Friday, August 29, 2008

Some Very Sad News

Hi everybody. I'm very sad today. Mom forgot to check her email yesterday which is very weird for her, but she checked it this morning and we found out my cousin Bailey went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday morning. My Mom and Aunt Gillian haven't been talking much lately (more of Mom's family drama crap) so that's why she didn't call Mom. My aunt said it was severe and fast liver failure and the vet told her they could try to treat it, but it was really really bad. My aunt decided not to have her treated and she died a couple days later which meant even if they had started the treatments, they probably wouldn't have worked because she was so sick.

I haven't seen Bailey in a long time because she was busy moving, then she was pregnant and had the puppies and then my aunt was having issues my mom didn't want to get involved in. I loved Bailey lots. We all did, even Gunnar who won't ever admit it. She was tons of fun to play and wrestle with. I know my Aunt has to be having a really hard time with this because her and Bailey were so close. Mom and I were trying to figure out how old Bailey was and we think she was around 2, maybe almost 3.

Run free sweet Bailey! I'll see you again some day and we can continue our wrestle games.

Mom, Dad and Grandma have a 3 day weekend this weekend so I'll be busy helping them with more house stuff and some relaxing. Happy Labor Day to everybody that gets to celebrate it and stay safe!!! I promise to have some fun stuff to post next week, I'm just too sad today. I also heard we lost another DWB member. I didn't knwo T-Man, but he sounded like a cool poodle.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My First Flight On Air Ruby!

This is my very first trip on Air Ruby!! Can you believe I've never ridden on Air Ruby? ME EITHER!! I was pretty nervous, but luckily my bestest boyfriend in the entire world Flash is on the trip so I'm doing okay. It's so much fun! I'm glad I got to participate! Check out Ruby and Asta's blogs for more pictures and details on what we're doing! Thank you Ruby for a year of great trips and especially for this one and thank you Asta for making sure there's lots of pictures of the celebration and for the souvenir!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Post You've All Been Waiting For!

It's here! It's finally here!! Sunday morning was nice and sunney and Dad was at work and Grandma was cleaning her old house so I said "Yo Ma! Let's get this done so my friends don't have to come bite your butt!" Mom pointed out that hardly any of you were violent and most of you were very nice and understood that moving is stressful and takes lots of time. So I said, "If you don't go finish the picures right now, I won't cuddle with you anymore." Of course she jumped right up and got the pictures done! So here we FINALLY go! Mom says she knows you will try not looking at the mess. It looks better than it did last week, but there are still a few boxes sitting a round and a few pictures not hung. You'll notice there's no pictures of the inside of the garage or shop. That's cuz you can't walk through them yet. Mom, Dad and Grandma have a long weekend coming next weekend for Labor Day and we're going to be working on organizing at least the garage so Mom can park in it again (hopefully before winter comes).

This is the way you go up my driveway to where Mom parks. Off to my right is a circle driveway. Hopefully that garage will be open enough soon so Mom can park in it.

All my Jeeps are parked next to Mom's garage under a shade tree. You'll see Sasha's Jeep in the next picture.

Hurry up Mom, my friends have been waiting forever to see these pictures! If you had worn something besides flipflops you wouldn't have trouble walking through the rocks and weeds!
Okay, there you see my shop where Dad and I can work on Jeeps and stuff. It's a mess right now, too. See Sasha's Jeep next to the shop? This house has PLENTY of parking for all our vehicles plus a few Dad and I are thinking about getting.
That's my back yard. Our fenced area is actually smaller than our old fenced area, but this one has grass!! We LOVE rolling in the grass! Plus, it's been raining a lot and when we come inside we don't have to get our feet toweled off because they're no longer covered in mud, just rain water. It's great! Okay Mom, let's go back there!
We have just over an acre of land!! There's lots of stuff to sniff. That fenced area to the left used to be a dog run we think. Mom was going to make it her garden area, but Dad is using it for storage for right now and Mom is thinking about putting her garden somewhere else anyway.

Okay, now the really important stuff.
This is where I sleep. The first night I couldn't sleep here. In our old house, my bed was right next to Mom and Dad's bed and the wall. The first night I couldn't sleep so I went to Mom's side where there was a blanket up against the bed and slept there. The next few nights Dad put my bed against the bed and each night scooted it further away. I'm okay with it now and it's really nice not having Dad step on me if he gets up earlier than I do or comes to bed after I do. PLUS, there's carpet under my bed now so my bed is all sorts of comfy now!

This is Sasha's bed. She doesn't sleep against the bed anymore either. Mom does have to make Sasha's bed every morning though so she can get into the closet.
This is where our food and water is. That brown trash can isn't really a trash can, it's our food holder. We buy the really big bag of food and that's the only thing Mom and Dad could find big enough to hold it. This picture was taken before Mom put a special thing on that red cupboard for our milk bone cookies. Mom made the thing in art school and didn't know where to put it so she put it there and put our cookies in it so they are way more accesible to anybody that would like to give us a cookie. Cool huh?

One of the coolest things about our house is the sprinkler system. Mom and Dad figured it out one night and I played and played and played. Mom was having a hard time hearing Dad yell at her to turn knobs because she was laughing so hard at me. I would stand in the sprinklers and not move. If that side's sprinklers shut off and the other side turned on, I would run over and stand in the other ones. They haven't run the sprinklers since then because it's finally raining and taking care of the yard for us. We needed the rain really bad, but I kind of wish it would stop so I could play in the sprinklers again.

More playing in the sprinkler.

This is me laughing at Mom. Yeah right Mom!!!

One of the things I like most about this house is all the carpet. Sasha, Gunnar and I are loving the carpet. We don't slide into walls anymore and we don't have to kick Mom and Dad off the couch to have a nice palce to take a nap. There's also lots of floor space for rolling around. I do this a lot, unless Mom has the camera out. She's been trying to get a picture of me doing this for 3 years now and finally got it. I don't care, I was having fun. (See Mr. Ducky? More about him in another post.)

We have great views here! It's so quiet!! There are some times, there's no noise at all. We sleep really good now!!

This is our living room. I'll show you a better picture of that fish tank in the back in a little bit.
There is tons of space for playing fetch!!
Mom's fish tank finally has a home. That alcove was built for the original owner's china hutch but we don't have one of those, just a 29 gallon fish tank with a bunch of fish that have Mom trained. Mom's been having trouble getting the temperature to even out (she thinks she needs a new heater) and when the temperature isn't right 2 of the blue fish turn white so Mom can see they're stressed and so she goes and adjusts the heater and then they're okay. My mom is so trainable!
One of the things in our new house that we aren't sure about are these vents. Gunnar stares at them a lot. They blow out cold air once in awhile. Mom says in the winter they'll blow out warm air. Mom calls in Central Air and she's always talking about how great it is. In our old house the warm and cool air came from the ceiling from different vents. They're nice, but once in awhile you'll be laying there taking a nap and all of a sudden your butt is frozen from the air that comes out of it. I assigned Gunnar to figure them out. It will probably take him awhile.
This is our kitchen. Look at all that counterspace for baking us some goodies!! Mom finally got to bake this weekend after we took the pictures. No dog treats yet, but I'm sure there will be some soon!! Gunnar spends a lot of time laying in the middle of the kitchen floor.
This is Mom's most favorite part of the house! You should see how happy she is to do dishes now!! It's magical! You put the dirty dishes in it and it makes noises for awhile and then Mom opens the door and they're clean! I hope she doesn't put me in there!
It's been a few pictures since you saw me so I thought I'd add a random picture of me. This is during one of the many fetch session I have with Mom every day.
We also have a really cool hallway to run up and down. Sasha doesn't do it very often because she'll get trampled by me. I love running around crazy in our new house. Mom says Sasha and I are going through a puppy phase and as long as we stay potty trained, it's funny.
In case any of you were still worried about Gunnar, you can stop that now. He's fine. This is Gunnar relaxing on Grandma's loveseat that is now in our living room.
Here he is watching the fridge. In our old house he would stare at the fridge for hours and Mom thought it was because there were big bugs or somethign behind it. Mom was a little freaked out when he did it again in this house, but then Mom figured out if the icemaker is turned off for a few days, he doesn't do it. He's trying to figure out where the icemaker noises are coming from, not where the bug noises are coming from! Mom feels better now.

This is how happy my new house makes me.

Now for the critters around my house. We have TONS of hummingbirds! They're a little camera shy though so Mom hasn't been able to get good pictures of them. I'll have a post about them later. This is one of the feeders in the back of the house.

This is the feeder in the front of the house.

Here are some more birds. These are called Quail. Dad and I sometimes go hunting for these birds, but we can't hunt these birds because they're flying around too close to people's houses. When they're in the back of our house between our yard and shop Sasha loves to run out the back door really fast at the gate barking at them which makes them fly away. It's really funny to watch her.
Now this animal I'm not too sure about. It's sometimes across the street in the field. I bark at it whenever I see it. There's usually 2 of them but we hadn't seen either one in awhile and then this weekend this one came back around. I bark at the cowdogs and Mom and Dad try to tell me it's okay and they're supposed to be there, but I don't trust them. If anybody has any advice on how to deal with them, please let me know. I know the Dacshies have some experience with them so hopefully they can give me some advice.
When the cowdogs aren't across the street, the horses are. I'm fine with them. I don't bark at them at all and I ignore them pretty much. There's a baby horse that Mom and Dad like watching because he does some silly things. There's also a male horse out there that gets left quit a bit and it's funny when he realizes the girls and baby left him because he'll get all mad and start yelling at them. We think the Mama horse is pregnant again, too so we might have 2 baby horses to watch.
This isn't a very good picture because it was taken at night. There is a toad living in our back yard and Sasha is determined to hunt it down. It used to hang out by our patio door, but it's learned it shouldn't do that unless we're sleeping. It poops all over our patio and when we scare it, it pees EVERYWHERE! Where you see Sasha is where the toad usually hops off to to get out of the yard and away from us. Sasha found his burrowing hole next to the house though. She'll spend hours outside staring at that hole waiting for Mr. Toad to come out. Sometimes Mom has to go outside and pick her up to get her to come back inside. Mr. Toad is even more camera shy than they humminbirds so we don't have pictures of him. Mom says when he is out there she's not sure she could get a picture of him anyway because she's trying to keep Little Miss Toad Hunter away from him (that's Sahsa by the way).

There's more critters, but the bunny is also camera shy and so far we've only heard the coyotes so hopefully it stays way and we don't see it. I think the neighbor's cats are sent to spy on us. There's 5 of them and they're always in our yard! Dad takes me out once in awhile to chase them out of the front yard and if I'm in the back yard an I see one, I bark and they get scared off real fast. I've tried asking Gunnar how to tell those cat spies to go spy on someone else, but he said the only cat words he knows are hungry, feed me, HELP! and mom. He says he was raised with Sasha and I so he really doesn't know much cat, but he knows lots of dog. If any of you cats out there know how to tell the cat spies to stay out of my yard, please let me know soon! I don't think telling them I'm hungry or to help me is going to keep them out of my yard for good.

So there's my house, finally!! It's really cool!! Things are finally starting to calm down a little so hopefully I'll be able to post more. I've been trying to keep caught up with everyone, but you guys have been busy! I'm off to take a nap now. That was hard work getting all those pictures in and typing always wears me out.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday and if Mom hadn't lost the cd case with all the pictures on it I would post a really cool picture of Dad and I the last time we went pheasant hunting. Since we have no idea where that CD case is and since Mom hasn't pulled any other pictures off the camera in a long time you are looking at yet another pictureless blog post from me. Getting kind of boring isn't it. Everyone needs to leave threatening comments to my Mom on this post and I'll make sure she gets them. Make sure they're really vicious and threatening. We have almost all the pictures of the house ready to post. It finally started raining here which makes taking outside pictures a little hard. Mom doesn't want her precious camera to get wet and our house is white so it's hard to see the house against a cloudy white sky. Hopefully we'll be able to get out and take pictures soon. Mom's Grandma is also waiting to see pictures and we all know it's very rude to make your grandma wait for anything!
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!! and everybody work on your threatening comments to my mom! Thanks!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pictures Are Coming! I Promise!

Hey everyone!! It's been crazy at my house. We're still unpacking and putting away and moving stuff. Dad and I finally went out to the shop to work a little the other night. We have a lot of work to do out there! Huskee Boy gave me the award you see at the top of this post. Thanks Huskee!!!! I know I forgot to post some other awards, but I can't remember which ones they were. Like I said, it's crazy at our house!!!

You guys guessed the cow dogs. Great job!! Mom and I have been trying to get a picture of them, but the cow dogs at our house seem to be camera shy because now that Mom has the camera out, they haven't been around. I've been watching for them, too. There's a creature in the back yard that i really want to get a picture of for you because I need some advice on how to deal with it and he hasn't been around since Mom got the camera out either. I'm going to make a HUGE post with pictures instead of doing a bunch of smaller ones. It's going to win awards!! Like the World's Longest Blog Post or.... I can't think of anything else. Mom and I have been working on getting the photos taken. I've been a little cooperative, but also a little bit of a pain in the you know what. We've also been busy trying to get the kitchen organized because Mom is really getting tired of microwaved stuff and has a large stack of recipes she wants to try. We have figured out that a new stove will be one of the very first big appliances to get. We thought it was going to be the washer, but the stove is making Mom mad and the oven is totally not working right. Mom is also having issues with the microwave. our old microwave sucked big time and Mom didn't realize how bad it sucked until she started using the one she got from her mother's house after she died. So far she's exploded 2 hotpockets, melted cheese into a syrofoam plate (that one smelled pretty bad) and boiled over some water. She said she's not cleaning up the mess until she's done explodng things. She's getting close. The last hotpocket only exploded a little bit.

If anybody knows of a jobe Mom can do from home and start on Monday, let me know. Mom isn't very happy right now and her manager comes back from vacation on Monday and Mom says she's had enough and is going to do something about it this time. I think that means she's going to get someone in trouble or get in trouble for starting something. She said she'll either feel better Monday afternoon or be looking for a new job Monday afternoon. There was situation that started last week and has continued over into this week and has gotten worse and worse. So Monday will be interesting.

I better go now. Mom will be home soon so I can go explore the back yard some more. I LOVE my yard.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Doing Good!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know real quick that I'm still around. I've been getting updated on everybody else's blogs. Boy have you all been busy!! I'm excited the Paw-Olympics start tomorrow at Lenny's blog!! Be sure to check them out! The bone relay was great!!
Mom foudn the camera, but it's been raining finally for the last few days and we want to get pictures with happy blue skies and not gloomy cloudy skies. We need the rain really bad, but why couldn't it wait until after we took pictures of the new house. I can't wait to tell you all about the new house. It's so cool!!! Gunnar, Sasha and I stay pretty busy chasing spiders and flies for Mom. The house has been vacant for awhile so the spiders have made themselves at home and we're not sure why our old house didn't have flies. There are a few things I'm going to have to ask for some help on. Last night I saw something across the street and barked at it. Mom said it was okay they're supposed to be there, but I'm not so sure about it. I remember Roxie, Sammy and Andy dealing with these types of creatures, so I might have to ask them for advice (don't worry, it's not a snake). I'll send you pictures of them, too. They aren't always there though so it's hard to get their picture. Mom and I are going to try to get pictures taken this weekend. Lots of the boxes are cleared out so you can tell which room is supposed to be what. The spare bedroom is a interesting maze.
Have a great weekend everybody!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

We're In!!! and A Funny Vet Trip

It was down to minute zero, but everything went okay and we closed on both houses Thursday. Mom and Dad had to do some major cleaning on the new house because it's been vacant for so long. We hung out with Mom and Dad while they cleaned and then Friday morning we hung out for awhile before our vet appointment.

If you ever want to get back at your parents for all the stress they cause here's what you do: First, try to get out of the car before leashes are on, next get tangled up in your sister's leash in the 5 steps it takes to get to the front door, then be sure to try to say hi to every dog in the the doorway and waiting area (there were only 2, but I made sure they both knew me well), next you go one way while your sister goes the other way in the waiting area (to make this even better, go the opposite way from the side your Mom is using to hold your leash), then when they try to weigh you be really hyper and wag your tail really hard so the sacle has a hard time getting your weight. Sasha out did me on the scale. It was great!! She hates getting on that scale, I don't know why, she only weighed 11 pounds and we're pretty sure a couple of those pounds are all fur. She tried wiggling out of mom's grips and then all of a sudden her collar slipped off!!! I was so jealous! Why didn't I think of that?!?!? So, when you go in the exam room where your parents think they can finally relax because what can happen in a small room where there's nobody to bug you, show them how wrong they are! PLENTY can happen. What I did was bark at everybody on the other side of the door. It was great! While Mom was wrestling with Sasha and her collar, I was barking at the people on the other side of the door. The lady finally came to give us our shots and I was totally caught off guard. Why don't they warm you before they stick that in you?!?! Mom tried to get our leashed straightened out before we went out to the lobby again, but as soon as we stepped out the door we were all tangled up. While Mom was writting the check, Sasha slipped out of her collar again and went to visit the ladies behind the counter. She's good!! Mom had made her collar really tight and she still slipped out! I was way jealous so I slipped out of my collar, too. Mom was totally frustrated by now (and a little embarassed - hehe). We don't get the leashes attached to our collars much so Mom checked to make sure our collars weren't too loose before we left the house and they wouldn't slip off. Sasha and I have the ability to shrink our heads when we need to, at least that's what Mom thinks. Mom decided next time we have to go to the vet together, we're wearing our harnesses. Mom didn't want to put them on us because Sasha's goes across right were they do the shots and Mom isn't exactly sure where the harnesses are. When we went out to the car, we decided to behave a little. We loaded in the car with no problems, but we got all tangled up when Mom tried to take our leashes off. That was funny, too. Mom was going to take us back to Grandma's house to stay, but Sasha and I gave Mom the guilt trip of all guilt trips. We used the power of the big brown eyes to it's full power and Mom took us back to the new house for some more cleaning. Dad was vacuuming and when Mom we got there, Mom took over vacuuming and Dad started messing with the carpet cleaning machine. Sasha and I kind of wished we had stayed at Grandma's. Luckily the house is big enough we could go hide in another room. Mom took us to Grandma's for lunch which we were fine with. That way when Grandma came home for lunch we could tell her how terrible it was that we had to go to the vet. We've got 2 years to start planning the next vacination trip to the vet. It's going to be hard to top the slipping out of the collar trick - mostly because by then Mom will have found or bought new harnesses.

Mom and Dad moved the bed and some other important stuff that afternoon so that we could stay the night. Grandma brought us some hamburger's for dinner and then we went to go get Gunnar. Mom wasn't worried about Gunnar because he did so good moving to Grandma's, but this time instead of spending the time under the bed or on the bed, he hid behind the toilet in the master bedroom AND he didn't go to the litter box for aabout 36 hours even though Mom and Dad kept taking him out to it. He topped the slipping out of the collar trick. There's no way I can hold it in that long!!! Finally, Saturday night he started coming out to drink and eat and you should have seen how happy Mom was when he pooped. Mom's get excited over the weirdest things!!! He started being a big butthead though after that. He got into things he's not supposed to, got up on counters which he never does and started tipping tall stacks of boxes over.

One of my favortie things is the hallway. I run from one end to the other really fast shaking a stuffie. Before there were so many boxes in my way, I'd run around the dining room, around the living room and down the hall and back. Once in awhile I'd vear off of the hallway into the laundry room which leads into the kitchen which leads into the dining room which leads into the living room which leads back to the hallway. It's a wonderful zommie circle track!!!

Today I've been sleeping. Moving is a lot of work! The guy finally came to hook up the computer, phone and tv a little bit ago. I din't think he was ever going to get here!!

As soon as Mom finds her camera and more of the boxes are gone, I'll take you on a tour of my new house. It's so cool!!! No, really, the air conditioner works so good I crawl under the couch pillows for naps so I don't get too cold.