Monday, June 30, 2008

Guess Where We Went!

Hi everyone! Sorry I missed Artsy Fartsy Friday again. Last week was a really crazy week. This week is starting off the same way. Mom came and picked us up a little before lunch and took us to her office! It was a lot of fun! I guess there was a guy coming to look at the furnace (we're still trying to get things straightened out from that stupid inspector guy) and since it wasn't going to take him very long and it was almost lunch time anyway, Mom just brought us with her. We played a lot and ate some treats. We did a photo shoot for Mom. Most of the pictures turned out pretty good! That camera she has a work is fast! It was really hard to look away fast enough. Even Sasha got a few good pictures taken of her!

The last time I came to visit Mom at her office, she gave me a ball to play with and I had a lot of fun. As soon as I got up to Mom's office today I started looking for the ball again. Mom gave me both bouncy balls she had on her desk!! Well, here's a picture of the ball I played with last time:
And here's a picture of what both balls look like now:

Mom says I can't play with them anymore. The 2 things that are still round are things that made the balls light up when they were bounced and Mom said I couldn't play with those. Mom asked what I was going to play with the next time I came to visit. PUH-LEASE!! I can turn anything in to a toy and I can play fetch with anything! Dad got me to play fetch with newspaper yesterday while they were packing stuff. Grandma got really excited about it for some reason. She said something about fetching newspapaer for her every morning when we move in with her. I'm not sure about that. My mornings are pretty full making sure Mom gets to work on time so I don't know if I have time to play with Grandma every morning before work.

Mom and Dad have started packing big time! This weekend is 4th of July weekend which means Mom and Dad have 3 days off. I think they should spend all 3 days playing with me, but I guess moving is more important. I'm sure Grandma will spend all 3 days making sure I'm well taken care of. They haven't looked at any new houses yet and Mom says nothing new has come of over the weekend that they can afford. Last week they looked at a brand new house! Mom and Dad were kind of excited about the possibility of owning a house nobody else has ever lived in, but the people that own it couldn't come down much on their price and it turns out the house wasn't as good as Mom and Dad thought. After more research, they found out there was no air conditioning! There's no way we could live without ac, especially since all the bedrooms were upstairs! Mom said it looked like the people ran out of money before they could finish the house. There were no shelves in the pantry or linen closet, there wasn't a bar in the coat closet and it almost looked like the people almost had it finished and then remembered they forgot to build a laundry room. Mom said she was glad the people didn't come down on their price because that means they would have bought the house and then spent a lot of money finishing a bunch of stuff. Mom loved the kitchen though, but not enough to spend that kind of money.

Speaking of air conditioners, I'm going ot go curl up on the couch and enjoy our air conditioner now. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Searching

Someone else put in a bigger offer on that house I really wanted the same time Mom and Dad put their offer in. We're all bummed, but too tired to sit around and pout about it. Mom and Dad are going to go look at a couple more houses tonight. One of them is a very new listing and the agents in Mom's office went to look at it today and they were all talking about how perfect it would be for Mom and Dad. Mom has seen all the pictures for it and she really wants the kitchen in it. We'll see what happens.
Mom has been really busy at work because the receptionist has been sick. Mom hates answering phones and stuff like that. She likes being in her office where nobody comes to visit her and the phone doesn't ring very much.
That stupid inspector is supposed to come back to day to do a mold test. He thinks we have asbestis (no clue how to spell that) and mold. Mom said since the guy didn't have to come in the house, we could stay home and I could bark at him as much as I want. Mom also said the move vicious sounding I am, the better. She didn't realize there were so many people that hated that guy. Any time she says his name people start telling their stories about him and how much they don't like him. Dad went under the house and the suspicious thing that was supposed to be asbestis was carpet wrapped around the pipes with some old tape on it. Obviously the guy didn't go very far underneath the house. Dad couldn't find the supposed mold. There was some white dust stuff that if you were cross-eyed and maybe drunk, it might look like mold. The appraiser is supposed to be coming this week sometime so that means we're going to Grandma's. Just thinking about everything makes me tired.
I think I see a white van pulling up in front of our house. Mom said he will be driving a white van. I have to go do some major barking and yelling at him. Keep your paws crossed for us!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bad News & Artsy Fartsy Friday

Hi everyone! I wanted to post today even though we've been really busy just to let you all know what's going on and to post another Artsy Fartsy Friday since I think I've missed a couple. I wanted to share another cross stitch piece, but it doesn't look like Mom's taken pictures of them yet. I hope she does it before she packs them!

First, the offer was rejected and they didn't even counter back! Mom and Dad are bummed, but they put another offer intoday on the same house that was higher than their last one by quit a bit so hopefully we'll hear back from them soon. Their agent took it over this morning hoping to hear back today, but it will probably be next week - hopefuly Monday! Mom and Dad looked at another house last night and they said it had a lot of potential which means it needs a lot of work. Mom said that it stunk really bad of urine, especially on the top level (it was a tri-level) and the carpet would have to be removed and the subfloor treated and HOPEFULLY that would make the smell go away. Mom said I wouldn't have a very big yard there either, but there's grass which I would really like. She said she'd really like me to have more space to run outside to get rid of some of my energy. Mom talks crazy most of the time. So we're back to waiting on the same bank and hoepfully we'll hear back soon and hopefully with all your crossed paws and fingers and good vibes coming, it will go through this time. Mom and Dad are hoping the bank will see that they got their 2nd offer from the same people so that means we're very interested and they'll work with us a little more this time.
The sell on our house kind of took a step back yesterday because the inspector came and the lady buying our house hired an inspector a lot of people don't like. Mom and Dad don't like him and will definately not be using him and will be telling lots of people not to use him. Mom and Dad don't even know what his report says, but they don't like him because of the way he left our house. It took him over 3 hours to do the inspection! I was okay with it because I got to stay at Grandma's all afternoon and my Dad's uncle and cousin were there to visit Grandma so that meant Grandma took the afternoon off and that also meant there were more people there to play fetch with me (they have a black lab and dacshund, too so they knew exactly how to play with us). It was great! Anyway, the inspector left the front door open and unlocked, he left finger prints on the thermostat panel and on the attic door (which means Mom has to get back on the ladder which she is terrified of) and he left the medicine cabinet doors open. Why was he in our medicine cabinet? Mom says maybe he wanted to steal prescriptions and then was very dissapointed to see a bunch of hormone treatment pills in there instead. hehe, that's probably not the real reason, but it was still funny. Mom and Dad's agent said that inspector will be getting a not so nice email from him about how he left our house. Mom said they will definately not be using him when they buy our next house because she doesn't want him leaving that house, even if it is a foreclosure, in the condition he left our house and because he left the door open and unlocked and we live on a busy street across the street from the highschool!!
Okay, now for Artsy Fartsy Friday! This is Mom's Rooster painting she did when she was in highschool. She even made the frame!!

Mom says it can never ever hang in a place that it can watch her again. I guess the Mean Lady (aka: Mom's Mother) had it hanging in the bathroom for awhile and when Mom would go to the bathroom it would watch her. She said the part that really sucked was it was hanging right across from the mirror so Mom would be brushing her teeth and the Rooster would be watching her. Mom and Dad had it hanging in the living room for awhile just for a space filler and Mom couldn't take it any longer and had to move it. It hung in the hallway for about 10 minutes looking into the bathroom and Mom said that wasn't going to happen at all. It sat in a closet for awhile because Mom didn't know where else to hang it where it wouldn't watch her. She loves the painting because she says it was kind of one of her first pieces that made her feel like she was a good painter and she loves that she made the frame, but she did way too good on the eyes. After the remodelling, it finally found a home on a wall in the dining room. It can't watch Mom from that wall but people can still enjoy it. Personally, I think Mom is just a panoid weirdo.
Mom and Dad will be home for lunch pretty soon so I better go get ready to tell them how much I missed them. Thanks for all your good vibes and keep it up, I'm staying positive it will work this time since Mom and Dad put in a more resonable offer. Have a great weekend everybody!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Wait Is Killing Me!!!!

Mom forgot to turn the air conditioner on so Dad came home and turned it on for us. Good thing Dad is still thinking right now. Dad said Mom called him and said their agent told her that he talked to the listing agent yesterday for that house I so badly want and they lowered the price on it so Mom and Dad's offer is closer now AND the agent didn't even know there was a crack in the downstairs back bedroom. Mom says that agent isn't too bright and was suspended for a month for something he didn't disclose but knew about. Mom saw the crack right away because the closet door was open and it's a pretty good sized crack. It's not a big deal, but it does need addressed so that might convince the bank to look very seriously at Mom and Dad's offer. It's driving me crazy waiting! The more Mom and Dad talk about that house, the more I want it! Mom says working in a real estate office has helped her unerstand that dealing with foreclosures takes awhile, but she also knows if everybody would check their email more, things would go faster! Mom and Dad's agent is pretty confident we should hear something soon. The contract says they need to give us an answer by tomorrow. Thanks for all the crossed paws and fingers and good vibes. Mom said I was extra hyper last night and I know it's from all the good vibes that are swarming into my house. I have to go take a nap now, the stress is making me very sleepy and hyper all at the same time!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lots of Smoke

Thanks for all the good vibes and corssed paws! We're still waiting to hear back on the house. Mom said they lowered the price on it today so hopefully they'll hear back from them soon. Since it's a foreclosure, everything is done on the computer and there's lots of waiting and waiting and waiting.

Today before lunch, Mom was working really hard and started to smell smoke. She had her window open by her desk which is right above the highway so she just thought it was the stinky traffic. Her office manager called her and asked her what was burning and Mom said, "I don't know, but I've been smelling it for awhile." Mom is in the building next door to the main building and her building was blocking the view of everybody in the main building so they were calling Mom for answers. I don't think they'll be doing that again! Her office manager told her to look out her patio door and this is what Mom saw:

Mom said, "OH! I don't know! It's either the cellphone place, the print shop again (it caught on fire this time last year), the bank or that other building." The lesson Mom learned was, if you smell smoke, look for it! It turned out to be a building that used to be an old lumber yard. Mom can't remember if that's the building that has a computer repair place in it or if it's further back. This picture was actually taken right after the firemen got there, but before the police and sheriff's department got there to direct traffic. The smoke was a lot darker black than it looks in this picture and just a few minutes after it was taken, there was a sherriff SUV parked in the middle of the highway in that intersection there on the other side of Domino's. Mom had a hard time getting home from lunch because they redirected traffic off the highway and onto Main Street which is how Mom gets home and there was noway she was going to get on the highway because it was so backed up. She made it home though.
Nothing else exciting is going on here, just waiting to hear about the house. Thanks again for the corssed paws and good vibes. Keep them coming PLEASE!!!!! I heard Mom and Dad talking again last night and if we get this house, Grandma is going to come live with us for awhile! How cool will that be? If I get in trouble, Grandma is right there to tell Mom and Dad to be nice to me and give me lots of treats and she can never say no to me when I ask her to play fetch like Mom and Dad do!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Paws Crossed and Good Vibes Needed

Let's try this again! Blogger ate my post.
Mom and Dad are putting an offer on a house today, but are nervous about it because they offered a really low price. They're hoping it will be a starting palce and the bank that owns the property will counter with a price that Mom and Dad can afford. It's listed really far above Mom and Dad's price range, but it's a foreclosure so we're hoping they'll go ahead and make it so Mom and Dad can afford it. We're trying not to get too attached to it (it's not working out so well) so I don't want to tell you too much about except from what I hear, I'd give it 4 paws, 2 ears and a tail all up and so would Sasha. Mom and Dad really like it and they took Grandma to look at it and she approved of it, too. Since I'm not able to go look at these houses, I'm trusting Grandma to make sure they would be Kaos approved. Grandma says I'd LOVE this house, but Sasha may hav a few issues with it (that probably means there are stairs). I would really appreciate if you could all cross your fingers and paws and send us some really good vibes. Mom and Dad REALLY want this house.
Sorry for another post without a picture. There's a lot of chaos going on at our house and for once, it's not Kaos chaos!! If we get that house, I promise there will be TONS of pictures coming.
I'm off to take a nap with my green ball now. (Thanks again Flash for my great green ball! I sleep with it at night, nap with it during the day and play with it all the time unless Mom says it's too yucky to touch and then I have to let it rest for awhile until it's dry. I love the elephant a lot, too but Sasha and I fight over it, so that toy is only played with when we're supervised. I love you!!!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Homeless Again

This is the face I made when I found out I am once again homeless. (For those of you that are very observant, yes, it's an older picture and you can tell because there's carpet in the living room and you can see the trim isn't finished being painted.) I spent the afternoon at Grandma's house yesterday because there was supposed to be another showing at our house, but they canceled. Mom came and got us and she said something about us being homeless. I really wasn't paying much attention to her because she talks crazy a lot. When we got home Dad was there working on Mom's new truck (I'll tell you about Mom's new truck later) and he kept calling Mom a homeless girl. I was totally confused but really didn't care because I wanted in the house where my poor green ball was laying somewhere all by itself waiting for me to pick it up so it can go SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK.
Mom, hung out inside with us talking to herself about what to pack first and what to take to Grandma's and what to put in storage. That's when I figured it out! Our house sold!!!!!!!!!!! I think Mom said they close on it July 31 so that's the official date we become homeless unless Mom and Dad can hurry up and find something new. They looked at a house last night that has a HUGE shop for Dad and a dishwasher for Mom and lots of grass for Sasha and I, but there isn't enough parking for all our Jeeps and Mom's Kia plus Dad's work truck or even Grandma's car. They would have to take out some of the grass to make more parking so we probably won't get that one. They are going to go look at a couple more tonight. So far there have been no more that were so close to the v-e-t office - THANK DOGNESS!
Don't worry about me being homeless though. Grandma yelled at mom last night on the phone for telling everyone we're homeless because we're going to go live with her if we can't find a place before July 31. WHOA! I just realized I'LL BE LIVING AT GRANDMA'S HOUSE!!!!! That is so PAWESOME!!!
I better go take a nap with my green ball now. Mom says I better get busy finding all my outside toys that are in the back yard. Good thing I have little over a month to find them all! Keep your paws crossed Mom and Dad can find a house they like!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

The BEST Boyfriend EVER!!!

I was planning on posting about our house again today, but then Mom walked in with a package a little bit ago and you'll just have to wait for that post (which is probably better because we might have more info tomorrow). Mom walked in with the package and she made me go outside. I didn't know the package was for me and I really had to go potty so I went. The package was from my wonderful boyfriend Flash. We had our 1 year anniversary last month and both our Mom's were really slow about sending out the packages. To see what I got him, check out his post here. She opened the package and took pictures of what was inside while I was outside because she knew that would be her only oportunity to do it. (She was right.) Look at what I got!!

First I played with the pink elephant that goes squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek.


Then I tried the treats and Mom didn't even try to get my picture with those. My favorite treat is Schmakos but they're hard to find and they're a little expensive, but those 2 bags of treats my dear Flash sent me taste better than Schmakos. Mom isn't sure I really know that for sure because I pretty much inhaled them.
Sasha stole the pink elephant while I was playing with my ball but Mom saved it. If it was left in the jaws of Sasha..... well, for those of you that read pretty much any dacshund blog, you know how well they are at surgery on stuffies. They're amazingly fast and very good! Mom put my new toys away when she went back to work so Sasha couldn't tear up my new toy. Thank you so much Flash!!! I love them sooooooooooo much!!! And I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!
Dad should be here any minute to take us to Grandma's for another showing on our house. Thank you again my Dear Flash!
My Mom wants me to tell your Mom thank so much for the squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek, squeek toys, especially the really loud ball. I think she was being sarcastic though. I'm not sure why though because they are so wonderful to play with and I love them so much. I think she's just jealous there wasn't any mail for her today! OH! I just remembered! I have a pink ball just like the green, blue and red ones at Grandma's house! I really do almost have the entire collection of those wonderful balls!!!!
Whoa, the room is spinning! I better calm down a little. BUT IT'S SO HARD BECAUSE I HAVE THE MOST WONDERFUL BOYFRIEND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The House Hunt

Before I tell you about the houses, I need to ask you all for a favor. I need all of you to keep your paws crossed we don't get a bunch of rain today. The clouds look mean and very full of rain, but the river in our town is so full from the snow melting on the mountains above us, that if we get much rain, there is going to be a mess all over town! The city is filling sand bags to put on manhole covers and they said the river is already 2 inches over flooding! The ground is dry here so we really need the rain, but we kind of need it next week, not this week. The flood warning should be over Saturday night so after Saturday it can rain a bunch. Luckily right now it rains a little and then stops and soaks into the ground and then rains a little and keeps repeating like that. We don't have to worry about any flooding at our house unless there's TONS of flooding, but Grandma lives next to one of the big ditches in town. Our town used to be a big producer of fruits in Colorado. There were orchards all over town. There are some parts of town that still have apple, peach and pear trees from the old orchards. The orchards used a ditch system to help water their trees so all over town there are ditches that come from the river and people still use them to water their yards and gardens. It's a big deal if you own ditch rights. Grandma's house is right next to one of the big ones. If you wanted to, you could go fishing in that one because there's fish in it from the river!! Luckily Grandma's house sets up off the ground pretty good so she'll be okay, but we have a bunch of stuff stored in her basement so if it floods, we might loose a bunch of stuff including a bunch of Mom's art pieces from college and some other important stuff. Mom and Dad have been really busy so they haven't been able to take stuff to the storage unit yet like they were planning. Hopefully after they finish having fun for their anniversary this weekend, they can get some moving done. The river is flowing so fast that Mom and Dad said I can't go play in it. I don't get to play in the river much because it's usually too cold or too fast. Mom has lived here for almost 15 years and she said it is flowing faster than she's ever seen it and she lived here when they had the big rain storms where it would rain 5 inches every day for 3 weeks!! There's also a lot of stuff in the river so you could end up getting hit with a big tree branch or even a telephone pole!!! It's crazy!!

Okay, now about the houses Mom and Dad looked at. The first one they went to, Mom said I would have really liked the yard because it was gigantic! There was lots and lots and lots of grass and a nice deck area for relaxing and a dishwasher for Mom and a garage for Dad. Mom said the rooms were too small though and it was a manufactured home which really didn't bother them, except there was wood paneling and that made it feel like a small trailer like in a mobile home park and it didn't help that there was a mobile home park across the street. Mom said she also didn't like that the house was put on the edge of the lot line so when she would let us out the back door to go potty, the neighbor's yard is right there and she could see a lot of barking happening there. It was just down the street from where Mom used to live with her family when she was in highschool and college and she liked the neighborhood, but the lady was very strict on her price, too so that one was a definite no. The next one is the one that if they had said yes to, I would run away. Here's a picture of it:

It's very cute and has a big dog run area that Mom said I would have liked and a HUGE back yard that they could fence in and a garden shed and a garage. The inside was cute, but the bedrooms were small and the kitchen was a little too small for Mom and her baking kicks. It only has 1 bathroom and Mom and Dad would really like 2. It also had a hot tub that Mom would really like to have, too. It's a cute house, but there's no way I would live there!!! Mom and Dad walked to the back of the lot and you'll never guess what was directly behind it! Step over the little drainage ditch and you're in the parking lot of MY V-E-T!!!!!!! Mom said that would be really convenient, but she's crazy so her opinion doesn't matter! Mom said it was really cute and if the bedrooms were bigger and the kitchen was better and there was another bathroom, it would be on their list. The location sucks and her first thing she doesn't like about it is the bedroom sizes. THE WOMAN IS NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The next house Dad didn't like that the back door was just kind of there and didn't latch or lock plus there was a cat that scared Mom (it wouldn't stay with the house, but Mom was ready to go after the cat scared teh crap out of her). That's what she gets for thinking living near the vet is "convinient" (she says it's because Gunnar hates car rides and if he needs to go to the vet again, he wouldn't have to go in the car - WHATEVER!!!!). The next house they didn't go in because they didn't like the way to get to it because it was a flaglot (that means the driveway is located between 2 properties and you have to drive far back to your property, the lot kinf of looks like a flag when you draw it out) plus there was a large dog that was barking at them and Mom and Dad and even their agent said they didn't really need to go look at that one (Mom says that's why I go to Grandma's house for showings on our house). The next one Mom and Dad liked, but it needs a lot of work. Mom said they'd have to take a bunch of trees out of the back yard so we would have space to play. I guess the trees aren't in great shape anyway. The house has 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms and a HUGE kitchen and a GIANT master closet (those are Mom's words). There is a closed-in patio area to use as a mud room for letting us dogs in when the yard is muddy (the grass is dead so it's mostly dirt back there right now) and also for Dad to come in when he's been working on yucky stuff in the garage. Mom and Dad said there would be enough room for Grandma to live with us, too!!! THAT WOULD BE PAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Mom isn't so sure about it because of all the work that needs to be done on it. She agrees it would be a perfect setup for us, but she's still tired from all the work we did on this house. The last house they looked at was a HUGE lot but a house that would have to be torn down because it needed to much work (they didn't go in that one either because Mom is terrified of mice and she said her mouse radar was on overload at that place). So that's what's going on with our house hunt. It's okay for it to go slow right now because we have to sell ours first. So far the people that have looked at it, don't want to buy it. Gunnar gives us updates on what they say and so far they think it's cute, but they don't want to live across the street from the highschool and they also think it's too old. (DUH!! It has the age listed in the mls! That's an agent not doing her job!!)
Today is a nice cool, darker day which is perfect for napping so I'm going to go do that. Mom said to take a nap for her, but I'm not sure I can fit it in my already full napping schedule. I'll try though!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Three years ago today my Mom and Dad got married! I like to celebrate their anniversary because that means a few weeks later is my 3rd anniversary of being with my family. They took some of their wedding money and adoped me!!! (Money very well spent, don't you think?) We don't celebrate my adoption day because we know my birthday and it wouldn't be fair to Sasha and Gunnar for me to get 2 celebrations. I don't see the problem since I'm so special.
Anyway, last year Mom and Dad didn't get to do much celebrating because Mom had her gallbladder surgery a few days earlier so we all just sat and watched movies together on the couch. We were all together, but Mom was all drugged up on pain killers. This year Mom is happy to go to work because that means she isn't sick. Woohoo for Mom! They're going to make up for it this year. Today Mom is going to come get Sasha and I before lunch and take us to Grandma's because there's another showing on the house and then Dad is taking Mom to lunch and then Mom is going to take Dad to dinner (they're kinda goofy - the money is coming from their joint account so really they are both paying for both meals!). Dad was going to take flowers to Mom's office and she should have those by now. Then this weekend they're doing lots of fun stuff. Mom has a thing for work she has to go to Saturday and then she's skipping out early so they can go shopping at one of their favorite stores in Colorado Springs and then Sunday they're going to go fishing and then I don't know what they're doing after it gets too hot to be at the lake. I can't go fishing with them because I always want to chase the lures and bait into the lake and whine when they tie me up so I can't chase their stuff. I'm addicted to fetching, I can't help it!!!
I better go rest up for another day at Grandma's house. I'll tell you about the houses Mom and Dad went to look at tomorrow. I think they a good job saying no to some of them, especially one. If they had said yes to that one, I would have ran away!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

You Are Not Going To Guess Where I Am Today!

I am at Grandma's house today! Yes, that's right I'm at Grandma's! She just left for work a little while ago. Last night we came to Grandma's and hung out for awhile and she wasn't here! It wasn't as much fun being here without Grandma. I much prefer when she's home with us. I guess there was a showing on our house last night, a bunch of agents from mom's office wanted to come see it this morning and then there's a showing at lunch time so we're stayng at Grandma's pretty much all day. I wanted to be at the house for the showings to make sure nobody touched my toys or messed up anything, but Mom says being greeted by a big black dog barking her head of would be a deterant for people interested in buying the house. Gunnar gets to stay home! Mom told Gunnar he has to be cute and be nice to people. I seriously doubt he'll do that unless the people give him food.
Anyway, Mom and Dad are going to go look at houses tonight that might be our future house and guess what! I can't go! How am I supposed to approve it if I don't go. What if they choose one and then it turns out to be very nonKaos friendly?! They did an okay job picking out our current house, but that was pure luck and really, it's not that perfect with the busy street, the crazy neighbors and the highschool across the street. What if they choose a house with an all rock yard (Sasha and I avoid walking on the rock paths because they hurt our feet)? Or a tiny yard? Or what if Mom forgets about the dishwasher requirement?!?!?! - Actually, I seriously doubt she'll forget about that, so what if they're focussed on the dishwasher and forget about the big garage for Dad to use to work on my Jeeps? I can't believe they aren't going to take me to look at the houses!!!!
Oh well, I'm at Grandma's house today so I probably will be too tired to go look at houses anyway since they aren't going to go until after work.
I have to go play with some squeek-squeek-squeek-squeek toys now. Mom won't let us have these pawesome toys at our house. She's says I'm way too good at making them make noise and Grandma knows where to buy the ones the are extra extra loud! She's great!!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

I was a bad bad dog!

Hi everyone. I have some terrible news. I have lost my driveway privelages for awhile. I always brag how I get to go hang out in the driveway and Sasha doesn't because I'm a good dog. Well, that isn't true anymore. I'm a bad dog, too! I know this is very surprising to all of you, but sadly, it is true. Mom said it broke her heart and Grandma was really sad when she foudn out, too! OH THE GUILT I AM FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hanging out with Dad in the driveway Saturday morning while Sasha and Mom were sleeping in and I don't know what came over me, but I saw a dog across the street at the highschool with his owner and I went running after them. I wasn't in play mode, either, I was going to fight the dog! I don't know what came over me!!! I didn't turn around when Dad called for me, I was going after that dog. Dad caught up to me and carried be back home. He was so mad he CARRIED me!!! I had to spend all day in the house laying down. ALL DAY!!! Mom took me outside to potty a few times, but the rest of the day I was laying down inside. I hate that, especially since Mom and Dad were working outside all day!!! Mom and Dad went to get hotdogs for lunch at a new place that my Mom now says is her favorite restaurant. They brought them home and Sasha got the last 2 bites of Mom's hot dog and I got NOTHING!!!! I was so sad!! Later in the afternoon, Mom had a nose to nose talk with me about how bad I was. I gave her tons and tons of "I'm SOOOOO SORRY" kisses and hugs. She said she was very sad that I couldn't be trusted in the driveway anymore and that made me feel even more guilty! I spent the rest of the day inside layng down and any time Mom or Dad were in the room, I'd show how sorry and guilty I was by only wagging the tip of my tail. Right before dinner, Dad got down on the floor and had his nose to nose talk with me. I told him how sorry I was and how bad I felt and he said he still loved me. Both Mom and Dad said they couldn't believe I would do that because that's not me. We also live on a busy street so running out like that is VERY bad. I told them I understood and I would try not to let it happen again. Dad said I have to stop barking at people that are over at the highschool because they are across the street and not bothering my house. I still think they are a threat to my house and they should be barked at immediatly, but I'm trying to be better about it (it's VERY hard though). Mom an Dad had pizza for dinner that night and I got some pizza crust which was nice. I still wish I could have gotten hot dog, but after talking to Mom and Dad, I realize I didn't deserve any treats.
Sunday Dad had to work which totally sucked but Mom was home and she made a bunch of cookies. Mom loves to bake and hasn't been able to in a long time beause of working on the house. She got a new cookie press awhile back and hasn't been able to test it yet, either. She made a lot of cookies and Sasha and I helped. Mom is a very sloppy baker. We cleaned brown sugar, sprinkles, sugar cookie dough and some crumbs up off the floor. We were helping her make sure the house stayed clean for showings this week. Once in awhile we'd go lay under one of the ac vents, but as soon as we heard Mom say woops, uh-oh, OH CRAP or dang it, we came running. Mom laughed every time we did it. She had read a few days earlier another article on how "dumb" dogs are. She said that the authors of those articles need to spend the day with us. Mom was really careful when making her famous chocolate cookies. They are very yummy - from what we hear. She woulnd't even drop a crumb on the floor for us to try!
I'm going to go lay under the ac vent some more. It's been really hot here. Not as hot as where some of you live, but too hot for me. It's so warm that we're in a flood warning and not because of rain. It's because the snow is melting so fast on the mountains, it's making the Arkansas River (which goes through our town) very very full and it's running really really fast. We're in a flood warning because of snow all this week! How crazy is that?!?!?!