Friday, October 16, 2009

A Fun Package

Hi Everybody!! It's ME!!! I hope you all remember me! Mom has been kind of down lately so I've been busy trying to cheer her up. It's been a lot of work lately. She finally had a job interview last week and found out there were 48 people that applied for the job and he chose 10 people to interview. She got a letter in the mail yesterday saying she didn't get the job. She really didn't want the job anyway, but it was hard on her self-esteem anyway. It did encourage her to get her business going that she wants to do. I'll do a post about it soon. She's applied for like a million jobs and has only had 1 interview. She ran out of her regular unemployment money and had to do the extension which freaked her out a little, too.
There is another reason Mom has been down. Mom bought her car in 2002. It was a used car, but it was a 2002 so she was feeling pretty special about buying a car she could afford in the same year the car was. She has taken really good care of her car. When the bumper got messed up, Sasha had to comfort her for weeks until it got fixed (that was before I joined the family). When Mom and Sasha adopted Dad, Dad started helping Mom take care of her car. Mom and Dad use it a lot when they have to go on road trips that don't involve pulling the boat or going off road because it gets really really good gas mileage. It's the first car Mom has owned that hasn't stranded her on the side of the road. It has locked her in a few times (we found out that's a Kia Rio thing in the design of the door), but luckily she doesn't have power locks and windows so she's able to mess with it to let her out. If it was power locks, she'd have to drive to Pueblo to the nearest Kia dealership (about 45 minutes away) and call them from the parking lot to have them come and let her out. That would suck! Anyway, Tuesday Mom and Dad went to Denver for a thing for Dad's work and on the way up a cement truck threw a rock and chipped the windshield. Dad reassured Mom that he would call around the next day to get the chip repaired and it would be fine. BUT, a couple minutes later it started to crack because of the ruff highway roads. Mom said it was horrible listening to the popping every time the windshield cracked. It kept getting worse all day long. Dad was able to reroute the cracks when they got home so it wouldn't crack in Mom's line of sight which made the windshield look really horrible. Mom said she felt like crying because this was also the first car she has ever owned that didn't have a cracked windshield. When my Aunt Gillian took her driver's test when she turned 16, she had to use Mom's car because it was the only vehicle in the family that didn't have a cracked windshield and now it looks really bad. Mom might be asking Santa for a new windshield this year. Luckily, Dad has connections in everything that has to do with vehicles pretty much so he'll try to find Santa a really good deal on one. Until then, Mom hates going out to the garage or getting in her car.
Now about the package! The same day she got the letter saying she didn't get the job, there was also a package from our buddies Huskee, Hershey and their Mom. The package also came on the same day Mom finally got in her car and on the way home found yet another crack in her poor windshield! Great timing on the package you guys!! Your Mom has great timing on her trips to the post office - unlike my mom! We're not sure when Mom will leave the house again because of her windshield - I hope it's soon though cuz we're almost out of dog food!!!!! Anyway, here's the cool package and our reactions!

The Happy Birthday card is for Mom. Her birthday is next week - exactly a week after we got the package! There's also a couple Halloween decorations and that really pretty shawl. But most important are those 3 bags on the left side there!!!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Salmon treats!!!!!

Don't make me do anything cute for a treat! I'm the Princess Puppy, remember?

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze can we have another Salmon treat? What about the chicken treats? I'm sure Huskee and Hershey meant to put instructions in the package saying we had to have both bags ASAP!

If you give us one of those chicken treats, it will cover up our Salmon breathe that you say we have now.
Finally!!!!! Hurry up and open those chicken treats!!!!!



Sasha was too quick for the camera. She ran and hid under the table before Mom could get a good picture of her eating the Chicken treat.
Even Gunnar got some treats!!! Mom would like to thank Huskee, Hershey & their mom for not sending fish treats. Gunnar is forbidden to eat fish. That's all I'm going to say on that stinky subject!
You say these treats are from some of those dog friends Kaos is always talking about? You expect me to trust treats that come from dogs? It does smell really good though. Give one to the dogs first and when they don't pass out, I'll try one.
Sasha and I tried one of the cat treats so Gunnar would trust them. Those were pretty good too! Gunnar ate one so we're assuming that means he liked it, too. He doesn't get too excited about stuff very often.
Thanks again Huskee, Hershey and Shane!!!!!!!!! You guys are PAWESOME!!!!!!!!!! We love you very very very very much!!!!!!
It's trash day and our trash man hasn't come yet so I better go sit at the patio door until he shows up so I can yell at him for being so late!! I might have to call his boss about this!
Have a great weekend everybody!!!!


Sparky said...


I haven't been by your blog in so long, it's grrrrEAT to see ya!

Oh no! Your human mom has really been going through some bad days, eh? That really sucks! That poor windshield. I do hope it gets fixed soon, without being too expensive!

OMDog, that package from Huskee and Hershey looks so PAWESOME! I'm drooling on the keyboard just looking at you guys eat those treats! Mmmm.

I hope you have a grrrrEAT weekend, my friend!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


It is soooo furry nice to see woo!

It really sukhks to be our humans somedays - good thing they have US to cheer them!

That was a pawesome pakhkage those furry special furiends sent all of woo!

Tank woo fur sharing them with us!


Peanut said...

omdog we are so sorry about the windshield. Mom had to replace the one on her jeep this year and then dad had to have a crack fixed on his truck. Those treats and presents look really great. I've missed you but mom says she will be better about visiting and blogging now.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
I know you are doing your best to cheer your mom up!
I hope everything goes well for her!
Huskee sent you all pawesome presents!
Sure the treats were yummy!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Mango said...

Poor mom! The work stuff is most discouraging, huh, and then her beloved car? Good thing that package came to cheer everybody up? I mean seeing you enjoying your pressies had to make her smile, right?


Maggie and Mitch said...

What a bummer about your mom's windshield, Kaos! We hope she can get it fixed without it costing her an arm and a leg!
Huskee and Hershey are sure thoughtful pups! What yummy gifts!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Deefor said...

Sorry about your mom's job stuff. That probably wasn't the right job for her. And the car. Maybe she needs more time for long walkies with the doggies.

Someone hit my mom's car this summer and she is still looking at Mazdas all the time from her new used VW. At least Santa can fix the windshield.

Joe Stains said...

That so stinks about the car. The 2nd day Mom had her truck a giant tree branch fell on the tail gate and bent it, she was so sad.

Huskee and Hershey said...

Awww.. sorry to hear about your mom's windshield. That must have sucked and I guess it's also hard for your mom to have to bear with it until Christmas!! Hopefully your dad will get a really good deal for replacing it so that your poor mom doesn't have to keep looking at it.

Whew... finally our mom has done something right somehow by having the package delivered to you on an otherwise tough day!! We will give her a treat or two later! LOL..

Hope that you, Sasha and Gunnar liked the treats.. oh and did you give your mom loads of kisses on her birthday??