Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday Card List, Fires & Stuff

We got the list!! I can't wait to start on it! We signed up for email only because Mom said it was going to be kind of expensive to buy that many stamps and Mom thought that it would be kind of rude for us to be doing email and to get a bunch of cards in the mail from all of you, but this weekend I had a talk with her about it and she decided if you would like to send me a card by mail just email her for our mailing address (hilarysdesigns(at)yahoo(dot)com) and she'll give it to you. Mom and I are still working on the email card. She says I'm not cooperating with the photography part. I think I'm being very cooperative!!
To all of the dogs, cats, and any other animals and humans in California, we're sending lits of good vibes to you right now with all those fires. We hope you are all doing good and are safe. My human cousins that are coming to visit for Thanksgiving live in southern California and we're a little nervous. So far they only have the smoke, but Grandma is really worried that they won't be able to fly out on Thursday. We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed they still get to come. I'm really excited!
I didn't post for Artsy Fartsy Friday again and I'm blaming Mom's bosses. They've been kind of mean to her lately and so she hasn't had much time to do fun stuff lately and when she comes home she doesn't want to look at a computer any more so she can't do it then either. This Friday we promise to post 2 things! They're both Thanksgiving themed. I'll probably be busy entertaining the kids so Mom will probably be posting. Next week we won't be posting much because Mom is taking a bunch of days off to help me entertain the kids and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!!!
One of the neighbor's cat spies is in the front yard so I have to go yell at it now!!


Peanut said...

Did the cat leave? Hopefully. Mom is only sending out 100 real cards. That is how many stamps she already put away. The rest we are just going to have to do ecards. Otherwise she says we will be broker then we are.


Petra said...

Duh, my mom didn't even know you could do e-cards so she didn't sign me up.

Anyway, get lots of rest before those little bundles of energy arrive, Kaos!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We've been working hard on our Christmas cards and have most of them ready to go! Stamps are very expensive but we feel that our friends are well worth it!
We love Thanksgiving too, Kaos! It's one of our very favorite holidays because it centers around FOOD!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Mom didn't sign up either.. What a bum we have..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Joe Stains said...

ya stamps ARE expensive, especially if you want to send all over the world!

Snowball said...

Preparing Christmas cards is fun but nasty jie jie did not sign me up for this year Card exchange. She is terrible.

I hope you have a good time making the cards.


Bae Bae said...

I hope you get lots of cards Kaos. ;)

~ Bae

Georgeous said...

Have fun looking after the little hoomans Kaos!

Lacy said...

w00f's Lady K, me sended u peemail...lot of new pups on the list and a lot iz ones me not no...mama gotta git busy on our cards...haff a wonderful thanksgivin wiff the hooman kiddies...

b safe,

Dannan and The Girl said...

Good job, keeping an eye on that cat, Kaos!

The Girl doesn't know how many snail mail cards we can afford to send, but we're going to send e-mail to everybody else! I'm hoping we can send about 40, but The Girl says we'll see how much the postage is!

Brown dog kisses,