Thursday, June 28, 2007

Too Hot

I don't have a good excuse for not blogging this week. The excuse I have is that it's too hot. It's too had to do anything but lay on the couch under the airconditioner vent or in the bedroom under the air conditioner vent on the hardwood floor. I have to be really careful when I'm out because I'm black which means I get hot faster. The good thing is, Mom has been squirting me with the house which means tons of fun (if she could figure out how to do it without getting the camera soaking wet, she'd get a picture because she says I'm hilarious) and if I get squirted with the water, I don't get as hot so I can stay out and play more.
Mom is dong pretty good. Her job is stressing her out, but health wise she's feeling better and her incisions are healing up pretty good. Once the stitches start dissolving she'll be able to do more. Gunnar is pretty much better, too. I'm mad at him though for stressing Mom out so bad. All weekend he kept being mean to Mom even though she was trying to help. I told him off a couple of times and spent lots of time playing with Mom and sleeping under the air conditioner vents. He's still taking medicine, but the house doesn't stink anymore and he's going to the litter box instead of wherever he sits. This morning Gunnar finally let Mom scratch him and give him hugs and kisses. I think he figured out he better be nice to Mom again because she's the one that usually feeds him and if he misses a meal, we all suffer!Hopefully once it cools down he'll curl up with Mom at night.
This weekend I am going to be really really busy. We're having a party for the 4th of July at my house and we need to get the house cleaned and the backyard cleaned up so everybody can come see me! There's going to be lots of people here. The neighbor kids are coming, the kids I go camping with are coming, some of my favorite adults are going to be there, too. Mom and Dad even invited the new neighbors. I'm not too sure about them yet because they don't have any kids to play fetch with me and they don't have any dogs to play with me. They seem nice. They also have a hot tub in their yard. Mom says it will be filled with warm water once they get everything hooked up for it. Right now warm water doesn't sound so good, but in the winter that will be fun to play in the water and not get cold. I wonder if they'll let me play in their hot tub. Have any of you ever played in a hot tub before? Mom said while we're working hard in our yard this weekend, she'll put water in my pool again so I can cool off while we're working. My Mom's so nice! Hopefully Mom will have pictures of all the fun I'll be having during the bbq. There's going to be tons of food and lots of little kids to give me food. WOOHOO!! I love having the kids around. Mom said she'd try to find the squirt guns and we'll fill my pool so the kids can have a water fight (the guns are tiny so nobody gets soaking wet). I hope they squirt me lots! I can't wait for the kids to come!!!!! I really need to talk to Mom and Dad about getting me some kids to play with. If anybody has any advice on how to talk Mom and Dad into this, let me know. I'm very jealous of all of you that have kids.
I'm going to read some blogs now and then go back to the air conditioner vent. Mom didn't come home for lunch today to let us out because she's really busy trying to get caught up and I don't care that she didn't come home because it's too hot outside anyway. When she comes home after work, hopefully it will be cooler. OH!!!! Mom said that she's taking the 5th and 6th off from work to take a break. That means 5 whole days Mom will be home with me!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!
Okay, now I really need to go read some blogs and go take a nap under the air conditioner. I am soooooo glad Mom and Dad leave the air conditioner running for us all day.
PS Hi Flash!!!! I got your message about not feeding cats kibble and Mom said before I joined the family they found out Gunnar can't digest the wet food properly. I'm glad I wasn't here for that. The good thing is, Gunnar drinks a lot of water (especially when he's sick which Mom thinks is weird). Mom is still going to keep an eye on him with this new food and do some research on some other foods for him. Mom thought about trying wet food again, but we jsut got the house to not smell again, I think she should wait. Mom's pretty sure it wasn't the food he eats that caused this but, because he eats Sasha's food. Sasha doesn't always eat when she's supposed to and then Gunnar comes and eats her food. Now, Sasha has to eat when it's put out or they put it away and she has to wait until the next meal. Sasha's learning fast to eat when she's supposed to or she has to wait a long time. Okay, I'm going now. Gotta go get caught up on reading blogs so I can be ready for Flash Friday!


Tadpole said...

My goodness there's a lot going on over there! And I can't believe your mom is having a party that soon after her operation! She must be Wonder Woman! :-)

Hope to see lots of pics of you getting TONS of food this weekend!

Peanut said...

Ah I'm so glad Gunnar is doing better. I have no idea how to get your mom and dad to get you kids of your own. We had ours when I came to live here. Uh yuck on the wet food and Gunnar that does not sound good at all.