Friday, June 20, 2008

Bad News & Artsy Fartsy Friday

Hi everyone! I wanted to post today even though we've been really busy just to let you all know what's going on and to post another Artsy Fartsy Friday since I think I've missed a couple. I wanted to share another cross stitch piece, but it doesn't look like Mom's taken pictures of them yet. I hope she does it before she packs them!

First, the offer was rejected and they didn't even counter back! Mom and Dad are bummed, but they put another offer intoday on the same house that was higher than their last one by quit a bit so hopefully we'll hear back from them soon. Their agent took it over this morning hoping to hear back today, but it will probably be next week - hopefuly Monday! Mom and Dad looked at another house last night and they said it had a lot of potential which means it needs a lot of work. Mom said that it stunk really bad of urine, especially on the top level (it was a tri-level) and the carpet would have to be removed and the subfloor treated and HOPEFULLY that would make the smell go away. Mom said I wouldn't have a very big yard there either, but there's grass which I would really like. She said she'd really like me to have more space to run outside to get rid of some of my energy. Mom talks crazy most of the time. So we're back to waiting on the same bank and hoepfully we'll hear back soon and hopefully with all your crossed paws and fingers and good vibes coming, it will go through this time. Mom and Dad are hoping the bank will see that they got their 2nd offer from the same people so that means we're very interested and they'll work with us a little more this time.
The sell on our house kind of took a step back yesterday because the inspector came and the lady buying our house hired an inspector a lot of people don't like. Mom and Dad don't like him and will definately not be using him and will be telling lots of people not to use him. Mom and Dad don't even know what his report says, but they don't like him because of the way he left our house. It took him over 3 hours to do the inspection! I was okay with it because I got to stay at Grandma's all afternoon and my Dad's uncle and cousin were there to visit Grandma so that meant Grandma took the afternoon off and that also meant there were more people there to play fetch with me (they have a black lab and dacshund, too so they knew exactly how to play with us). It was great! Anyway, the inspector left the front door open and unlocked, he left finger prints on the thermostat panel and on the attic door (which means Mom has to get back on the ladder which she is terrified of) and he left the medicine cabinet doors open. Why was he in our medicine cabinet? Mom says maybe he wanted to steal prescriptions and then was very dissapointed to see a bunch of hormone treatment pills in there instead. hehe, that's probably not the real reason, but it was still funny. Mom and Dad's agent said that inspector will be getting a not so nice email from him about how he left our house. Mom said they will definately not be using him when they buy our next house because she doesn't want him leaving that house, even if it is a foreclosure, in the condition he left our house and because he left the door open and unlocked and we live on a busy street across the street from the highschool!!
Okay, now for Artsy Fartsy Friday! This is Mom's Rooster painting she did when she was in highschool. She even made the frame!!

Mom says it can never ever hang in a place that it can watch her again. I guess the Mean Lady (aka: Mom's Mother) had it hanging in the bathroom for awhile and when Mom would go to the bathroom it would watch her. She said the part that really sucked was it was hanging right across from the mirror so Mom would be brushing her teeth and the Rooster would be watching her. Mom and Dad had it hanging in the living room for awhile just for a space filler and Mom couldn't take it any longer and had to move it. It hung in the hallway for about 10 minutes looking into the bathroom and Mom said that wasn't going to happen at all. It sat in a closet for awhile because Mom didn't know where else to hang it where it wouldn't watch her. She loves the painting because she says it was kind of one of her first pieces that made her feel like she was a good painter and she loves that she made the frame, but she did way too good on the eyes. After the remodelling, it finally found a home on a wall in the dining room. It can't watch Mom from that wall but people can still enjoy it. Personally, I think Mom is just a panoid weirdo.
Mom and Dad will be home for lunch pretty soon so I better go get ready to tell them how much I missed them. Thanks for all your good vibes and keep it up, I'm staying positive it will work this time since Mom and Dad put in a more resonable offer. Have a great weekend everybody!!!


Saint Lover said...

Oh bummer! I was really hoping you would get that house! We've got our fingers crossed that you hear something today on the new offer. I am surprised the bank wasn't willing to even talk to you.

Joe Stains said...

We really hope all the house drama ends soon and you find somewhere to live that is perfect for you all!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Kaos!
I've told you. I am sure you will find the perfect house. Be patient!
Paws crossed.
Kisses and hugs

Moco said...

Never fear you and the rooster will find the perfect place to live.

Maggie & Mitch said...

We're bummed that you have to wait longer to see if you get the house! Our paws are still crossed for you, Kaos!
Maybe the rooster painting would like to hang in your new kitchen!

Love ya lot,
Maggie and Mitch

The Daily Echo said...

We are thinking good thoughts that the right house will come along real soon. Mom really believes that if things are meant to be...they just sort of happen. Hang in there!

Petra said...

That inspector should be fired, and I'm glad your mom and dad won't use him.

I hope you can be patient a little longer, until that perfect house comes along. I can't wait to see where the rooster will be in your new home!

Peanut said...

that roster is kind of creepy it looks so life like. Heard anything else about the house? Stupid inspector guy. They should have left you at home so you could have bit him

Arabella said...


Sadly those stairs don't go anywhere! We think someone found them around and drug them into the campsite to sit on by the fire. I just like to pose on them.

I'm sorry they didn't take your bid, I'll send good thoughts that they'll accept the new offer or that you'll find a even better house!

Wuffstuff said...

My word, your life is so complex. I hope you get what you want and then you can slow down.

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