Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Cherity & Some Changes

Hi! I'm still around! I haven't figured out why if Mom is busy at work, the computer at home doesn't work. Mom is swamped at work and then comes home exhausted. I don't know why though. She sits at a desk all day playing with pictures on her computer. She said it takes a lot of brain power at her job. I've gone to work with Mom, it doesn't look hard.
Anyway, enough complaining about Mom and how neglected I am. Mom gets a lot of newsletters in her email everyday for gardening, recipes, art stuff and craft stuff. Today was one of her cross stitch newsletters and Mom is totally excited. There was a little noet about a group needing squares for some quilts ASAP so Mom followed the link just to see what was going on and it's a WONDERFUL sight. I love kids and Mom loves kids and so we decided I definately needed to tell everybody about this site. Here's the link: Love Quilts. What they do is a bunch of people stitch squares for quilts and mail them in to certain places and then some other people take the squares and make them into quilts and then they give them to kids who have cancer and other really bad diseases. They have been doing this since 1999 and Mom was looking at some of the quilts and reading some of the stories and has gotten very excited. She loves to do cross stitch but can't decide what to do with them after she's done with them and now she knows. One of Mom's friends has 2 little kids that have Sickle Cell and the little girl (Mom says she's not little, she's almost 11 and is almost as tall as Mom) has had 2 strokes before she was 5 because of it. She got to go to Florida through Make a Wish and this summer, she gets to go to a sickle cell camp in North Carolina!! She's a very cute little girl and Mom loves her very much. She moved really far away when she was 3 and Mom missed her TONS and TONS! Then they moved right before Mom and Dad got married about an hour from here so Mom gets to see them more often, but she still wishes they were back here in town. I heard Mom tell Dad that they might be coming to visit this weekend or next which is great! - as long as they come here to play with me instead of meating for lunch somewhere not here! Anyway, all the stories about the kids made Mom think of her friend's little girl (oh, the girl's brother also has sickle cell, but hasn't had the problems like she has) and how unfair it is for a child to have to go through all of that instead of playing and just being a kid. The little girl (Mom says to stop calling her little again) can't run like a normal kid because of the strokes. It really doesn't slow her down very much though and Mom says if you look really really really close, you can see a little dip on the left side of her mouth but that hasn't slowed her mouth down at all. Mom says she still talks 10 miles an hour and has a GIANT smile. So, if you would like to check out the group, go to the link I gave you and read about them. Mom can't wait to start making squares. She said she isn't going to committ to any kid right now while we're going through the painting and stuff, but they also have an Any Child section where you make squares that aren't for a specific child and the group uses them to fill in other quilts and if they need to throw one together really fast for an emergency (Mom found a few that the quilt was finished right before the child died so she thinks those were emergency quilts). That way, Mom can still make squares, but she doesn't have to worry about deadlines (the deadlines give you a pretty good time to do it though) until after the house is done (and I mean the new house, not the current one). Mom's excited about being part of the group and making a piece of a quilt for a sick kid that will use it a bunch. Mom has no clue how to quilt so it also gives her pile of finished designs a purpose (she's most excited about that).
Okay, now for the changes on my blog. There ares some of you that do special days like Wheely Wednesday (Butchy & Snickers and Penny & Poppy), Funny Monday (Marvin did this one and Mom and I REALLY miss it), Peek-a-Boo Friday (Girl Girl), Tanner Tuesday (Joe Stains), Sleepy Sunday (Ruby) and of course my most favorite but it seems to be the most neglected of all, Flash Friday (Peanut). Well, I've decided to start "Artsy Fartsy Friday." There won't be any actual farting (Mom's rules, not my rules). I've been trying to get Mom to get her art stuff organized so I can share it with you, but she's "busy." We're going to start with the stuff that's hung up in our house before they all get packed away for the move (we're staying very optimistic that we'll sell our house fast so Mom can get her dishwasher fast and I can get my GIANT grassy yard fast). Tomorrow will be the first "Artsy Fartsy Friday" - as long as Mom remembers to get the chip out of the camera in the morning. If she does, check in for another day of me making fun of my Mom on the internet. I'll tell more hilarious stories about her. I'll call it Hilarious Hilary Friday (notice how the beginning of the word Hilarious starts off with the EXACT letters as most of my mom's name). I'll tell you all about how much trouble she has getting ready for work in the morning since they started ripping the bathroom apart. She tried to catch her forhead on fire with her curling iron yesterday so Dad had to find her an extension cord. I lay on the bed and laugh.
So, check in tomorrow for "Artsy Fartsy Friday" or "Hilarious Hilary Friday."
I'm going to go look for the chewies I hid at lunch so I can be ready to watch Dad work on ripping the flooring out of the bathroom until Mom gets home. The cool thing about the bathroom is, it's too small for Mom and Dad to both work in there at the same time. Mom goes in once in awhile to help with something, but not for very long. She spends most of the time on the couch with me waiting for Dad to call her to come help with something.


Peanut said...

Oh I can't wait until tomorrow for artsy fartsy friday. Mom has been awful about helping with Flash Friday but we have a post all ready for tomorrow. So there will be a Flash Friday tomorrow.

Maggie & Mitch said...

We'll be checking out the quilt links!
We can't wait for artsy fartsy friday!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
Thanks for telling us about the Love Quilt site. My mom is going to check it and see if she can do something.
I will be waiting for the Artsy Fartsy Friday!
Kisses and hugs

The Army of Four said...

Oh, cool! We can't wait for Artsy Fartsy Friday!
We're familiar with Love Quilts; great cause!

Petra said...

....waiting with anticipation, Lady Kaos! You sure know how to have fun!