Friday, June 08, 2007


Taking care of Mom is really hard. She's bored so she wants to talk to us. I wish she could go outside on her own so she could go talk to her plants instead. Dad doesn't want her out in the yard by herself yet though. Luckily he was home yesterday so I coudl get some sleep. Mom has been on our home computer a little bit and has been complaining about how slow it is. DUH! Why does she think I always have to have her take my pictures to work and upload them there when I want to post a bunch. Sheesh! Mom also decided she is going to start working harder to get a laptop because she doesn't like the computer room or how Dad has the computer set up.
I'm still trying to get caught up on reading all of your blogs. It takes awhile on the computer, especially after Mom has warn it out after checking her email and doing stuff on it for herself. She is thinking about going back to work on Monday so she can get caught up a little and so she can read her email faster. She can't go upstairs yet and that's where her office is, but another lady is on vacation right now so she can borrow her desk.
Today is Grandma Cheese' birthday and she's supposed to be in town so I hope she comes to visit me! I'll tell you about my grandma cheese later. Someone asked if she's made out of cheese. She's not, she just loves feeding Sasha and I cheese and of course we love when she does that!
There's sounds coming from the new neighbor's house so I have to go check them out now and then hopefully Mom will be ready for another nap.
Have a good weekend everybody!


Peanut said...

Oh geez sorry your mom is talking to you so much and you don't get to nap. That is awful. Hey your grandma cheese sounds neat. I hope she comes and gives you lots of cheese.

fee said...

i think they all go a bit funny when they are sick. i do hope she gets better soon, for your sake!

ps: your cat brother is mean. sasha – is she a kitty or doggie?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Aw Lady Kaos, you don't like to talk to your mum? But I'm sure she loves your company.
Gandma cheese sounds fun

~ girl girl

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Kaos,
I think your mom's just plain bored. Just try to bear with her nagging..erm I mean talking.... :)
PS : My Mom doesn't have her own compooter at home it's quite troublesome at times if Dad needs to use the compooter.

Tadpole said...

It would be better if she were made out of cheese, but FEEDING you cheese is the next best thing, I suppose....

Glad your mom is getting better!

Dory and Liza said...

Kaos -

So sorry to hear your mom was feeling so poorly. We are glad she is on the mend - you are being a great nurse.

You all are in our thoughts and prayers -

Have a happy week - Dory

coco said...

Oh my gosh, grandma's are the BEST!!! My grandma feeds me people food too! And cheese is one of my favorite treats!

By the way, I found you through my cousin's blog (my cousin is Tadpole). Nice to meet you!


Marvin The Dog said...

Have a lovely weekend too! And take care of your Mum! love and licks, Marvin ps Jeannie says to tell your Mum, it is very hard work to keep up with all the blogs! No worries!