Friday, June 22, 2007


Mom is feeling very guilty today because Gunnar had to go to the vet this morning. Last night he was acting even weirder. He was hissing at me for no reason at all. Dad went to get after him for hissing for now reason and Mom yelled "NO there's something wrong, look at him!" He was really really stiff and stood still and then Dad picked him up and he sat on Dad's lap for a long time. Dad went to take a shower and Gunnar went and hid under the dining room table and any time Mom got near him he hissed and walked away from her. I comforted Mom and told her it was okay. She was upset because the rest of us go to Mom when we don't feel good or are hurt and Gunnar was pulling away. We all went to bed pretty late and then Gunnar came in a layed on Mom's feet and Mom spent all night feeling to make sure he was okay. This morning Mom got up early and then worried until she could finally call the vet at 7:30. They wanted Mom to bring him it at 2:45 this morning until she told them he hadn't peed for at least 8 hours and they said to bring him earlier and they'd work him in. Gunnar had been sitting on Dad's lap for awhile and Mom told the lady one of his symptoms was that he was cuddling. I thought it was funny for a symptom to be something I do a bunch. Gunnar got off Dad's lap and he had peed on Dad!!! and guess what! Dad didn't get mad!!! There was a little white spot on the shorts and Dad put it in a baggy to take with them and then Gunnar went in the computer room and kept peeing everywhere. After about 25 minutes Mom told Dad it was time to go. She couldn't take it any longer. Gunnar ended up scratchng Dad because he didn't want to go in the carrier and then you should have heard him yowl once he was outside. Gunnar is terrified to go outside and he was going to let the entire neighborhood know it.
At the vets office they got him in really quick and then Gunnar said that the doctor kept squeezing his bladder and said he was going to stick a needle in him to get a urine sample and Gunnar said no way and pee-ed all over the exam table. He said he volunteered a urine sample so they wouldn't poke him with a needle. Makes sense to me! They ran some tests and he had crystals which means he has to take some nasty medicine that he makes funny faces while he's eating and he has to eat a special kind of food that's kind of expensive. Mom and Dad left the baby gate down the blocks me from going into the litter box and threatened me with no fetch for a week if I got in there!! Gunnar is the one that is peeing all over the house and I'm the one being told to be good?!?!?!?!
Mom told Sasha she better thank Gunnar for getting sick because she was supposed to get a haircut and her shots with that $100 she spent on him. Next month she better watch out though.
Mom feels guilty because she mistook his bad attitude for grumpiness about the bathtub instead of him being sick. She also feels guilty because while she's been getting better, she thinks we've been neglected and that's why Gunnar got sick. She realized last night that his litter box hasn't been cleaned for quit awhile and Mom is very picky about the length of time a litter box goes without being cleaned. I told Mom this isn't her fault at all. If she hadn't had the surgery then she would get even sicker and then she would have been in really bad shape and wouldn't be able to take care of us at all. I plan on spending the weekend making sure she gets lots of love. I home Mom stops and picks up some airfresheners before she comes home, too because the house smells bad, especially this room. I'm going to go in the bathroom now and figure out how to get up in the window for some fresh air now. Gunnar does it all the time, surely I'll figure it out, too.
Have a great weekend everybody!


Peanut said...

Oh man poor gunnar. My dad just had to take Shelby to the vet on sunday. He had an infection but no crystals. My mom says to tell you if that stuff they want you to feed Gunnar is kibble then stop. She learned that cats don't drink enough water to process kibble and that can help cause crystals. Cats should always eat canned food and males more then females. Hey mom says email her and she will get you some articles to read.

Luckie the Dachie said...

Hey Kaos,
Poor Gunnar.... but I think it's not fair you gotta stay some corner away from the action just cos Gunnar's sick!

Dory and Liza said...

Those crystals kinda sort sound alot like the kidney stone last year that made my dad sick!! Poor Gunnar. Kaos - we are glad to see you are holding down the fort - give everyone extra doggy love and everything will start getting back to normal soon.

Happy Weekend - SOrta Sis Dory

PreciOus said...

Poor Gunnar, hope he'll feel better soon. Ask your Mom to have plenty have rest too.

The Airechicks said...

Miss Lady Kaos -

Please convey our "GET WELL" saluations to Gunnar....

Jackie O would be proud of how you stepped up to make Mom feel better.

Hope the weekend was okay for the family...

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I hope Gunnar get well soon..

~ girl girl

Tadpole said...

I'm so glad you're there to keep your mom from beating up on herself, Kaos! It's easy for humans to do, when we are sick like that. Keep telling her the truth, and give her lots of love. :-) I hope everyone (and especially Gunner) feels better soon!