!!!" and then she went to the other building and Dad and I went in her building and we went upstairs to talk to a lady my mom works with and Dad got some keys from her and we went back downstairs and I stayed inside while Dad went and fixed the lady's van and I stayed downstairs and sniffed all the empty cubicle areas and the copier and put my nose prints on the front door to that building and then Mom came in and said "what are you doing?" and I said hi to her and then I went up stairs and then had to wait for Mom to get up the stairs (I take 4-5 steps at a time and she uses every single one) and then I went to say hi to the other lady again and sniffed every room in Mom's office area (I sniffed the kitchen 2 times just in case). This is a picture of me in Mom's office. She used her work camera to take my picture. I was having a lot of fun playing in my Mom's office. Want to know what I was looking at in this picture? Here it is. Mom had a bouncy ball in her office for me to play with!! It was really different playing with it because when it got wet from my slobbers it got really slippery and it would fall out of my mouth and then it would bounce and roll and Mom laughed and said she didn't even need to throw it for me because I was doing a good job on my own but Mom rolled it for me a few times because she thought something might get broke if she threw it and I kept going in the bathroom and I remember my boyfriend Flash liking to drink out of the toilet because the water is cold and I figured the toilet at Mom's office was cleaner than the one at our house but Mom kept saying no because she didn't want to fish the balll out of the toilet and the cleaners were coming that night so apparently that toilet isn't as clean as I thought so I layed on the nice cool floor and then Mom had to go to the bathroom so I took my ball to the other lady and she took it from me and said "eww, yuck" and then I brought it to her again and she kicked it which was a lot of fun, too and then Mom came out and said sorry for not warning her about slobber head but I didn't know who she was talking about so I took my ball back to the mat my mom's office chair rolls on and bounced my ball some more until Dad was done fixing the van and said it was time to go home and then we went out and I got in MY Jeep and a lady that works downstairs and next door to Mom in the rental department stopped to talk to my Dad about how cool MY jeep is and how cute I am. I hung my head out the windows so she could get a better look at how good I look in my jeep.
I came home and took a long nap while Sasha told Dad how mad she was at him.
A bunch of you asked if I shared my cake crumbs with Sasha and that would be a no. It was a lot of work to get those crumbs and there weren't very many!
I'm off to take another nap now. I haven't had that much excitement in a long time!
OH! Speaking of excitement! I hope I get to talk to a bunch of you at the chat pawty tomorrow. Mom has a couple meetings she has to go to which means I won't be able to chat at those times (she doesn't want me saying bad things about her on an internet chat) but pretty much the entire time Mom and Dad are at work I should be able to chat. Once they get home they have to go run errands and then they're going to get working on the house again (they're getting burnt out) and then the next day Mom and I have to go help Grandma with some stuff.
OHHHH!!! And more excitement!! See! This is why I need another nap! Dad is getting Mom a Jeep truck!. He's doing a favore for my camping buddy and my buddy said Dad could have the little Jeep truck and Dad said that would be a good thing for Mom to have duiring the winter since her Kia hates winter. I'm sure it will actually become my Jeep just like MY big orange Jeep and MY Jeep truck. Sasha has a Jeepster, but it needs fixed so it sits in the back yard and isn't much fun (that's why I let her have it). It will be Mom's very first Jeep so it will be exciting - well, it will be exciting once Dad gets it running, other wise Sasha can have that one, too.
Okay, I have to go rest now. I'm getting a little lite headed.


Gus and Louie said...

Sounds like you had great fun visiting Mom's work. Glad they had a ball there to play with so you wouldn't be bored..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Maggie & Mitch said...

That's so neat that you got to visit where your mom works, Kaos and it's pretty neat that she had a ball for you to play with while you were there!
We hope we catch you in the chat room tomorrow!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
Sure it was nice to go to your mom's work!
Congratulations on YOUR new Jeep!
Kisses and hugs

BenTheRotti said...

Wow sounds like you had a blast. I keep on at Dad to take me to work.. but so far he is resisting!!

Ben xxxx

Petra said...

I am so jealous and you are SO LUCKY that you got to visit your mom at work! I love the picture of you with your tongue hanging out of your mouth, Kaos. You are one beauty!

The Daily Echo said...

Hey! Nobuddy told me it was take your dog to work day! Hmmmph. My Mom has a Jeep Commander and she loves it. We like to look out the windows when we ride in it.