Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good News & Bad News

Good News: We are supposed to be cloing on both houses tomorrow. Mom and Dad's new mortgage broker got involved and wanted answers and all of a sudden people got motivated. What a great guy!! The old house got moved back to a 3:00 pm closing and then Mom and Dad have to hurry to the new house's closing at 4:00 at anothe closing company. Tomorrow afternoon is going to be stressful for them, but very exciting afterwards!
Bad News: Okay, you know how stressful moving is on animals, so what does Mom do? She makes a vet appointment for Sasha and I for shots!!!! It was supposed to be for Thursday morning, but the vet was booked. Sasha was going to get her hair done and I was going to get my nails done at the groomer, also but thankfully the groomers are on vacation! Sasha really does need a haircut and we are both kind of behind on our shots (not by a lot, just enough to make Mom feel guilty). So Friday morning send me some good vibes. I wont' have any pictures of my trip like some of you do because Mom says a BIG handful and Sasha's an even BIGGER handful at the vet's office and Dad won't be coming to help so Mom will be too busy dealing with our craziness to take pictures, too.
I'm off to take a nap now. Hopefully you won't hear from me until Monday!!!! Thanks for the crossed paws and good vibes.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

?? Days Left

Hey everyone! It's really crazy at our houses! There's been another set back in selling the old house. Momand Dad aren't in very good moods because of it. The appraiser guy said there's still too much paint coming off the house to pass the FHA inspection. So Mom and Dad had to hire someone to come work on it so we can still try to close this Thursday. They tried sandblasting the paint off and guess what! The yellow paint is on too good!!! Yeah, that's right, it's not on good enough for the appraisor, but it's on too good for a sandblaster! How in the world does that work? The guys started scraping on it today and will hopefully be able to paint tomorrow. Dad is going to go tape off the windows for them tonight so they can just come and paint and be done with it.
We moved to Grandma's on Saturday. If Mom would stop getting tension headaches from the stress she would be feeling better. She's not allowed to even drive by the old house while they're finishing stuff up, that way she's healthy for the move that will hopefully be this weekend. It's fun staying at Grandma's but we're ready to be in our new house. Gunnar didn't like the move at all. He spent most of Saturday afternoon hiding in our room, then Sunday he came out a few times and then yesterday and today he's okay with wandering around Grandma's, but he gets sppoked really easy. Grandma isn't really used to be around cats this much either and never really liked cats before. Gunnar is getting blamed for all the pet hair (even though a lot of it is my hair) and some other stuff then yesterday I think Gunnar had enough and took his frustration out on Grandma's couch. Gunnar never scratches at furniture so we were all surprised. Mom hasn't trimmed his nails in awhile because she didn't want to upset him during the move stuff and because seh forgot. She used to know he needed his nails trimmed when he got stuck to the carpet, but we haven't had carpet for so long, he hasn't gotten stuck. Well, he's gotten stuck to the carpet a few times and got stuck to Grandma's couch. Mom gve him a lecture and told him to be good for a few more days and then he can be a butthead after we get into our house. She told him she can't worry about him and the houses at the same time because her stomache and head can't take it. He finally started eating normal last night and drinking and going ot the litter box. Mom was really afraid he was going to end up with another bladder infection and she really couldn't handle that. I'm noticing Mom doesn't handle large amounts of stress very well, especially when it comes to us and our health. I told Gunnar I promised not to pick on him the rest of this week and a few days after we move to the new house if he promises to stop making Mom worry. He said okay, but I've learned to never ever ever completly trust a cat!! They're sneaky...and have sharp claws....and sharp teeth....and really good at getting sympathy from Mom!!! This is the first time Gunnar has ever moved and we foudn out he doesn't like it very well for the first couple days and then he's fine. He was actually really lovey and cuddley with Mom and Dad until he got brave.
So hopefully we will get to close on Thursday still and that means 2 more days!! But we won't know until tomorrow afternoon. I don't know if I'll be able to post tomorrow in time to let you know so if you don't hear anything from me on Wednesday or Thursday that means we are moving and it's all good. If you see a post from me or comments on your blogs on Thursday, that isn't good news. Keep your paws crossed I either have good information tomorrow for you or you don't hear from me until Monday! I'll try to post what we know tomorrow.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Only 6 Days left!

Less than a week to go until we get our new house! Tonight everything gets packed that isn't needed Saturday morning. Know what that means? Fast food for dinner!! It also means Alfonso's Breakfast Burritos for breakfast Saturday morning. Alfonso's is an authentic Mexican restaurant here in town and they are good cooks! Mom really loves their breakfast burritos but they're HUGE! They're almost as big as Sasha!!! Of course Mom can't eat a full burrito so I "help". They used to be across the highway from Mom's office. Mom said she felt like she was in the video game called Frogger going across to get burritos. They tore down the building to make a bigger parking lot for the new bank next door and the restaurant moved to a gas station across town. Mom was very sad. The good news is, if Mom plans it right, some mornings it will be on her way to work from the new house.

Mom isn't as swollen today. Dad finished painting during lunch yesterday so Mom wouldn't be home for most of the painting and it seemed to be a good idea. It also rained after work so he wouldn't have been able to paint after work anyway. Mom said her toes don't float in the air anymore. Her feet were so swollen that her toes couldn't touch the floor (she has short stubby toes which didn't help). Her wedding ring now moves around on her finger again which means her fingers aren't so swollen either. Her throat is still a little sore and she is still a little swollen and itchy, but not too bad.
At lunch, Mom and I were noticing that the wasps seem to be really attracted to the yellow paint. That's another reason we need to get Mom out of this house. She could be out playing fetch with me and get stung and then she'd have to go to the hospital since she's also allergic to wasps and bees. Hope the buyer likes wasps! If not, that's what she gets for picking a color that makes my Mom sick.

I won't be posting any countdown days this weekend because we're going to be really busy moving to Grandma's. Mom and Dad are really worried about Gunnar. Sasha seems to be doing okay with everything, as long as Mom and Dad keep taking us to Grandma's house to see where most of our stuff is going. Mom and Dad need to stop worrying about Gunnar. Does this look like a stressed out and worried cat? Annoyed? Definitely! He always looks like that though.

Gunnar loves that box! The only time he leaves it is to eat and go to the litterbox. Mom and I were looking at the box today at lunch and we can't believe it's holdng up! He usually collapses boxes after a couple days of napping on them. This is an amazing box!
A couple weeks ago Dad convinced me to get in one of the chairs we use for camping that we set up in the living room since there's only the couch left to sit on. Since Mom and Dad have been pretty stressed I went ahead and posed for Mom.

Since I posted pictures of me and Gunnar I guess I better post one of Sasha even though I'm mad at her. She got me in trouble last night. Sasha avoids the camera more than I do so here's the best from the last photo shoot of her.

She needs a summer haircut, but Mom wants to wait until after we get settled into the new house because she doesn't want to tramatize the princess too much. If you would like to make fun of Sasha, go ahead, I'll make sure Mom doesn't read your comments.
I found out last night that you don't steal a chewy from Princess Sasha! She snarled and growled at me and then I got yelled at. I hate when Mom yells at me! I layed down for awhile and then a few minutes later Mom got more chewies out. First I got a lecture about stealing chewies just cuz I'm bigger. I'm supposed to ask Mom for chewies if there aren't enough out for both of us. That's too much work. I'll just have to make sure I steal them when Mom and Dad aren't around.

I've been hiding toys in my bed. I want to make sure Mom and Dad don't forget to pack the toys so if I put them with my bed, I'm sure they'll be taken to Grandma's. I heard Grandma talking about our beds and where to put them so I know my bed will be going. If they're hidden in my bed, it's also harder for Sasha to play with them because she has to find them first.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

7 Days Until We Get The New House

A week from today we close on both houses! We're very excited! We have to be out of the old house this weekend, not because the new owner needs in there early. The house is making Mom really sick. She started itching again last night and her feet are really swollen and itchy. We're not sure why her feet are so bad, but for some reason they're affected by this the most. The non-drowsy allergy medicine isn't working and the drowsy stuff really knocks her out so she can't take those and then drive or work. She touched the back door this morning to let us out and where her thumb touched the paint has bothered her all day. We think once the paint gets set and is fully dried it won't bother her any more, but we won't own the house anymore then so we just need to get Mom out of here. Saturday will be the official move in day to Grandma's house and then hopefully Mom will start feeling better so we can get stuff moved into the new house a few days later.

I can't believe a couple of the Mom's like the color of the house! Maggie and Mitch's Mom liked it because she could picture flowers in front of it. Mom has been trying for 4 years to get flowers and grass to grow at that house. That's why there's rock everywhere now. The new house already has some flowers that Mom can't wait to start taking care of. She said the rose and lilac bushes need some love and so do the iris. There's also a little bush thing that's really small that is very interesting that she can't wait to see what it's supposed to look like for real. It also needs some love. Mom says if there were a bunch of pretty flowers everywhere like Maggie and Mitch's Mom said, she MIGHT like the color. Probably not though - mostly because Mom is pretty miserable right now.

My wonderful boyfriend Flash's Mom also said she liked it. Flash and Peanut are always trying to convince us their mom is crazy and I think I believe them now! She took their boy to the alligator farm where he could have been eaten (my Dad's uncle told us stories about the alligators in Houston attacking kids at the park) and she likes the color of our house! Definitely crazy!! (I'm just kidding!! I know she didn't really take the boy to a dangerous place. She's still a little weird for liking the house color though.)
I also got an award!!! Huskee Boy gave it to me!
Here's the info on the award:
'This award was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creativity and their talents, also for contributing to the blogging world in whatever medium. When you receive this award it is considered a special honor." (Extracted from Origin, Sen-Chan & Tom)
Here is the info on the award:This award was created to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creativity and their talents, also for contributing to the blogging world in whatever medium.When you receive this award it is considered a special honor. Once you have received this award, you are to pass it on to 5 others.
The Rules:1) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogger community, regardless of language.
2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3) Each award-winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4) Award-winners and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of "Arte y Pico"blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.
5) To show these rules.

I know a lot of you have already gotten this award, but I came up with some of you out there that I think deserve this award.
First is Arabella because the pictures of her adventures with the geocaching (did I spell that right?) are really cool!
Mona & The Mommy because the quotes and pictures they put at the top of each post is a lot of fun. I'm ignoring that they put pictures of snakes on their post yesterday.
Next is Lora from It's A Dog's Life. Because she really knows how to spoil dogs, especially labs. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN SWIMMING POOL!!!!!! Have you seen the cool pictures of everybody playing in the pool at their house? Every time I see her pictures I get even more jealous!!!
The next is Nanook and Pooka because no matter what they're doing, they always look cute.
And #5 is The Zoo Crew because they too are cute no matter what they're doing and because I'm jealous that their dachshund sister will play with them. My dachshund sister acts like I'm killing her if I look at her funny!
That was a lot of hard work getting all those links in! Thank goodness Blogger cooperated with me today!
Thanks again to Huskee Boy for giving me the award! More hugs to you and your mom!!!
I'm going to go take a nap now. I was told we have to clean out the fridge of all leftovers tonight. I have to have lots of energy for that! I CAN'T WAIT!!!
OH! I wanted to let you know, also that I'm not ignoring your questions about the new house, it's just that you're asking question I'm going to answer in my big post. Several of you have asked about the color of the enw house since my mom's been having trouble with the yellow and I'm told that the house is white - outside and inside. There's some grey trim outside, but everything is white which means a blank canvas that will not be filled with yellow!
Okay, now I'm off to leave comments on those 5 blogs telling them I gave them an award.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New House Countdown:8 Days To Go


Hey everybody! Can you believe it? 8 MORE DAYS!! The realtor told Mom and Dad, if they want, they could close on this coming Tuesday! You know what Mom and Dad said? NO!!! Can you believe that?!?! What were they thinking? It had something to do with taking off work and blah, blah, blah! Oh well.
Okay, today I'm going to explain why Mom was so itchy and miserable. This is what our house used to look like. Cute huh?

Well, the lady buying the house is getting an FHA loan which is a government type of loan which means they're kind of picky about certain things. When Mom heard she was doing an FHA loan, she knew the paint on the outside of the house was going to be a problem because it's pealing. When Mom's parents bought a house using FHA, the owners had to fix a hole in a closet so Mom was worried and sure enough, the paint had to be scraped and repainted. Mom and Dad were nice and let the lady buying the house choose the paint color and she chose yellow. Here's a picture of what it looks like now! This is where you need your sunglasses!!

Mom and Dad hate the color. Dad said it doesn't feel like their house anymore because it's yellow. Dad played "Hide A Post-It Note" and Mom still hasn't found it. Well, Sunday Mom and Dad painted the entire house and 2 sides of the garage. It was way hot and the paint sprayer kept having issues because the paint kept drying so fast because of the heat. As soon as it hit their skin, it would dry. When Mom went to take a shower that night she got really itchy and broke out on her knees and her back. Mom took some Benadryl allergy medicine which knocks her out big time. The next morning the bumps were gone, but her hands itched really really bad and they still smelled like paint which meant her hands had absorbed the paint. When Mom was younger, she found out that she couldn't use yellow soaps and shampoos and the only ingredient different in them was a Yellow dye. Mom never had any trouble with paints and glazes in art school, but she is having major trouble with this house paint so they must use a similar dye in the house paint that they don't use in ceramic glazes or oil and acrylic art paints. A lady gave Mom a couple allergy pills that made her feel lots better and didn't knock her out. They were yellow, but they must use the good yellow dye in the pills. Mom's grandma has some trouble with dyes in fabrics so Mom is guessing weird dye allergies is a genetic thing from her mother's side of the family.
Thankfully, we will only be staying in the ugly yellow house for a few more nights. Dad is going to finish painting the last 2 sides of the garage tonight. I'll stay inside with Mom. I kind of helped with the painting again and instead of being called "Skunk Tail," I now am called "Bumblebee Tail." I guess that's better. Of course I wouldn't pose for a picture. I am one of Stormy's best students in her class on how NOT to cooperate for pictures. (I can't get blogger to do links. I'm sure you all know Stormy of the Army of Four and know how to get to their site, if not I have a link to their blog in my link list. Sorry guys!!)
That's the story of my poor Mom and the ugly yellow house. The buyer is going to do a white trim and hopfully it will look better then. One of my Mom's friends messenged Mom the other day on the computer and before she said hi or hey or anything like that she said "All I can say is EW!!" Mom knew right away what she was talking about. the friend drives by our house every day to get home and to get to work so Mom kne she'd be one of the first ones to say something about the color.
I'm off to take another nap under the swamp cooler vent in the living room. I'm really getting tired of this stupid heat. Mom says I'm going to love the new house when it gets this hot. She said my house has something in common with the Army of Four's house (once again, sorry I can't link to you guys!!). I don't understand, but I'll guess I'll find out soon. I can't wait to do my post about my new house!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New House Countdown: 9 Days To Go

I am not a very patient dog. If I was, I'd be called Patience, not Kaos! I thought the waiting to find out if we got the new house was bad, but I've decided the waiting to move into the new house it EXTREMLY bad! There was a problem with the new house loan today, but it's all fixed now.Thank goodness!! We were a little worried there for a minute. It's a very unique property and a bunch of people got confused. Mom has been working in a real estate office for 6 years now and she still gets totally confused. She says she's going to stick with designing flyers and brochures and doing website stuff and not get her real estate license. That way she doesn't go completely crazy!
Mom forgot to take pictures of the old house so I can't tell you that story yet. It's too hot to think of anything else to tell you so I'm going to go dream about the new house now even though I've never seen it! I'm picturng all the bunnies I'll get to chase and the grass I'll roll in and the carpet I'll drag my butt across to scratch it. 9 more days!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

New House Count Down: 10 Days To Go

Hey everyone!! It's been crazy at my house. Mom's special event for work was over on Saturday and boy is she in a better mood! She can totally focuss on the house stuff now. We had to paint the old house on Sunday. I'll tell you about that once Mom gets a picture of it and explain why we had to paint it and what happened to my poor Mom. I'm going to try to give you guys a count down on days until we get our new house. This weekend I won't be doing a countdown because we're moving to Grandma's and then the next weekend we're moving to our new house! I can't wait! I've been wanting to list the cool details and features of our new house, but I want pictures to go along with it so it will have to wait until we can get in the new house. Mom has the entire kitchen organized in her head - sorta. There's 3 times the number of cabinets we have right now so she's kind of worried about havng empty cabinets. I told her she could fill teh empty cabinets with dog treats! her response was "OR more cool cooking gadgets from Pampered Chef and some other cool cooking gadget places!!!" That back fired!!! We're very excited here!
mom and Dad will be home soon so I better go watch for them. I have to make sure Mom doesn't start scratching. (You'll understand that once I explain the painting thing.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lots of Stress

Hi everyone. I just wanted to check in real quick. There's lots going on at our house right now and will be for a few weeks. If I don't post for awhile, don't worry about me, that just means I'm really busy. We're really excited about our new house. Mom and Dad went to visit the new house yesterday for the inspection. Mom chose the inspector for this house. She's known the guy through her office for a long time. What she really likes is, he'll say what's wrong and then explain how to fix it so you can bargain with the seller a little. In our area houses are well known for settling and lots of cracks in foundations and stuff like that. our old house has quit a few cracks. Our new house has a couple small ones in the patio and that's it!! The inspector was really impressed with that. Mom and Dad got to flip switches look at closets and cupboards more carefully and plan where things are going to go. When the inspector said the dishwasher was in good working order Mom did a happy dance. She would have done cartwheels down the hallway, but then she remembered it had been a really long time since she had done a cartwheel and she sucked at them so she settled for a happy dance. Much safer!! The only 3 things the inspector could find wrong were the toilet in the master bath has issues (Dad knows how to fix it with a $10 part), there some wiring in the crawl space that needs a junction box (Dad can also fix that really easy) and the breaker box in Dad's shop has some open spaces that need plastic filler things (which Dad can also fix really easy). Mom and Dad told the seller they would take care of theose things if they would pay to have the carpets cleaned. We're waiting to hear back on that. Mom keeps telling Sasha, Gunnar and I how much we're going to love the house and to stop worrying, but it's hard. I was doing okay until this last weekend and now I'm starting to worry a little. Sasha and I are very clingy to Mom and Dad. Usually I'm the only one that acts like shadow, but Sasha has been following Mom and Dad very closely lately. Our house echoes because a lot of the stuff is gone. Gunnar's mad because all of his chairs he likes to nap in are gone. Now, he and I have to fight over the couch for our afternoon naps. Sasha is a long haired mini-dacshund, long haired dacshunds don't shed. Sasha is shedding. She needs to go get a haircut, but Mom doesn't want to stress her out too much more. Mom said we are a little late on getting our s-h-o-t-s, too but that will freak Sasha out even more (I do pretty god going to the vet, until they pull out needles). Mom said we'll have to see how we do in the next couple weeks.
This weekend Mom has a special event for work that she is in charge of so she's been reallybusy at work the past couple days. She's trying to get that stuff done and not fall behind in her normal work. She's not doing so good though. After this weekend she'll hopefully be able to get caught up though.
The lady buying our house picked out the color she wants the house painted. The color is called "Green Onion." That was actually her second choice. Her first was Corn Yellow. Mom asked the agent if she was hungry while she was choosing paint chips. He thought that was funny. So we're going to start painting the outside of the house after Mom and Dad get off work this week and then next weekend we're moving to Grandma's and then that Thursday Mom and Dad are going to close on BOTH houses!! Everything is moving along on the new house really well so we'll eb able to close the same day! It's really exciting! Mom and Dad are goin gto take that Thursday and Friday off to start moving and they'll have that weekend to move, too. Mom said after they close, they'll come get us so we can go check out the house when it's empty. Gunnar will come when there's furniture in it though. Mom's worried how he's going to do since he's always lived in our house since they adopted him. I think Mom worries too much.
I'll try to post when I can, but you can see we are going to be very busy the next couple weeks. I'm going to try to stay caught up with all your blogs, too. If I don't comment on your blogs, dont think I'm not reading them. I might be a couple days behind, but I'll eventually get to reading. If anything big happens to anybody, PLEASE leave me a comment and let me know so I can send good vibes, do a happy dance or whatever else is needed.
I'm off to take a nap now. Dad had to go to Denver today for a work thing and I'll have to entertain Mom all by myself tonight. We just heard there's another fire on Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs which means he might have to take the long way home again. Last time Dad went to one of those meetings, the other fire at Ft. Carson happened, but that time Mom was with him. They said it's 50% contained though, but the highway is closed from Gate 1 to Rock Creek (we have no idea where that is) so Dad might get home late again.
One more thing, once we're in our new house, we'll continue with Artsy Fartsy Friday. Mom packed the cd's they're saved on. Mom keeps mumbling about how much she hates moving and how much she hates living in boxes and having stuff in storage. It's a good thing the new house has a shop out back for Dad and an acre lotin case we need to build anything else because I have a feeling we will never move again after we move into this house. That is totally fine with me, Sasha and Gunnar, too.
Okay, now I'm off to take my nap.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

You Guys Are Good!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I posted at 10 AM this morning, by 10:45 we knew it was our house and Mom and Dad just signed the papers a few minutes ago!
I'M NOT HOMELESS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's so exciting!!!! Mom and Dad have to go sign financial papers tomorrow and then we wait. We close on the old house on July 31 and then August 4 on the the new house, but if Mom and Dad can get the inspection and appraisal done quick and there's no problems with any of that, we can close on the new house on July 31, too!!!! We'll see how fast things will move first.
We're so excited!!! I can't wait! Mom pulled up the listing on the computer right after lunch to show some people she works with the pictures and it was already marked under contract which was funny because they hadn't signed the final contract papers yet. Silly people!
The room is spinning again!! I'M SO EXCITED!!! OUR NEW HOUSE IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to move!!!!!
I have to go lay down now.


I need a HUGE favor!!!! Mom and Dad looked at a house last night that is even better than the other one they fell in love with. The contract will be submitted in a few minutes (they're waiting for Dad to get back to town to sign it) and then we're keeping paws and fingers crossed. It's a little more than Mom and Dad wanted to spend, but at the same time it will actually save us money because there's aready a shop built for Dad and I to work on my Jeeps and there's already a fence up to keep Sasha in the yard and all the appliances are included. Mom said it's kind of a small fenced area, but the property is almost an acre and since I'm a good girl I'll get to go out and run when Mom goes out to the garden area or Dad goes to work in the shop. There's even a huge attached garage for Mom to park in! There's a dishwasher and lots of carpet for us to scratch our butts on. This one sounds like the perfect house!!! I'd show you pictures, but the agent that has it listed didn't take very good pictures of it so the pictures suck. Mom said there's even a space built for her fish tank!!! If we get the house, Mom will take a bunch of pictures to share with everyone. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! I'm going to go say some doggie prayers and do some major meditation. Mom was trying not to get attached to this one like she did the last one so she wouldn't be so sad again just in case, but then last night she started organizing the awesome kitchen in her head and now she's more attached to this one than the last one. We're hoping nobody else will put a contract on it and we don't think they will because of the location. It's in a part of town that actually used to be an old mining town before my town grew up so big. There's a bunch of areas like that in town. Those mining town areas didn't used to be very nice areas, but people have been building nice big houses and making them pretty. It's out on the far edge of town so it's really quiet! Dad knows a bunch of the neighbors and was talking to one of them yesterday and he said the one street in front of the house has quit a bit of traffic which is annoying and Dad said, "Dude, we live across the street from the highschool right now." The guy said, "YOU'LL LOVE IT! It's so quiet up there!!!"
Okay, now I'm going to go say my doggie prayers. I keep wanting to tell you more about the house, but right now I need you to focuss on sending lots of good doggie vibes to us. Thanks everybody!! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have wonderful news!!!! I'm so nervous!!!!!! The room is spinning! I have to go lay down now.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I'm still reading everyone's blogs from the weekend, but so far it looks like everyone handled the 4th of July fireworks okay. We had a very busy weekend. There aren't any pictures because Mom has been too busy to get her camera out. She did pull it out this weekend and all of her batteries are dead. Good thing they're rechareagble!
Friday Mom and Dad took a bunch of stuff to storage. They only made 2 trips and they didn't get as much moved as they wanted to, but they got enough a bunch moved. It was the hottest day of the weekend so they ran out of energy really fast. We also went to visit Grandma to take a fe things to her house, too. She was working on making room for our stuff in our bedroom. I think she's excited abou us coming to stay with her. When we came home, Mom and Dad did a few things and then Dad barbequed soem hamburgers and we ate them. Mom shared some of her's with us which was very yummy. Mom and Dad went outside to play with some smoke bombs and some other fireworks before the big show started. They were going to take me out for the big show, but the neighbors invited them over to watch with them and one of the stray cats in the neighborhood kept hanging out with them and that cat hates my mom so I always have to chase that cat away so they decided I better stay inside. We live on a busy street and they didn't want me running out in traffic after that stupid cat. Dad came and checked on us and Sasha and Gunnar were freaking out so Dad turned the tv on really loud and I layed on the couch and watched cartoons while Sasha and Gunnar hid in the bedroom. I had a blast! It was a movie called "Chicken Run." When Mom came in and saw what was on, she was a little jealous because she likes that movie a lot. She watched the end with me and then we went to bed.
Saturday Mom and Dad went to another town for some shopping. That's where Petsmart is and Mom had to buy fishfood so of course we got some new treats to try and Mom also bought me a new toy. She says really it's for her and I'd post a picture of it, if the camera batteries weren't dead! I can usually talk Mom into playing tennis ball fetch with me for a long time in the back yard, but since our backyard is mostly dirt, my tennis ball gets pretty gross pretty quick so Mom won't play very long. She foudn a cool toy that lets her pla longer with me because she never has to touch the ball. I drop it by her feet and she uses the new toy to pick up the ball and then she also uses the toy to throw the ball. It's great! We took it to Grandma's house that night to try it out in her big back yard and it works great!! It didn't at first because Mom had a few issues using it, but once she got the hang of it I had a blast. When Mom and Dad got back from their shopping trip, they took us to Grandma's to take a bath in my swimming pool and put up a temporary pet enclosure (if we call it a fence, we have to get a building permit). All of a sudden it started thundering and lightning and they decided it wasn't a good idea to mess with metal fencing and posts and water in a lightining storm. We went home and the rain came down big time. it was nice having that rain. We need it bad.
Sunday we got up and went to Grandma's. Mom started giving Sasha a bath in my swimming pool and then I got one. Mom decided the swimming pool is for swimming only. We're to slippery and can escape to easy in the pool. Plus, if I'm on the far opposite end she is on, she almost falls head first into the pool of nasty water. We went back inside while Mom and Dad put up our "temporary pet enclosure." It is very temporary! Until they got it to cooperate, the wind kept blowing it over. Dad said it was a good thing we dont' jump on fences or we'd be in big trouble. I dried a lot faster than Sasha so I got to go hang out in the yard while they finished and I layed in the middle of the area and just hung out. Mom said it was cute that I stayed inside the area without the fence being up. I strolled around a little to go check on my Jeeps and make sure there were no cats in Grandma's back yard. As soon as Sasha came out, she foudn the one opening Dad didn't have closed yet and bolted. Mom said Sasha is the reason we need fencing. With Sasha, you can't blink or you loose her and she doesn't come back when she's called. Mom and Dad pretty much let me go where I want because I'm really good about staying where I'm supposed to and I check in once in awhile with Mom and Dad so they know I'm being good. After the fence was up, I showed Grandma where all the posts were so she wouldn't run into it. It's made out of chickn wire so it's kind of hard to see in the bright sun and I don't want Grandma getting hurt! Mom and Grandma left for a few minutes which worried me and then they came back with PIZZA! Mom and Grandma shared their pizza crusts with us. Dad wasn't being mean or a pig, he just thought Mom and Grandma had given us enough. He was probably right, but we'll never know since he didn't give us a bite! We went hope and Mom and Dad went on an adventure without us. I was upset a little bit, but not for long. Right after they left, I layed down and went to sleep and I guess Mom and Dad were gone for about 5 hours and I totally didn't miss them. I slept through the entire time they were gone.
It was a really fun weekend. I think Mom and Dad should get more long weekends like that! It would have been better if they weren't busy moving stuff, but it was still great going hanging out with them.
I'm at Grandma's house right now. She moved her computer into the living room because it was in the room we're going to use as our bedroom so it's really easy getting on the computer and watching tv here. There's a man at our house right now looking at everything to make sure that our house is worth what the lady offered us. We're not worried about it. I better shut down the computer now. I think Dad will be here pretty soon to pick us up.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy & Safe 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July everybody!!! I hope all of you get to participate in the bbq's and picnic and camping trips and if you're afraid of fireworks, I hope you have a nice calm evening!! Mom and Dad are going to be doing some major moving tomorrow and then they'll set off some fireworks at our house and watch the big fireworks get set off the hill. We can see them from our house which is really cool. I'm okay with the fireworks, but Sasha hides from them. That means I get to sit outside and watch with Mom and Dad sometimes. It's a lot of fun! Stay safe everybody!!!! And for those of you not celebrating 4th of July weekend, I hope you have a great weekend, too!!!!!
I want to send a special Happy 4th of July to my wonderful boyfriend Flash and his family including Grammie and Moco. I hope next 4th of July you are having a big huge bbq with your dad. I'm sending lots of chaotic hugs all the way overseas to him this weekend and of course to you! Love you guys!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Last night Mom and Dad were trying to get a ton of stuff packed so they can take a bunch of stuff to storage this weekend and all of a sudden I was in a box!!!! It was a giant box they were putting a bunch of plastic kitchen stuff in and Dad thought it'd be funny to put me in it. Mom thought it was hilarious and tahnkfully her camera is in a closet hiding (she didn't want people finding it when they were showing the house and hasn't gotten in back out yet) and her hands were covered in newspaper ink from wrapping breakables in newspaper. I was not happy! I jumped out pretty quick and then ignored Mom and Dad for a long time until they finally decided they were done for the night. Then I decided I needed to lay in Mom's lap and get some ear scratches and some belly rubs. When it was time for bed I went straight to my bed and didn't even get Mom's spot ready for her to sleep in. I'm pretty sure she didn't sleep well last night because of that. HA! They didn't put Gunnar in a box because they wouldn't be able to get him out since he loves to play in boxes so much. They also didn't put Sash in the box because they didn't want to tramatize her any more than she already is. She has major issues with moving and gets really nervous around boxes that are stacked up. She's doing pretty good so far, but gets really clingy to Mom once in awhile. Mom usually makes Sasha go lay down or something when she's trying to work on something and Sasha wants to be in Mom's face. Last night Mom took a very long break because Sasha needed attention which of course made me jealous so I needed attention, too. That was before Mom was covered in black newspaper ink. We didn't want her to touch us after that.
Gunnar loves all the boxes stacked up. He loves climbing on them and sleeping on them. He had to be careful last night because as Mom was filling the boxes, she was stacking them and soemtimes where Gunnar was sleeping. Gunnar has decided he hates not having carpet, too. He was being silly and jumping up and down from the boxes and he kept sliding around and falling. once time he came running in from the dining room because he was being chased by something - me. Anyway, he tried to slow down to jump on the boxes and couldn't and ran into the boxes. It was hilarious!!! Mom laughed too after she did her Mom duties of making sure he was okay.
I'm going to go take a nap now. Watching Mom and Dad pack boxes makes me tired.