Monday, August 04, 2008

We're In!!! and A Funny Vet Trip

It was down to minute zero, but everything went okay and we closed on both houses Thursday. Mom and Dad had to do some major cleaning on the new house because it's been vacant for so long. We hung out with Mom and Dad while they cleaned and then Friday morning we hung out for awhile before our vet appointment.

If you ever want to get back at your parents for all the stress they cause here's what you do: First, try to get out of the car before leashes are on, next get tangled up in your sister's leash in the 5 steps it takes to get to the front door, then be sure to try to say hi to every dog in the the doorway and waiting area (there were only 2, but I made sure they both knew me well), next you go one way while your sister goes the other way in the waiting area (to make this even better, go the opposite way from the side your Mom is using to hold your leash), then when they try to weigh you be really hyper and wag your tail really hard so the sacle has a hard time getting your weight. Sasha out did me on the scale. It was great!! She hates getting on that scale, I don't know why, she only weighed 11 pounds and we're pretty sure a couple of those pounds are all fur. She tried wiggling out of mom's grips and then all of a sudden her collar slipped off!!! I was so jealous! Why didn't I think of that?!?!? So, when you go in the exam room where your parents think they can finally relax because what can happen in a small room where there's nobody to bug you, show them how wrong they are! PLENTY can happen. What I did was bark at everybody on the other side of the door. It was great! While Mom was wrestling with Sasha and her collar, I was barking at the people on the other side of the door. The lady finally came to give us our shots and I was totally caught off guard. Why don't they warm you before they stick that in you?!?! Mom tried to get our leashed straightened out before we went out to the lobby again, but as soon as we stepped out the door we were all tangled up. While Mom was writting the check, Sasha slipped out of her collar again and went to visit the ladies behind the counter. She's good!! Mom had made her collar really tight and she still slipped out! I was way jealous so I slipped out of my collar, too. Mom was totally frustrated by now (and a little embarassed - hehe). We don't get the leashes attached to our collars much so Mom checked to make sure our collars weren't too loose before we left the house and they wouldn't slip off. Sasha and I have the ability to shrink our heads when we need to, at least that's what Mom thinks. Mom decided next time we have to go to the vet together, we're wearing our harnesses. Mom didn't want to put them on us because Sasha's goes across right were they do the shots and Mom isn't exactly sure where the harnesses are. When we went out to the car, we decided to behave a little. We loaded in the car with no problems, but we got all tangled up when Mom tried to take our leashes off. That was funny, too. Mom was going to take us back to Grandma's house to stay, but Sasha and I gave Mom the guilt trip of all guilt trips. We used the power of the big brown eyes to it's full power and Mom took us back to the new house for some more cleaning. Dad was vacuuming and when Mom we got there, Mom took over vacuuming and Dad started messing with the carpet cleaning machine. Sasha and I kind of wished we had stayed at Grandma's. Luckily the house is big enough we could go hide in another room. Mom took us to Grandma's for lunch which we were fine with. That way when Grandma came home for lunch we could tell her how terrible it was that we had to go to the vet. We've got 2 years to start planning the next vacination trip to the vet. It's going to be hard to top the slipping out of the collar trick - mostly because by then Mom will have found or bought new harnesses.

Mom and Dad moved the bed and some other important stuff that afternoon so that we could stay the night. Grandma brought us some hamburger's for dinner and then we went to go get Gunnar. Mom wasn't worried about Gunnar because he did so good moving to Grandma's, but this time instead of spending the time under the bed or on the bed, he hid behind the toilet in the master bedroom AND he didn't go to the litter box for aabout 36 hours even though Mom and Dad kept taking him out to it. He topped the slipping out of the collar trick. There's no way I can hold it in that long!!! Finally, Saturday night he started coming out to drink and eat and you should have seen how happy Mom was when he pooped. Mom's get excited over the weirdest things!!! He started being a big butthead though after that. He got into things he's not supposed to, got up on counters which he never does and started tipping tall stacks of boxes over.

One of my favortie things is the hallway. I run from one end to the other really fast shaking a stuffie. Before there were so many boxes in my way, I'd run around the dining room, around the living room and down the hall and back. Once in awhile I'd vear off of the hallway into the laundry room which leads into the kitchen which leads into the dining room which leads into the living room which leads back to the hallway. It's a wonderful zommie circle track!!!

Today I've been sleeping. Moving is a lot of work! The guy finally came to hook up the computer, phone and tv a little bit ago. I din't think he was ever going to get here!!

As soon as Mom finds her camera and more of the boxes are gone, I'll take you on a tour of my new house. It's so cool!!! No, really, the air conditioner works so good I crawl under the couch pillows for naps so I don't get too cold.


Peanut said...

You guys sure did a good job at the vet. Hey I have a zoomie track at my house to but yours sounds like it is better.
Can't wait to see the pictures.


Joe Stains said...

Yay guys so exciting!!! I would love to go zooming in your hall with you!

Saint Lover said...

I am so relieved you were able to close on the houses. Cant wait to see pictures.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
Interesting visit to the Vet!
Glad you are at home now! It must be very exciting!
Tell your mom to find soon the camera and show us your new place!
Kisses and hugs

Deefor said...

Good you survived the vet visit. Mine always sneaks up on me with needles. Your new house sounds good. I'm glad it all went ok. Can't wait to see pictures.


Huskee Boy said...

Great job at the vet!! (At least you did better than me... I pooped on the vet's examination table once and I tell you the hoomans evacuated the room before the poop landed on the table. The vet never forgot my name ever since..)
Quick, get the camera out and show us pics of your new place!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so glad things went well for you at the house closings! We can't wait to see pictures of your new house, Kaos!
The vet will know your names from now on! I'm very chatty at the vet's too - even with the door closed!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Petra said...

Oh, I wish I could zoom around your track with you, Kaos!

And I'm soooooooo glad you're in your new home!

Pictures next, please!

Lenny said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kaos! I hope you enjoy the Pawlimpics. Moving sounds very exciting - I am moving in one week! I hope my new place is as good as yours sounds.

Your friend, Lenny

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

We are sure glad that all the house worries are over. We love your little adventure...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie