Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Did You Do On the Last Day Of Summer?

You'll never guess what I did on the last day of summer!!! I went in search of snow with my mom and dad!!! Crazy huh? The craziest part was....WE FOUND IT!!!!!! We got in my truck and drove on a road called Shelf Road all the way to a town called Cripple Creek and then took the regular highway home. The reason Shelf Road is called that is, that's pretty much what it is. It's a 1-lane, 2-way road with some pull offs for people to pull off on if there's another car coming. We didn't get to get out and play in the snow because it was too dangerous on that road and since we were in the truck and riding up in the cab, Mom didn't want mud all over her. I thought about trying to get some and ship it to all my husky friends, but then I realized I have a bunch of husky friends and Mom said by the time the snow got to some of them, it would just be a wet envelope, so Mom took some pictures and said I can show them to everybody and tell my husky friends that the snow is coming!
Here are some pictures that Mom took of the snow:

There wasn't a bunch of snow, but enough the town of Cripple Creek had to plow their roads!

Along the road we saw some cow dogs and I really wanted to get out and chase them or at least hang out the window and bark at them, but Dad said no. Mom said, "OUCH!!!! STOP!!! OWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" Weird thing to say.....unless you have a little dachshund going crazy on your head, neck, arms, shoulders and lap to try to get at the cow dogs. Sasha REALLY wanted to get them! There were no pictures of all of this because Mom was a little busy trying to protect herself and couldn't juggle the camera, too.

That morning I had run around crazy because it was so nice and cool outside. I had a lot of fun running really fast at Mom and then veering off at the very last second. I love that game! I know Mom loves that game too by the amount of screaming she does in the 3 seconds before I veer off. I was so tired from all that playing and the excitement of the drive, I fell asleep on Mom's lap. Sleeping in the front seat of an old Jeep truck with 2 human adults and 2 dogs isn't exactly comfortable, but I didn't care because I was so tired. Mom was able to get a picture - sort of. Nice picture of the collar Huskee & Hershey sent me, isn't it?

Today it's cool again, but Dad has to work and Mom has to do laundry so I'm spending all day warming up the couch. It's a job I do very well.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and the update from me finally! Mom says she promises to help me update you on what I've been up to while I haven't been posting.


Mango said...

I will have to try that game on my momma. Maybe get her old heart pumping faster.

You found SNOW! That is fantastic. I am sick of summer.


The OP Pack said...

Thanks for sharing the snow, it is more than we think we saw here last winter.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom says she's going to be hearing a song from The Band fur the rest of the evening!

I say

Let it snow!
Let it snow!!
Let it snow!!!


The Army of Four said...

Ha rooooooo! Send it JUST a little east, if you please!!!

Painter Pack said...

Any snow is GREAT snow! Bring on the snow!!! Haroooooo's!!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
Sure it was pawesome to go there to find snow!
I am not a big fan of the winter season but sure some less hot weather would be nice!
Thanks for sharing your pictures!
Kisses and hugs

Huskee and Hershey said...

Oh sweet Kaos (and Sasha), you are finally back!! Glad that the collar fits you nicely and it really stands out against your fur.

Hey if you find more snow and intends to send them to your Husky friends, don't forget about your non-Husky friend Huskee ok? I could do with some of those white stuff.. :)

(((hugs to all.. especially your mom)))

Moco said...

Who would have thought there would be snow this early? It is nice that you were able to enjoy it.

Molly,Taffy and Monty said...

Hi Kaos

Thank for popping over to visit our blog. We are sorry you have been having problems making a comment in the past, but we definitely received your kind comment today.

Snow, my goodness Winter doesn't seem far away now.

Molly, Taffy and MOnty

Marvin said...

Hello Lady Kaos!

So nice to read about your snow adventure!

Yes, we are getting near to the last day of summer here too. We saw the wild geese flying south yesterday, and my Jeannie says the last rose of summer has just bloomed in the pot on the terrace ;0(

Your day sounded great fun and thank you for sharing your snow adventures!

We can see the hills from our house here, and there is no snow on them yet, but once there is, we know it is time to start collecting snow for our Husky Friends!!

lotsaluv Marvin xxxxx

Whose Jeannie is very late with all her blogging too, so no worries tell your Mama!

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

Wow, the photos of snow looked gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us...*wink*

Hope you have a great weekend!


Deefor said...

Love your snow pictures. They like seeing a little snow on the divide even if it all melts soon. My humans have shifted into snow mode too. I don't know why it's so exciting. It happens every year.

Arrow loves those you can't catch me games.

Maggie and Mitch said...

Wow! Snow is September! We are so jealous!
Your new collar looks beautiful on you, Kaos!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch


Hi Kaos,

sorry we haven't been around much but we been having major computer problems too.

Today we read all your posts we have missed. The roses are fantastic!!

Since your Mom loves flowers and plants to much could you ask her to take some pictures of you, Sasha and Gunnnar so I can feature you guys on one of my doggie or cat posts.


LailaSmith01 said...

nice photos, I enjoy viewing it. hope my mom take me there! woof..woof..

Dog Pens